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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • It worked and Honda paid the bill. It would have been $1,500.00.
  • Hi,

    It would be helpful if you gave all of us specific Jared Stamell contact info: E-mail, phone, address.

    Thanks, Andy
  • kpm1kpm1 Posts: 5
    I found him here, if this is the right guy.

    Used the email form to make contact a few weeks ago, asked for reply, didn't get one yet.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    We do not permit the posting of third party contact information. Phone numbers (personal or third party) are never allowed.

    Community Manager If you have any questions or concerns about the Forums, send me an email,, or click on my screen name to send a personal message.

  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    when we brought van in 2007 ...1st three days van lost power cannot start which happen twice and tow truck guys started car by placing on neurtal and he told me to replace neural switch but honda cannot figure out since they replace neutral switch no power loss

    i have to replace battery every nov since we brought 2007 honda odyssey
    ,now every yr somewhere in middle sudden no battery....shame on honda ..since we never had light on and any mistake from our side....when i took my van for battery last week..same answer we changed your battery but what cause every yr.....?we donot know

    i was ask to update transmission software but i refuse since i donot have problems at this time and people who upgrade got more trouble

  • I know this isn't transmission-related, but this is the most active board in the Odyssey forums and this is important.

    FYI the NHTSA on Oct. 19, 2009 upgraded the status of an inquiry it is doing into 2007/08 squishy odyssey brakes, citing several reports of people being unable to stop their odyssey b/c the brake pedal hits the floor before the vehicle stops (link to upgrade notice below). This upgrade in the status require Honda to produce a lot of documentation. I talked w/ a guy from NHTSA and he said a decision would be made on a safety recall certainly within a year from Oct. 19, but likely much sooner.

    What you should know:
    1) If you have squishy brakes on your 07/08 odyssey, know that these are not your garden variety squishy brakes. This is because typically squishy brakes do not get progressively worse, but according to Honda a startup routine introduces small amounts of air into the brake lines which will cause the situation to get progressively worse.
    2) The gentleman @ NHTSA doing the probe seemed eagar to get more reports, as they exist, of MY 07 / 08 squishy brakes. If you're brakes feel squishy speak up, and do not now! It only takes a couple min. Link here to make a report:
    3) Know how to use the safety emergency brake if the brakes fail! Read through a few of the public reports from NHTSA website and you'll see a few bad accidents alleged on this problem (and a lot of accidents narrowly avoided).

    Link to Oct. 19 upgrade notice: 09/EA/INOA-EA09014-37221.pdf
  • Hi. I'm new to this post.

    My 2000 Odyssey now has its first transmission problems at 130,000 miles with serious shifting issues, steering shifter won't shift to lower Drive gears, etc. I brought it to AAMCO, they said minimum $1864 for them to rebuild it with 1/12 warranty. Honda dealer said $4500 to install rebuilt transmission with 3/36 warranty (they also said I need new motor mounts, $650 installed). Dealer also said American Honda will not foot any of the bill since I haven't serviced Odyssey there since 2004. I may call American Honda myself and try dealing with them directly.

    Does anyone think I have a shot at getting any help from American Honda? The van's been good to us up to now, although I just got it back from my mechanic after P1129 code appeared, $315 repair bill. I don't want to be greedy but it seems many people got some help from American Honda even way past the warranty period. Otherwise AAMCO repair may be my best option. Dealer offered $2000 trade for Odyssey with its transmission problems. And I just bought my 2009 Pilot from that same dealer. Anyone got any ideas what I can do?

    On a slightly different matter, back in 2006 my mechanic repaired a P0401 EGR code that, which I just discovered, Honda would've repaired through their warranty extension. Will American Honda reimburse me for that repair?

    Thanks for anyone's input.
  • You might get some help from Honda if you have all your service records. They seem to offer 25%-50% help if you open a case.

    Another option is a Jasper Transmission, this site has a link to it on the left:

    There are some postings around where people are reporting success with a Jasper Tramsmission.

    The Honda rebuilt ones will eventually break again at some point - there are tons of posting where people are on their 2nd and 3rd Honda transmission in this forum and at the same site above. But with the 3/36 warranty you would be covered for a few years. That is what I did. I am selling mine as soon as the warranty is up. Honda offered me 25% help because I didn't have my service records.

    Good luck.
  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    Definitely go direct to American Honda, and continue on to Tokyo Honda if necessary. Be diplomatic but persistent. Read the older posts on this website for how to contact Honda and what has worked and what has not. The sqeaky wheel gets the grease... Your 2000 Ody was covered under one of the class action suits, and even though you are way late, you can check to see if you ever received a notification from the company or the lawyers who pressed the case. You should get some help; I got a second transmission for free and a third for installation charges only ($600). Don't believe the dealer about the motor mounts until you have someone else check them. Honda dealers are great for telling you that you need things that you don't need. My dealer told me that two of the three mounts were broken; a local Honda private specialist garage showed me that all three were fine. You might want to be thinking about a timing chain replacement though, as if that fails, the engine will seize up catastrophically. I ran mine through 120000 miles, but sweat every time I started it. Use a private garage if you can; its cheaper and easier to deal with a local mom and pop garage if something goes wrong with the work. Good luck g3guy
  • when you work on the transmission, have them change the rear engine oil seal since the engine is apart and you may also want them to change the water pump impeller.
    i would call Honda HQ and complain. However, the gate keeper is the Dealer, if you spend money with them with service, they will speak tot he customer service area rep and get you some relief.
  • I have been reading these posts for over a year. I had to have my 2000 Odyssey transmission replaced at 189,000 miles. I thought that was pretty good mileage for one transmission but now I am wondering if anyone believes that Honda would pick up any of this bill. I have all my service records - I am the only owner, and I have religiously had the van maintained by a private garage run by former dealer mechanics. Anybody's thoughts? Thanks so much!
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,735
    I think you might be stretching a bit.

    If you had serviced at a Honda dealer, they might be willing to ask. But since they really don't know the quality of your servicing garage, it would be awkward IMHO.
  • Thanks guys for input.

    Spoke with American Honda yesterday. They (Christine) said there's no help for me due to age and mileage of Odyssey. She suggested I call Regional rep who probably dealt with my dealer. So now I have to call dealer to find out who that rep is. I didn't press issue with Amer Honda, but got case no. so I can press issue later if I need to.

    Haven't had a chance to look at the Jasper tranny yet. I'm also still trying to read through the posts on this site.

    I thought the class action suits only extended the warranty but gave no relief after the extension period expired. Thanks for advice on motor mounts and timing belt. Mounts I'll hold off on (maybe do myself if I can support engine?) and timing belt was changed at about 102K. The old belt looked fine too, no cracked or missing teeth.

    I'll repost after dealing with Regional rep / Amer Honda / dealer.
  • That's pretty good mileage. As robr2 said it might be difficult but it doesn't hurt to try. Let me know how it works out if you do. Like I said in my previous post, back in 2006 my mechanic repaired a P0401 EGR code that, which I just discovered, Honda would've repaired through their warranty extension. I will call American Honda after my tranny issue to see if they will reimburse me for that repair.
  • Once I am done with my lease with HONDA, I will return it and get NISSAN or Toyota.
    For me Honda is not very a reliable anymore. My Honda 2002 civic has inconsistency in power and torque, changed to Odyssey 2004 and experienced the same thing. Now I have Odyssey 2007 in just a one year dealer changed the front stabilizer due to steering problem. Now 2 year and 4 months I hear rattling on the passenger sliding door and vibration at 35-45 mph speed. Problem, problem and more problem in less that three years...I will start shopping for Nissan and Toyota.

    Did I tell you customer service is bad too?
  • From the few posts asking why those who are past the warranty extension period deserve any help at all from Honda, I too somewhat felt that way. After all, my 2000 Odyssey tranny just died but made it to 130K, so I'm 21K and ~21 months past the warranty extension. But on the other hand, my tranny didn't fail from normal wear. This was a Honda manufacturer's defect doomed to failure. It was their flawed design and it was just a matter of time when it would fail. Yes I know other car companies wouldn't warranty that long, but at least their transmissions don't have the inherent defect like Honda's. Maybe I'm wrong and don't deserve a break, but after all, I was driving on a ticking time bomb. American Honda must also agree since they've helped cover at least part of, and in many cases, a good part of, the transmission replacement cost. That's what drives me to pursue my case. I haven't contacted my dealer yet for the name and number of the Regional rep, but plan to do so soon. If that doesn't work, then back to American Honda to relook at my case. Based on these posts, I've got to be nice but persistent.
  • I bought a 2001 Odyssey used from the original owner in May 2008. I knew from Consumer Reports about the bad transmission so I bought one that had already had the transmission replaced under warranty at 82,560 miles. I thought that the replacement transmissions would not be defective like the originals. Now with 117,820 miles on the van and 35,260 (and 3 years, 3 months) since the new transmission, the second transmission has failed. Saturday I took the van in to have routine maintenance performed including flushing the transmission fluid, within 20 miles of the dealership the transmission totally failed (TCS light, malfunction light, transmission can't seem to find a gear at all, coasted into my driveway). Before having the transmission flushed I had felt a little bumping at gear changes but the dealership said the tranny was fine, I just needed three new motor mounts (don't know if I still need new motor mounts).

    I'm going to have the van towed to the Honda dealer in the morning. I've priced a new transmission with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty at a trusted transmission shop for $2,495, the dealership is saying $3,200 for their transmission with the same warranty period. Do you think that Honda will assistant with the cost of this repair? I do have the receipt for the transmission work done at 82k miles (at the Honda dealer). Any advice on how to get a positive response from Honda or is it just a losing battle?

    Secondly, if Honda puts in a rebuilt transmission I've read that it will fail again. Do independent transmission shops have better/worse record for recurring failure? I remember putting a transmission in a Ford once and the transmission shop showed me the faulty part that Ford used and said they a different part that doesn't have the problems of the Ford rebuild. Never had another problem out of that transmission after having the third-party shop repair it.

    I bought the Odyssey as solid, long-term transportation for a growing family. I'm wondering if I shouldn't sell it once I put the transmission in and buy a Toyota or Nissan.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    FLUSHING the transmission? That is the method Honda advises not to use. It has to be drain and fill three times.
  • I might have used the wrong terminology. The transmission was serviced by the Honda dealer, I assume they serviced it the appropriate way.
  • Spoke with a well-respected non-dealer repair shop here specializing in Honda & Acura vehicles. They only put "H&A" transmissions back into Odysseys and have found those last much better than Honda transmissions. You can read here for more info on the reasons why: at-accurate-automotive-auto-repair/ transmission failed on the interstate just three weeks after having dealer perform torque converter replacement (they split TC replacement cost 50/50). Initial inspection seems to show that coolant lines from transmission to radiator were not torqued or reattached well enough after repair. Waiting on dealer to advise on how they are going to make this right...although this seems to be a mistake by the technician than the typical failing of the transmission.
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