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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Also, just drove our 2004 mazda mpv this evening

    I may be posting in enemy territory, but I have had my 2004 MPV LX since new, and it has been a wonderful van. Quality, fit and finish second to none. No problems at 36,000 miles. (knock on wood) :shades:
  • With my experience with American Honda, I suggest all Honda 6 cylinder car owners to trade their cars in before the lights come on. I suppose Honda has not developed transmission for bigger cars. You cannot rely on your dealership or American Honda to fix their problem. I got my new rebuilt transmission less than 2 months ago. When I traded it in on March1,2008, it was about going out.

    American Honda's attitude is shameful and disgusting. I am telling everyone to see the postings here if they do not believe.
  • gavanmomgavanmom Posts: 32
    Please look back and read all of my postings: gavanmom

    Also look for my postings on the odyclub board. I have a 2007 with the same issues, we are on out third transmission and in the middle of a lemon law case right now.

    Email me is you'd like,
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Hey, all the power to ya:)

    Only question is: 4 years, and only 36K miles? I have an '04 Infiniti and I've already put 50K miles on it already (and I bought it in March of 05 brand new)

    My Odyssey's transmission (2nd one) has held up rather well.. I guess it's kind of hit or miss.. Definitely not acceptable for a Honda, but at least it hasn't failed yet ;)

    But yeah.. lately it seems like Honda is trying to cut back on the money it hands out for new transmissions.. Hopefully mine won't go.. If it does, I think I'll just try to sell the car, and if I can't, I'll junk it.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Only question is: 4 years, and only 36K miles?

    Yep. Will be 4 years old July 1st. Would probably be a bit less if my wife's carpool buddy hadn't retired about 6 months ago. I only put about 6k miles a year on my 1999 Buick Regal. Pre-owned it currently has about 84k miles. Both of us have short commutes to work.

    My Odyssey's transmission (2nd one) has held up rather well

    It seems auto. transmissions have been more problematic since going to a fifth gear, and the "smart" software that is suppose to learn a drivers habits for better performance. Some of the earlier MPV's have had the 2nd to 3rd gear shift shock. The 6 cyl Camry's are experiencing the same thing I believe. I'd rather have the dumb 4 speed transmission, that are reliable, in exchange for the better fuel economy(1 mpg better)
  • Our MPV has 85,000 on it. Only been to the shop twice, once under warranty and the last time this last year for spark plug coil. Otherwise it drives great. I thought we were upgrading when we bought the Ody, we may have been mistaken.

    Glad we didn't trade it in.
  • Thank you for the help. There were alot of useful informatoion. It is just extremely frustrating when you hate to drive a brand new vehicle. We were even thinking about trading it in and cutting our loses but we will see what the dealer can do with the issues.
  • conman68conman68 Posts: 3
    My 2001 Odyssey had the transmission replaced 14,000 miles ago. We broke a ball joint 150 miles out of the dealership, as the guy did not sufficiently tighten up the controller arm. The dealership fixed it at no charge, but no apology either.


    The dealership didn't offer one year ago, when they did the transmission, to have me pay $12 for a new rear main seal. This seal is between the engine and the transmission....separated by a restrictor plate. There would not have been a labor charge at that time........HOWEVER.....since I didn't know to ask them to do it, and they didn't volunteer that information, I didn't have it done. Less than a year later, my engine is leaking oil from the rear main seal (crankshaft flywheel). Took it to the dealer thinking it would still be covered under the 3-year/36,000 mile warranty that would come with the replacement transmission. WRONG. Since it's not part of the coverage.

    I balked and told them to call American Honda, as I just bought a 2008 Pilot 3 weeks ago. Anyway, Honda gave me a 40% allowance, so my out of pocket cost for the $1,000 repair wound up being about $540. I have a case number with Honda to see if they will allow anything more. I've been waiting two days for a response, but since I've settled the bill, I don't expect anything more from them.

    PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE. If you have a honda transmission replaced, DEMAND they replace the rear main seal. :mad:
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Lucky that I did NOT buy a new 2006 Honda Odyssey EX even though I liked it better than the 06 Sienna LE we bought.

    So far my sister's 2001 Ody EX is still running well at 88,000 miles with original transmission. :shades:
  • billcat1billcat1 Posts: 3
    We took your 03 Odyssey to the dealership yesterday and never got a call back from them so I called today.
    The transmission is shot with 93,500 miles on it!!
    I drove it with a Service Tech and was able to get it to vibrate & shutter while shifting.
    When we got back to the dealership I noticed he was in a hurry to get out of van and get back to the service desk but he wasn’t fast enough to keep me from hearing him say something.
    When he walked by the desk I heard him say something about a valve is going out?
    The service manager asked me three questions.
    1) It was dew for its 90,000-mile maintenance, which I agreed to get done.
    2) Was there anything else that we needed them to look at while they had the van! (Which surprised me)
    3) Did we have the Honda Care Warranty? (Which made me believe our transmission was dead)
    Now I'm glad we spent extra for the Honda Care Warranty because they're replacing it at no charge.
    The thing that I'm concerned with is that Honda will only warranty the new or remanufactured transmission till our currant warranty is up which will be at 100,000 miles.
    Doesn't seen right on a new transmission to not warranty it for longer than 6,500 miles
    We’re seriously looking at new vehicle now that we know the problems with Honda’s
    I’d like to thank all of you for your informative posting

  • 2002odie2002odie Posts: 32
    They could have bee talking about the Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve.
    That went out on mine the same time as the transmission.
    The engine would not hold idle at a stop light and would just sputter to a halt.
    This also caused the RPM's to surge between 1000-2000RPM while parked in the wanted an extra $250 to replace it, I said no way, and did it myself for $110 (the price of the part at AutoZone), and did the labor myself.

    Good luck with getting the warranty on the replacement tranny.
    I was told that with no customer "participation" (translation: paying any $$$), that the tranny would have 12months/12,000 mile warranty, and that when the customer does "participate" then the warranty is 36months/36,000 miles.
    Not sure about your case, since you have the extended warranty...

    Also, make sure they replace the rear main seal (per the previous posting...) and tighten up the suspension (and recheck the front-end alignment too...)
  • You probably may know that my new rebuilt transmission with 3 years/36,000 miles was installed only on January 10,2008. It went out on me on March 1,2008 with less than 1,500 miles. Even with the new rebuilt, I still think it saves problem but just to trade it in. I don't think the rebuilt is any good.

    Honda's does not know how to make a transmission for big cars. They are so dishonest. You cannot rely on them to disclose any information about any defects. Honda does not care about human lives or road safety. Honda only cares about profits.
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    I really don't think it's reasonable for anyone to expect Honda to extend their warranty beyond 100,000, if that is what you purchased. If your tranny craps out at 90,000 miles and they replace it, then you have 10,000 miles left on your warranty, not another 100,000 miles on the rebuilt one. You cannot expect things to last forever.

    Our 1999 Odyssey has 140,000 and the original tranny. I service that transmission myself every couple of months. It still slips occasionally, and I drive it like the ears of made of glass, but it's my problem. If or when it locks up, or the soleniods seize then I have to fix it, not Honda.

    Also, Honda didn't design or build that transmission. One of their vendors did. You are right about one thing, the design isn't really right for a heavy vehicle. However, after your warranty expires, that's just too bad.
  • I think you are very confused and maybe I did not repeat all the words that I repeated said in my prior postings. Please go back to read my and other angry customers' postings and you will know.

    I did not expect the tranny to last forever. Honda did not replace my last tranny for free. I had to battle with them in order to pay only the labor charges. Please refer to American Honda's 03 Service Bulletin. Their transmission had a design flaw which could result in sudden transmission lockup due to heat buildup.

    I serviced my cars at Honda's dealership and did all the work there as recommended. I took my car there in 04 for their recall to let them install this oil jet kit which I found out from postings here that the reason for that recall was due their design flaw. When I asked my dealership at the time for the recall and they told me that the recall was to enhance the car's performance.

    My family and other people on the road almost got killed because my transmission sudden lockup due to heat buildup on a busy freeway in California which almost resulted in a deadly car crash if the other drivers' did not jam their brakes and swerved to the side of the the busy freeway. Whatever happened to me was described in their above service bulletin about their imperfectly designed transmssion.

    When it comes to a design failure, American Honda should have the decency to disclose the information to their affected and potential customers on the possible outcome. It was truly dangerous and my near death experience could have prevented if they did not lie to me about their recall. I like a lot of people blindly believe in Honda without doubts. If I did not blindly believe in Honda , I would have found out the reasons for their recall so I would not have been fooled by them.

    They paid for the cost of the transmission only because I studied all the postings here and did my own research but the battle was lengthy and hard fought. They could not deny their their responsibility because I learned everything here about their transmission flaw and was able to cite to them their service bulletin and whatever happened to me was exactly the same as what they described there.

    I did not expect American Honda to be responsible tor my tranny forever. But they should not conceal information and start taking responsibility on their design flaw. My rebuilt only lasted for less than 2 months and less than 1,500 miles after replaced. If you think that is the quality that you should expect from Honda, I can't say much about it. I have to tell you that my Toyota is still running well with nearly 300,000 miles on it without any transmission problem. At the time I bought my 03 Honda and that was their selling point that I could well expect it to last over 250,000 miles with only minor maintenance. My tranny died at 89,000 miles and my second Honda tranny died in less than 1,500 miles. That is what you call reliability.

    I have traded in my Odyssey with a Dodge because Dodge/Chrysler dare to offer life time warranty on their products and their prices are so good. I have the most pleasant buying experience at the dealership in Pleasanton, California. People should not blindly believe in Honda like a rock star fan but to objectively research on the car makers.

    My experience is that Honda only cares about profit and they don't care about human lives and road safety anymore.
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    April 2008 issue still recommends the Honda Odyssey slightly below the Toyota Sienna and does not acknowledge the many Odyssey transmission failures reported by Odyssey owners. ;)
  • My 2002 Odyssey had the rear main seal replaced a few months ago, with less than 90k miles. Seems like a pre-mature failure to me, but Honda said it wasn't. I guess they don't expect their vehicles to last very long. Repair cost at a Honda dealer was over $1200.
    After searching on this failure, it seems like more and more people are reporting it. Our van has always been serviced at the dealer and had the transmission replaced around 50k miles.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    Actually if you look in the transmission section of Consumer Reports it does show the Honda problem.
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Actually if you look in the transmission section of Consumer Reports it does show the Honda problem.

    Yeah... on the 2002 and 2003 models. Not current enough to put on the not recommended list.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    Well the problem has been addressed in the current line up. Pretty much all the problems that people complain about are in the 99-2004 Hondas. Consumer Reports is showing exactly that.
  • sonofknudsonofknud Posts: 50
    I'm surprised they recommend them as good used cars for the 02-04 years. I believe the transmission changed in the 06-07 Odyssey. Adding a delay in going from Park to drive. Are you sure the 05-06 have different transmissions from the 02-04? I know the 05 was a redesign but did you use a different transmissions. They are weird about needing a towing package. I just wanted to put a bike rake on the hitch on my 06 and they said I would void the warranty on the transmission. That should have been a clue they have been having issues with the transmission. Haven't checked on the towing package for the 07 and 08. I know the Toyota allows towing up the 3500 without any package.
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