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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • I have a 2000 Ody with 140,000 and am trying to decide whether to ditch it now or fight for a replacement tranny. Catalytic converter is also going haywire. Anyone have the link so I can look up my VIN to see if this van was part of the recall?

    Is there a model year that doesn't have this problem? Am looking at 06-07 Odysseys, but may start looking at Siennas. I'm a single mom and need a reliable van I don't have to sink tons of extra money into...

  • Hi-
    We have an 07 Odyssey that has already had some transmission issues at 55k miles. A few other repairs, too, but they were covered under warranty. The Odysseys are not as reliable as other Hondas. If you can fit your kids in it, the CR-Vs are much more reliable, and used ones should be a bit cheaper than the vans. We have an 04 CR-V with 166k miles and it's never had the issues the van has. Good luck!
  • jaybee9jaybee9 Posts: 12
    Well i finally got my answer from HOA. tranny repairs at my local dealer $4800..HOA "generously" offered to pay 20% leaving me with a bill of $3065!

    I will just sell or donate it and be rid of the problem, as it's also costing me for insurance .

    like all the others I only bought Hondas, ( I presently have an '09 Accord) and am extremely disappointed in their response.

    I am buying an extended warranty for my Accor from Bernardi for 7yrs/70k for $950, and will ditch the Accord if any trouble arises.

    By the way, we bought a 2010Subaru Forester ltd, and the wife loves it.
  • I can't say I blame you on that decision. However if you put a rebuilt trans in there I'm pretty sure you'd get another 75-90k out of it easy. That might give you the time you need to consider your next option.
    By the way all of the car dealers now run carfax reports on vehicles and use any small infraction as an excuse to lower what they will give you on a trade. (See below how I know this)
    Honda offering to pay anything at all is nice.
    Making decisions about vehicles can be emotional, but its important to calm down and think critically! :)
    By the way we've test driven the following vehicles this weekend:
    GMC Traverse 4cyl --> low on power. no V6's available anywhere (yet)
    Toyota Rav 4 limited V6 (OMG loads of power). what a nice vehicle.
    Subaru Forrestor 2.5Xt (turbo). load of power but not so many features
    Subaru forrestor 2.5 limited. Nice interior but no power.
    Subaru outback 2.5 limited. Gorgeous! waitiing for an H6 so we can test.
    My wife prefers the RAV4. I prefer the subie.
    We shall see.....
  • Hi,
    I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey with 106K. I get it serviced religiously. Just recently got a oil change with Honda, their policy is to check all fluids to make sure that everything is ok, they failed to do that.

    After a week following the oil change, the car would start but would not move when you pressed on the gas pedal. And then the engine light came on. I checked all the fluid and saw that the transmission fluid was running on empty, this would kill the transmission quickly and I drive almost 100 miles per day going to work. I went to Bill Page Honda in VA with the car asking them for advice. They said that there might be leak, well I said there was no liquid on the driveway. Anyhow I bought transmission fluid from Honda and filled the car. After that the car was moving which is great. But the service light was on.

    Took the car to Bill Page Honda the next day, they were feeding me a lot of BS about how it was not their fault that the fluid was gone in the car and then they blamed me for putting too much fluid which burned, then they blamed me saying that I put generic fluid from else where (which I have never done since I only take the car to Honda) and they based that solely on the smell of the fluid after the flush. And then they charged me $133 to tell me that I need a new transmission and that it would cost me $4,000. After spending hours at Honda trying to get this situated they would not help, they didn't even talk to the manager. I don't have $4,000 to spend towards a new car or to fix the transmission.
    I was hoping that they(Bill page) would contact Honda of America and ask them about the good will service since we are diligent about taking the car to Honda every time, etc.

    I am having a hard time trying to get in touch with Honda of America, can someone give me the number, I tired this 1-800-999-1009 but they only have 9 options and none to talk to the operator. Please help.
    It sucks living in VA with no car and a sucky service from Honda. I would've liked them a lot more if they didn't treat me like I was stupid and give me BS reasons for the transmission replacement.
  • jaybee9jaybee9 Posts: 12
    Thx for the advice bartman. I did try to find a rebuilt tranny, but no go ( have they ALL been taken by victims like me?).I will give it one more try before dumping car.

    My wife also liked the Rav 4, but I HATE Toyotas pricing . It's too confusing, and even on Emunds its not as clear as Honda's pricing. That said, however, she LIKES the Subaru, and I have likely bought my last Honda.
  • r93401r93401 Posts: 2
    We have a 2008 ODY EX-L and have started experiencing the shuddering at 21k miles. We're bringing our van into the shop tomorrow. The honda dealer has already performed the computer update per the Honda TSB. We expect that they'll soon be replacing the Torque Converter. Thank you for your advice. The symptoms are exactly as you describe. I'll let you know! Hopefully they don't try to give me trouble. :sick:
  • I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey, and had transmittion problems. They tried to download the recall solution, only to have the car's computer refuse the download. As a result, they had to replace the whole thing. I have roughly 50K miles on the car.

    The problem I am now dealing with is the noise that the rear brakes make. I replaced the front brakes (that had squeaked a bit a little over a year ago), but then the rear brakes (emergency reserve brakes, I was told) got much worse. When I took it to the dealer from whom I bought it, the dealership was angry at HOA for refusing to cover the brakes (I have 3-4 more mos. on them). It is in the dealership's shop right now, they will take everything apart to analyze the problem, and they assured me that they want HOA to stand behind their car.

    I don't know what will happen THIS time, but I am getting tired of all of the problems (I had had another problem with tires in the past). I feel that this car is causing way too much trouble at only 3 years and 50K miles. I think when the problem is fixed, it is time to buy a Lexus (the kids are grown, so I can move back to a sedan).
  • My rear brakes squeak as well, although they've been checked out and still have good life left on them. My local mechanic (who I trust WAY more than the dealership) couldn't locate the source. Let us know what you find out.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I ditched the
    07 Ody, and 08 Pilot
    now I am driving 07 Subie Outback wagon limited and love it more than two ex-Honda...
  • jaybee9jaybee9 Posts: 12
    Congrats on the Subaru....did you check out subaru forums? I got a really good price on my Ext warr by playing hardball with the dealer...

    Too bad HOA does'nt seem to get it....
  • Had a 2007 Outback. Traded it in within a year because:
    - Had issues starting at altitude (above 9000 feet); we live in Colorado;
    - Excessive brake grinding; dealer said it was dust, but one month after cleaning it was back (as was co-worker's Outback);
    - 4 cyl transmission downshifted at weird times and became an acceleration issue;
    - Not enough room in back seat for kids in car seats;
    - Vent design under front-row seats allowed rolling object into the vent and somewhere under the seat; had to take seat out to get to it;
    - Design of driver's side "cockpit" was difficult to get into and out of, even at 8-inch ground clearance.

    It did drive well in snow, though.
  • honduhondu Posts: 1
    My 2007 Odyssey had the same problem. Dealer just turned the rotors (to remove the brake pad glaze that had built up) and put new pads on for free. Squeak went away instantly.
  • Thanks everyone for contributing. We traded our '07 ODY for a 10 Mazda CX-7 turbo and couldn't be happier.
  • Wow, I'm really shocked that Honda isn't willing to own up to their faulty transmission problem. My wife's '02 Odyssey just had the tranny fail this weekend. It was the same story that everyone else has been reporting on this list -- 95k on the odometer and the van suddenly won't shift correctly. Took it to Honda dealer and they tell us it has failed and needs to be replaced. Cost to replace is $4,750. Honda Corp's offer is to contribute $2k toward repair cost. I REALLY don't think that's very reasonable after what I've learned reading the posts on this site and others. I guess I will be spending the next few days trying to talk some sense into Honda USA. If anyone out there has recently fought the battle with Honda and prevailed I would love to hear what you did to convince them.

    Through all my previous experiences with Honda I've felt they were one of the best car makers out there, but after this I am really disappointed. Don't they realize the reason people buy Hondas is so that they don't have to worry about ending up in this type of situation. Time to go look at the Subaru, Mitsubishi and Fords.
  • our 3rd tranny just went on our '01
    the original at about 60,000, replaced by dealer
    the 2nd 40,000 later, replaced by dealer
    the 3rd at 60,000 , too bad, so sad
    they think since we've had all these " free " trannys,
    that Honda bears no responsibility.
    4 trannys in 166,000 miles
    I'm smelling something like lemons,
  • Honda Odyssey Owners unite.

    We should ride the WAVE with the Toyata recalls and file a complaint with the NHSTA. Transmission failure is a serious safety issue, worst is that Honda does not address the problem as it appears that they have not upgraded the faulty transmission design and they give you back the same transmission that was rebuit.

    The window of opportunity is now, let us let Honda do right by the consumer!
  • I hear ya! There is a thread going on here with a similar topic:
  • It would be wonderful if you can have the NHSTA get a recall. Any recalls in the USA are automatically applied to the Canadian customers,
  • My '02 Odyssey transmission failed at 80,000 miles. My local mechanic said he had seen the same problem time after time around that mileage, and it is clearly a design flaw. Honda dealer said $6,500 to replace it! Of course I bought a Honda to avoid this problem. After numerous calls to Honda USA, they offered the $2,000 assistance. I demanded that they help more than that. They ended up offering to replace the trans for a contribution of $2,000 on my part, and that included tax. I settled for that, and it included 3 years or 36k miles warranty on the trans. I still may never buy another Honda.
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