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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • txbudtxbud Posts: 4
    Failure to shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. Transmission went out with wife & 4 kids stuck on freeway at night. Not good. Took it to my certified mechanic who tested and found PO730 incorrect gear ratio and PO845 3rd clutch pressure switch. changed selinoid and check engine light went out but tranny still does'nt shift 2-3. Took it to dealer. Diagnosed code P1750..."Hyro control failure" Transmission needs replaced. Quoted $5,895! I about fell over. (Honda Cars of McKinney...history of poor service...if in north texas avoid at all costs!) Called Honda. Gave me following process to follow: 1. get formal diagnosis from Dealer; 2. Call Honda and give info from invoice; 3. Honda will submit a case for review and then get back to w/in 72 hours with decision on what, if any, help will be offered. Just completed my part of process...I'll keep everyone posted on their response.
  • sml2sml2 Posts: 2
    Here is an update on our '04. We called Honda USA who asked to go to another dealer. The new dealer determined that the Transmission needed to be replaced. I was told that the Torque Convertor (I am not a car guy so this may be wrong) was falling apart and getting cught up in the transmission. The dealer called Honda USA, and lo and behold they agreed to replace the transmission with a Honda rebuilt one.

    I must say that we are pleased that Honda took responsiblity, and lived up to what I expected.
  • devs01devs01 Posts: 9
    I have the same exact issue with my '04 Odyssey and it has 31,000 miles. Could you please post the outcome of your service call. Thank you.
  • Sure. No problem. I took my Odyssey to a reputable shop for a transmission service. They serviced the transmission and called the Honda dealership to check on the issue; which I did not expect. The local Honda dealership stated that there was little they could do if the transmission is not slipping. Once it starts to slip, then they can look at taking action to diagnose the issue. The reason for this is because they would not be able to duplicate it since it only happens the first time you shift to reverse that day. After having my transmission service, the cluck is not as loud or prevalent as before, but it is still there when I shift into reverse first thing in the morning. All I could recommend is to get your transmission serviced to see if it helps, but that sucks since you only have 31K and the manual recommends that it be done at 45K for normal use. The good thing is that they should be able to tell you if there is unusual wear and tear on the gears because they will see the metal shavings in the pan when they drop it. I hope this helps.
  • devs01devs01 Posts: 9
    Thank you for taking the time to report on the outcome of your service - I really appreciate it.
  • txbudtxbud Posts: 4
    Sorry for the delayed response/update. Up front, I appologize for the length...unbelievable Bitter-sweet experience with Honda. Basically, here's how my situation evolved. Tranny stopped shifting 2nd to 3rd ('02 Odyssey 82k). Reputable independent mechanic told me to take it to Honda as there were known problems. Took to my local dealer where i purchased the Odyssey, they diagnosed that the transmission needed replaced. while i waited for their quote I did research and found tons of info on failure. Printed 15 or so pages and took with me. Dealer quoted $6000 to replace. They said they hadn't seen any of these issues previously. I showed them all the documentation. Approached service manager about issue and asked for his help in getting this replaced through Honda. He told me...exact quote: "You're not my haven't had this Honda serviced here." I explained that not only had i purchased the Odyssey but that this dealer had paid me three referral fees for referring friends that in turn bought 2 Odyssey's and a Civic. His response: "I run a service business. You want to talk to sales, they're located on the other side of the building." (btw: Honda Card of McKinney texas...STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!!)I was stunned. I took their diagnosis and called Honda USA and opened case after two weeks of Honda haggling with Honda of McKinney they finally agreed to offer me "50% of warranty replacement cost" when i asked how much that was Honda USA referred me to dealer but assured that dealer knew the situation and would have a price. Returned to dealer and asked about their "offer" and requested the price. Blank stare. was told it would take 3 hours of paper work to figure out. I said fine, but i need to know before i agree to work. 1 full day later and two additional visits, they finally called my wife with quote of $1800 to replace the tranny...and told me that i needed a new AC for a mere $3500. (Just had the AC replaced two months earlier.) Better price but didn't feel right. Made a phone call to Honda dealer in neighboring town (David McDavid Honda of Frisco). Immediatly they said that they see this problem all the time and would gladly take care of the problem. Two phone calls and vehicle site-unseen, they quoted me labor cost of $800 to replace tranny. Needless to say I immediatly pulled Odyssey from Honda of McKinney and took to David McDavid. Three days later, all work completed for amount quoted. Awesome experience. Amazing contrast in dealers. BTW...they checked the AC for me and said it was in perfect working order. Lessons learned: 1. definately pays to be educated and informed; 2. Near as i can tell, Honda always covers the cost of the part as it is a known, well documented defect...DEALER HAS COMPLETE DESCRETION ON HOW MUCH THEY CHARGE YOU; 3. Don't be afraid of pulling business and going to competitive dealership...I had ZERO push back from Honda USA and it was clear that the dealer made the call on how to deal with customer. (in case you're wondering, i never raised my voice, no tantrums, firm but polite...I actually surprised myself :-) Hope this info may help some other that are dealing with same issue.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    That's a great story. It sounds like Honda has good and poor dealers just like everyone else. I'm surprised they let them get way with it however.

  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    I have to make a few statements about transmission servicing. We own a 1999 Odyssey with 130,000 miles and the original transmission. We purchased the van in October, 2003 with 55,000 miles and a tranny that was reluctant to shift.

    I have serviced that transmission myself at least six times. What's my point? My point is that a 45,000 service interval for ANY automatic transmission is bunk, despite what the service manual says. In my opinion the MAXIMUM mileage for service should be 24,000 miles or two years. I personally think all Odyssey transmissions should be serviced annually. The transmission has no filter, only a magnetic drain plug and two internal filter screens that are not serviceable. My opinion again, but that is irresponsible engineering, and smacks of planned obsolescence.

    Servicing the transmission annually will greatly reduce the amount of sludge and junk inside the transmission and will significantly prolong the life of any automatic transmission.

    To service your Odyssey tranmission you will need three and a half quarts of Honda transmission fluid and a new crush washer. The fluid is about six dollars a quart, and crush washers are usually about two for a dollar. The net cost is about twenty dollars a year. In my book that is cheap insurance and is your best bet against an expensive repair bill. The whole operation can be done with simple hand tools and a drain pan. Even if you have no tools, your total investment in tools for this project is less than thirty dollars.

    By the way, our TCS light does come on occasionally for no apparent reason, along with the Check Engine light. I know this is a pretty good sign of pending failure, but I am just going to grit my teeth and keep plugging along until it fails. Also, every time I service that transmission the van shifts smoother for months.

    I hope this helps.
  • I have read the messages but still have a question. My Honda with 125k , while in cruise control and going up a slight incline reaved RPM from 2k to arounf 4k. I thought my wife hit a patch of ice and she pulled over to let me drive. The tranny slipped while taking off and then would slip shifting from 1-2 and 3-4. By the time I got it to the next exit, It would only drive in 2nd gear and would not even shift into reverse. Took it to the dealer they stated a code P0730 and need 900.00 to replace all solenoids.They flushed tranny and replaced fluids and tranny shifts harder than normal but is driveable while I make my decision on how to handle the issue. Talked to a few tranny repair places they stated that the solenoid problem is only a symptom but not the problem. they stated that debris in the tranny is sticking to the solenoid causing the problems with the solenoids and my tranny is on the way out. Has anybody tried replacing just the solenoid or had this diagnosis? Everybody I talk to outside of Honda tells me to throw my money at a rebuild rather than the solenoids.
  • txbudtxbud Posts: 4
    I had at least one solenoid replaced and though all others tested to be working fine, the transmission suffered a complete failure just days later. About three months before this i had a complete transmission flush/recondition which may have postponed the issue but obviously didn't prevent the inevitable. Given the history of this tranny, and the nature of the problems you discribed...i'd say your tranny is on it's death bed.
  • Honda does not recommend transmission flushes. As shown in the owners manual, they recommend drain and refilling 4 times in a row to purge all of the fluid out. Apparently, the "power flush" can actually stir up debris that will run through the system. The only place to catch and remove this debris is on the drain plug magnet.

    If everything else is good with the car and you are still happy with it, then invest in rebuilding the transmission. To help justify the cost, just think that the rebuild will be the same as around 4 new car payments.
  • heukenheuken Posts: 11
    I have a '03 Odyssey with 51,000 mi. In the last 1,500 miles,when the car shifts to 2nd gear, it then chatters or feels like I am driving over a washboard. This is noticeable only when slowly accelerating. I don't know if this is slipping or not.
  • jinda1jinda1 Posts: 1
    hello, i have the same problem with my 2002 odyssey with 75000 miles, did you get honda to help cover the repairs ??, my dealership does not want to make any phone calls to America Honda .. and want me to pay $ 4400 for a new transmission, any advice would be appreciated, thanks jinda
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    Hello jinda1 -

    Absolutely do not pay for a transmission replacement.

    First check this website to see if your car's VIN# is part of the Honda class action suit for early transmission failures: link title

    After that, call American Honda and open a case number. They will most likely do a goodwill for you since '00-'02 & early '03 Honda V6 cars had major failure rates.

    Last resort, find another Honda dealer and explain that you are aware of the Class Action Suit & mass transmission failures.

    Hope this helps. I have first hand experience with this situation, my '00 Odyssey had 2 tranny replacements & my old '03 Accord had one at 40k miles.
  • ody02tjkody02tjk Posts: 66
    We have a 02 Ody, that had the transmission die at 62K miles. It took me two weeks, and I had to contact Honda of NA, but if your dealer does not get Honda of North America to cover the cost, contact the NA offices in CA. We had to go around the dealer when he offered to cover "only" the cost of the materials. the only thing we paid for was the cost of shopping the transmission to our dealer on the East cost. They know the 02's have transmission issues as well, so push that fact. If you can document that you are a loyal Honda customer, it helps a lot also.
  • txbudtxbud Posts: 4
    Advise above is good. DO NOT PAY FOR THE TRANSMISSION. Honda knows there is a problem and they shouldn't give you any challenge. In my experience, the dealer makes all the difference. If your dealer is stonewalling, go to another dealer. I ended up paying $800 for labor but after 3.5 weeks of wasted time dealing with this, i was (or shall i say, my wife) was ready to get the vehicle fixed and move on. It is a competitive market place and Honda dealers, like any other business, should always be looking to win customers. If you move your business, be sure to let management (above just service dept.) of the dealer know why. Good luck...DON'T GIVE UP!
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Whatever you do, do not pay for the transmission. If your local dealer will not contact Honda North America, find another Honda dealer. Most will be extremely aware of the high failure rates of the transmissions on 2002 Odysseys, and be willing to contact Honda North America. If they won't do it, then you can contact Honda North America yourself and get the transmission.

    Honda North America, through good faith, will typically pay for the transmission, and you can either pay the dealer to install it or do it yourself. For me they also covered the cost of a small rental car while the dealership is waiting for and installing the new transmission.
  • mkewimkewi Posts: 1
    I have recently purchased a new 2006 (now has 9,500 miles on it) and am reading all these posts on transmission problems of the Odyssey. I was unaware that this was an issue with Honda Odysseys. Most of these posts are with older ones but should I expect similar problems occurring now with my 2006 or has the issue been resolved by Honda? Now I am wondering if my purchase was a wise one even though I did it based on Consumer Reports ratings, etc.
  • ody02tjkody02tjk Posts: 66
    Honestly, none of our transmission issues occurred until our car hit 60K miles. It may too early yet to determine if there are continued transmission issues. You would really need to do some detailed research to determine if there have been fixes to address the design issues that plagued the earlier versions. While Consumer Reports recommends the new style Odyssey, the reliability ratings for the 2005-06 are now only "average". My best recommendation (to play it safe) would be to purchase an extended warranty for your van. We did.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    I've researched this a lot. The lion share of transmission failures were associated with the 1999 to 2004 models which had a design flaw. Reports of failures are much lower on the 2005 and newer models.

    The 2005 model did have some first year model issues particularly with brakes and power steering pumps, but they were largely worked out by 2006. I have noted people have had some problems with droning sounds on the cylinder deaactivation models.

    Extended warranties are always tempting. I've always shied away from them figuring the premium savings would help pay for repairs if needed. Also Honda has generally been pretty good at standing behind their products even past warrantee as exhibited by some of the transmission replacements they've done outside of warrantee on the 99-04 models. There are some dumb dealers however who will try to gouge you.

    Hope this helps. :)
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