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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • glennkhouryglennkhoury Posts: 16
    They will contribute to your already well-known problem. We were reimbursed 75% for the same issue. If AAMCO does the repair, you will not get anything. Take the vehicle to your dealer or if you bought it independently, go to any dealership.
  • lstufleblstufleb Posts: 18
    Does it matter what your mileage is, or if you've already had the recall performed. We were told that you only get one chance on the recall. There were two options, install the oil jet something or other, or if their was damage to the second gear they would replace the transmission. If you're still having problems with the transmission after the oil jet something or other (sorry, can't remember what it's called) was performed you can't go back and have the transmission replaced or fixed.
  • sforeman1sforeman1 Posts: 2
    I have had the same issue on a 2002 Odyssey (64k miles). The transmission started to slip and the 'check engine' light went on. We took it to the dealer who told us the engine control module (the computer) and the transmission needed to be replaced. The cost was over $4,000! However, after contacting Honda they offered to pay 75% for “goodwill.” I thought that this did not make any sense, this is clearly a quality issue and should covered per the Honda quality recall from 2004. It appears that Honda has had an ongoing challenge with their transmissions failing from 1999 thru the present models. After considering my request that they cover 100% Honda did the following:
    - they REVOKED their offer to pay 75%
    - they indicated the cost to me now would be over $5,000 (something about non-warranty parts being more expensive, which makes no sense since they said it was not warrantied)
    - The only consideration they did provide was $3,000 credit to a new Honda, which they would not put in writing.
    - To top off this event, the dealer had the audacity to offer me $3k for a car with a bluebook of over $12,000!

    Now I have to pay $4k (not at the dealer) to fix Honda’s quality issue.

    Rest assured I will sell the car, and NEVER buy another Honda (this was my 12th). Their demeanor, approach and lack of accountability for this SAFETY issue is appalling. My family is not safe in a Honda automobile.
  • 2002odie2002odie Posts: 32
    Sorry to hear you had a similar should check my previous postings for the progression. I ended up paying about $2500 out of pocket for their $5500 repair (tranny + PCM computer), and they did threaten to withdraw their "goodwill", basically I had no choice if I complained any further, they would have pulled their offer and I would have been stuck with the full yeah, no more Honda's for me, too.
  • ebert1104ebert1104 Posts: 2
    Well it appears that I am the latest victim of Honda's failed quality program. :sick: I live in Nashville, TN and own a 2003 Odyssey with 110k and a code of P0740. After reading the forums, I coaxed Honda into picking up the cost of the parts. I just have to pay labor and tax, which comes to about $1,500 - 1,600. I guess I should consider myself lucky, but it doesn't seem so. I have had a Toyota Camry with 238K and am currently drive a 96 Nissan Quest with 204K, and neither vehicle ever had a transmission issue. I guess I'll go back to either company next time.

    Any word on the Class Action suit for the 2002 - 2003 Odysseys?
  • batavia02batavia02 Posts: 38
    Me and my wife are considering an 2008 or maybe a 2009 odyssey but the much noted tranny problems on the boards worry me. Does anyone know if Honda has fixed the problem,I know,any tranny can fail but Hondas are supposed to be bulletproof or so i thought?
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    The vast majority of Honda transmission problems are the 99 to 04 models. The new 05's and newer have had fewer problems. In 07 they started putting in the Honda Pilot 4 shaft transmission design which are considered more durable. For the most part Honda has done a better then average job trying to rectify the transmission problems when they do arise.

    No manufacturer has zero problems. You'll find people complaining about every make on this site. So take what you read here with a little grain of salt. Some people here have axes to grind, some are sales people for what you're looking at buying. Some have absolutely no common sense or mechanical aptitude.

    The Odyssey is a good choice. In my opinion the Toyota and new Dodges are worthy competitors. Check all three out and buy the one you like the best.
  • ebert1104ebert1104 Posts: 2
    Bobber1 may have a point, but my coworker has a 2006 Acura with transmission issues, though the warranty is covering it. I won't go as far as to say Handay is going out of it's way to fix the problem, otherwise they would have extended the recall.

    I would recommend you purchase the 100,000 mile extended warranty, especially with Honda or Dodge. Also note, that transmission warranties may not cover using your vehicle to pull a boat or camper. We have had some electrical and electronic door issues covered by our warranty around 60k miles.

    Another thing you may want to consider is gas mileage. I have two vans, Honda and Nissan, and neither get above 20 mpg in the city. Currently, it cost about $57/week to fill each up.

    I read where Mazda makes a more fuel efficient model. ;)

    Good luck.
  • batavia02batavia02 Posts: 38
    much thanks to bobber 1 and ebert 1104 for their help and answers.
  • kdoonankdoonan Posts: 6
    Here are some links that might be of help. You'll have to sort through them a bit. I had a 2002 acura with bad transmission. The dealership I went to fixed it at no cost to me. Seems 2002 was a bad year for transmissions at Honda. RCL&fromPublic=true
  • rachaelrrachaelr Posts: 1
    Hi, We have a 2002 Odyssey in Edinburgh, Scotland (we're the original owners and took it with us when we moved in 2005). We've been very happy with it, but I'd be very interested in hearing what happens with your vehicle. Has your transmission actually failed, or are you acting beforehand?

    Any advice / progress report appreciated.

  • I saw that a class actiion suit is starting for the newer years. I tried to contact the attorney to submit my name but he never got back to me. How do I get my name on the list for the new class action suit? I'm luckily only out $800 for our 03 tranny problems but it would be nice to get 100% back from a tranny with only 66,000 miles on it. Now I know why we never got any paperwork back from that repair. I don't know what's worse, Honda's legendary quality or the lip service from American Honda and it's dealerships!
  • Brenda - They had problems with the VSA light when in salty winter road conditions. I think it's time to trade your 07 Ody in.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    After 8 months, I traded in 07 Odyssey based on different reasons together, but not the VSA light. I think this is a so-so van instead of great van.

    The humming noise during steady light acceleration from crusing, soft brake issue, feel bumps on road, famous tranny problem (thoug not act up yet).

    Originally I want to buy the 08 Highlander but the low trade in price didn't allow me to. Last month I got a 08 Pilot instead, it offered great incentive due to last year model. So far the Pilot OEM tires are noisy, and poorer handling and driver seat (firm seat w/right hip feels pressure point) is not as comfortable as the Odyssey. I switched to a better set of tires. Hopefully the dealer will fix the seat issue.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Writing to Japan is an interesting avenue- Honda of America could be trying to keep the issue quiet from Honda Japan...

    I have noticed though that as the years progress, it gets harder and harder to get any support from Honda; when I went through my tranny rebuild back in '04 it was pretty painless and fast to get at least a little support.
  • slantinslantin Posts: 4
    We just had our 105K service maintenance and we notice our engine light came on with TCS light on and off. I took it to Mel Rapton Honda here in Sacramento and they found gears ok but came out with this code. Their diagnostic test indicate the need to replace transmission. I called Honda Corp 800-999-1009 and reported problem. A reprentative called me 2 days ago and offered to cover 50% of the cost. However, after finding out in the internet that this seems to be more common and no recall has been made, I reported this problem to NHTSA today and was given confirmation # ODI10230141. I advised NHTSA that there's quite a number of owners who have this P0740 problem and Honda has never bother to advise owners like us. There are owners, too, who have to have their transmission replaced twice. ANYONE who has P0740 transmission problem, please email me at so I can include you in my report. The more, the better. Perhaps we can have class-action suit.
  • I'm pretty sure you're 100% covered on the 02's up to 109,000 after Honda lost the class action suit for the same problem. Good luck!
  • slantinslantin Posts: 4
    Could yo kindly let me know what was the case # or legal firm? The only legal action I'v seen so far was regarding the April 2004 recall. The dealership and Honda Corp told me my case was different. Honda even contested that there was no warranty extension. Thank you again!
  • koastal22koastal22 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Odyssey that i took to the dealer twice for the trans slipping at 85k and 95k miles. The check lite came on in the dash and I brought it to the same dealer and they tell me i need a trans and to call honda. I call and get a case opened and honda says they will not pay anything for it because it is 40k out of warranty. this car still does the same thing it did when i brought it in at 85k miles. the service manager says because the lite did not comes on at 85k it did not need a trans back at 85k??
    BS ! Both Honda Co and the dealership are very well experienced by now of turning customers away because of the high numbers of problems coming to them. i can document that I brought it to them before the warranty expired but I do not know how valid of a legal case I have now to sue them for this.
    I think that if enough people come forward to explain their experience of Honda's negligence with this issue there may be a way to go forward legally with it. Let me know if there is any other action or thoughts about it. Thank you
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