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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • 2002odie2002odie Posts: 32
    You need to call Honda and open the case yourself, the dealer will not open the case for you.
    Also, did the other transmission shop clear out the codes? Did they tell you what the codes were? If they did not clear the codes, they should still be stored in the computer...
    What happened when it died? Flashing green "D" drive indicator? Check engine light? TCS light?

    Sorry to hear about your situation, we got our 2002 Ody in the first batch late 2001, to transport our growing family (1year old child at the time), and that was the primary reason, FAMILY transportation...

    Just hope and pray that your case manager at American Honda cares enough to not hose you completely, but otherwise prepare for an uphill battle, they will not make it easy for you...and I guess expect to pay anywhere from $0 to $$$$$ for the new tranny. You might also need a new PCM (tranny computer) along with the tranny.

    I think 04's are also covered by the 2nd gear oil cooler jet recall, you should double check to see if that was ever done...51k miles seems a bit early for tranny failure, but then again it's all over the map as you can read here...
  • The other transmission place did not clear the codes and also wrote them down and called Honda for us before we brought the car to them. Honda was able to pull the codes from the computer as well (I remember there were at least two, one around 700?). When I was driving it last Thursday, I turned left from a stop at a red light, accelerating up an average hill. I was probably at about 25, moving towards the speed limit of 35 when the gears shifted higher, and I lost the ability to accelerate. When I took my foot off the gas and then applied pressure again, the gear was in fourth(?) and then a ton of lights came on, including the check enginge light that was blinking. The TCS light also came on. I pushed the TCS button, frantically trying to accelerate in very busy traffic but the light just came right back on. I turned the car off, said a prayer, then turned it back on and was able to accelerate, but the check engine light remained on. I turned into work (a college, front gate) and immediately turned around headed to the repair shop for them to pull the diagnostics. WIth only 51K on it, they were certain it was simply low transmission fluid and were shocked to see that it was more serious. They didn't even charge me for the diagnostics as they were just as angry about it as I was. Then again, I'm enormously pregnant right now, due in the next two weeks so I can easily pull the sympathy card!

    We do not see that the 2nd gear jet cooler recall kit was done, but we will call them to confirm that. It makes sense becuase I was in 2nd gear when the trouble all started. But again, Honda says they've not been able to get the van to replicate the codes again. I don't want to drive a ticking time bomb.
  • 2002odie2002odie Posts: 32
    If the code is still stored in the computer, then the dealer should not have to "replicate" the problem, that's the whole point of storing the they can read the codes and troubleshoot based on the codes and what may have triggered them.

    I am afraid your dealer might be giving you the run around right from the start, they should be able to get the codes (anyone with a $50 code reader from AutoZone/PepBoys/Kragen's can do it).

    Call American Honda, and calmly give them your story and situation, and hope they have a compassionate heart for your situation.
    Contact Honda:

    Contact Us
    For further assistance, feel free to contact Honda Automobile Customer Service. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Pacific Time.
    By Phone
    At our toll-free number: 1-800-999-1009
    By Fax
    (310) 783-3023 (24 Hours)
    By Mail
    American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
    Honda Automobile Customer Service
    1919 Torrance Boulevard
    Mail Stop: 500 - 2N - 7D
    Torrance, CA 90501-2746
    Good luck!
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    The dealer called me about an hour ago and said that the labor to replace the transmission would be $680.

    Wow... that seems like a really low price. Is that typical for trans. replacement labor?
  • 2002odie2002odie Posts: 32
    Take it and run! You are lucky if that is all you have to pay.
    Better make sure of what exactly they are replacing.
    They should also replace the PCM computer.
    They may also try to stick you with "while swapping your tranny we noticed your motor mounts are bad, they also need to be replaced." and then try to get more $$$ out of you...
    Just make sure your new tranny is covered 3yr/36k miles, and try to get it in writing!
  • I have never read that magazine. The reason I bought an Odyssey was because it had a big name. I also trusted that that if there was any problems with their models, the government who had the jurisdiction to enforce them not to sell them until they have proved to the government that they had corrected their design flaw. I also firmly believed that the government would have imposed on the car makers to the affected and potential customers on the design flaw. Of course, now I know that's not the case and I am truly surprised.
  • srickardsrickard Posts: 8
    $680 was less than I expected ($900-$1000). And yes, it does include the PCM. As I said before, the dealer has always been great.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Congrats- I remember back in '04 when my transmission went I paid a similar amount under similar circumstances.

    Did Honda put you in a rental car?
  • srickardsrickard Posts: 8
    Yes, they did. When I took the Odyssey in last Saturday, the gave me a free loaner - a 2008 Civic with 317 miles on it. This was before any resolution with American Honda. A fine dealer - Honda Cars of Mckinney, Texas. :D
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    a little information on these , i believe warranties their trannys for up to 120,000 miles. a few miles beyond that can be up to the local area honda rep. to decide on good will. if your tranny fails within 120k, you shouldn't have to pay anything . don't quote me, and every dealer is different, but the one i know has not charged if within 100k to 120k. i'll chk this out and find for sure the max mileage . but i think this applies to only certain failures though...
  • Only the '99 to '01 models are covered at 109k. This is due in part to Honda trying to bandaid the problem by extending the warranty to 100k. Then, a class action lawsuit resulted in them having to extend the warranty to 109k. For the rest of us, it's 3 yr/36k unless you bought an extended warranty. They covered 1/2 of my new tranny, and I'm still pissed. I sent corporate a letter, only to find out that two people saw it (the IDIOT case manager who I complained about in the letter and the customer service rep who opened it). Honda won't get another dime of my money.
  • I guess you are privileged to receive this special treatment because President Bush is from Texas.
  • srickardsrickard Posts: 8
    The worst part is he is moving back to Texas next year. On the other hand, I'm glad he wont be in DC anymore!
  • srickardsrickard Posts: 8
    Consumer Reports base their reliability estimates for autos on the results of their annual questionaire sent to members - some 6 million of them. As agravating as it is to have a major problem like a transmission failure, the Odyssey has still been one of the most reliable cars we have owned.
  • carguy74carguy74 Posts: 18
    my tech tells me that if you have a hitch, wiring, or tow package, the warranty is void or some of the cost can be passed on to the customer. and the hitch, wiring, trans cooler, and p/s cooler has to be honda. there are certain stipulations but most of it depends on the local honda rep and the service manager. if the dealer fights for you, you might not have to pay anything. my tech have replaced trannys up to 120,000 miles.... i didn't ask him about extended warranties. one thing for sure is if you buy a used honda v6....make sure you buy a certified. it won't cost you anything if anything breaks....the drive train that is. this is what my tech told me....and he's been a master honda tech for 20 something years....
  • I am truly disappointed in Honda. My transmission was replaced with a rebuilt at Honda in Lodi, California in January,2008. It died on me on March 1,2008. I have traded it in for a Dodge because they back their cars with lifetime powertrain warranty. For an extra $2,000, I could have upgraded it to bumper to bumper warranty. This is what I call reliability.

    My daughter is still driving my 1988 Toyota Camry. We have not done any repairs except minor maintenance. I think Toyota is truly reliable. I would still buy American cars because of their exceptional warranty. I am 100% sure that I won't have any unexpected expenses for as long as I own the car.
  • maryh3maryh3 Posts: 263
    You should register complaints with consumer groups not BBB or the Feds. This is not their territory.

    For an extra $2,000, I could have upgraded it to bumper to bumper warranty.

    The prices of extended warranties are as negotiable as are the prices of the autos. I was offered the same warranty for $1750 (which I declined).
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Good to hear that everything worked out :)
  • I hate to repeat myself again and again here if participants don't care to read old postings.
  • Just want you to know that the lifetime powertrain warranty is free for as long as there is no change of ownership for Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge. I wasn't talking about extended warranty. Extended warranty has a life. Please look into it and you will see how amazing these warranties are. I guess you could not believe these warranties would exist because they are too good to be true.
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