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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 224 has a survey running. postid=565428#post565428

    At the top of this page it shows a chart of how many transmssions get changed - number of times, never, etc.
  • finny007finny007 Posts: 1
    Good afternoon all,

    I recently spoke with the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (Part of Dept of Transportation that investigates recall issues) after Honda USA in Torrance CA refused to help out replacing the transmission/torque converter on a 2005 Odyssey Touring with 90K miles. I have owned 6 Honda's in the past 20 years and they still did not offer me any assistance.

    Honda refused to extend any goodwill and replace the torque. Repair estimate is $2150 from dealership ... and they said they have done hundreds of torque converter replacements.

    Class Action Suit or gov't issue recall is only thing Honda will respond too.
    Please call the NHTSA hotline 1-888-327-4236 and lodge a formal complaint. You can search # of complaints here:

    Honda knows there is a problem but will not do anything unless critical mass is reached and enough people complain to proper channel. There are 20 complaints on file under Powertrain: Automatic Transmission.

    Everyone has the same problem of whole van shuddering between
    20-45 mph. Please get the word out too, more people who reach out to the NHTSA better chance action will be taken. Pass along the phone and or URL above.
    - A former long time Honda owner.
  • stimmonsstimmons Posts: 2
    I'm the original owner of a 2002 Honda Odyssey LX and I've been plagued with numerous problems on this vehicle. First of all, I've had two transmissions fail. The first one failed following the recall service in May of 2005 (69,228 miles). The Honda service dealer indicated that I had not serviced the vehicle properly, since I had gone elsewhere to have my servicing completed. After retrieving all my records across town, I was able to prove to Honda that I had properly maintained my transmission/vehicle. Honda replaced the transmission 100%. It is now 4/2010 (just under 162,000miles) and the engine check light came on with P0740 code (Torque converter solenoid clutch open). Needless to say, the dealer replied that the transmission failed and had to be replaced. The initial negociation between the dealer service manager and the regional service manager resulted in a total price of $3641.00 for full replacement and labor. According to the dealer service manager, the discount was about 10% from Honda and 13% coming from the dealer. I'm trying to negociate with the service manager to only pay a total of $2800. He indicated that he would try to get it down to $3000. He is still crunching the numbers.....Well he came down to $3300! I'm having it rebuilt elsewhere. :lemon:

    Meanwhile, I've also been plagued with other issues:

    -the haudraulic door motors and rollers failed after 5yrs

    -the vent window motors failed after 2 years

    -the front console electrical system is quirky. ie. the fuel indicator and the coolant temperature indicator displayed high coolant temp. when the fuel level fell below half.
  • Upon reading many of your postings regarding this issue, I can't help but feel discouraged by the kind of response most of you are getting from Honda America. Based on these inconsistencies, avoidances, and the fact that these transmissions were made in Japan, my first inclination is to write a scathing letter to the CEO of Honda in Japan. I recommend that everyone do the same thing, and while you're at it, CC your C-man. While many of our corporate leaders are desensitized to their own lack of integrity, many of the Japanese corporate leaders still possess an honorable sense of shame. This may serve us better since their inclination will be to restore our confidence in them, thereby saving face in our eyes...
  • a_rhymera_rhymer Posts: 1
    We had the issue where the TCS light would light up for the past several years, but were told 'not to worry about it'. We could never get the light to be on when it was at the shop, since it was sporadic, and would reset when the vehicle was turned off and back on. Since we were the second owner, we didn't get notified of the recall or extended warranty by mail, and the dealer certainly didn't tell us anything of the sort.

    Now, at 111,000 miles, the transmission clunks when shifting in the higher gears and the 'check engine' light is on. Took it by a local shop and they gave me the computer codes to why the 'check engine' light was on and the 'torque converter' is going bad, just like on the recall. My Honda shop, where I bought the van, tells me we have to wait and see what the Honda rep says. If they refuse to pay any of the cost then it is NOT considered warranty work, and we won't even be able to get a replacement transmission, period. We will have to, quote, "try and track down a used one or rebuilt one." So on top of all of this, I'm now finding out that the transmissions are going for a premium, because of high demand?? This is bull.

    AND, this was our 'good vehicle', the one we paid more for, took extra good care of, relied on to transport our kids around. It has been sitting in the shop now for almost a week, and the Honda rep hasn't even returned my dealer's calls about my case. My wife is currently pregnant and having to get the kids around in a broken down POS vehicle we borrowed from my parents.

    Sure, Honda is beyond the warranty period for my van, but the reason I paid a premium for this van, around 4 or 5 grand more than I would have paid for any other of the same year and specifications, is because I thought I was making an investment in quality and longevity; stupid me. I'm thinking my next vehicle will be a cheaper American built rig. I can use the money I save in price to fix whatever goes wrong down the road. This was my first Honda... looks to be my last.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Just a word of advice:
    I would definitely not put in a used transmission. Go either new or rebuilt. If I remember correctly some other posters have had luck going to independent shops to buy rebuilt transmissions.

    With the failure rates on these transmissions being as high as they are, you could put in a used one and have that fail shortly after installation.

    See what the Honda dealer says, but also look into an independent shop to rebuild/replace the transmission.
  • vanwaanabevanwaanabe Posts: 15
    I am the original owner of a 2002 Honda Odyssey. It has 135K miles on it. I've been taking to Honda of Bowie (MD) for 7 years (its never been serviced anywhere else). Around 4 years ago at least my wife starting complaining about a "juddering/shuddering/slipping" at 45 mph. We'd take it to the dealer and they "could never find the problem." Finally the transmission has really gotten bad and now they just "found the problem" and can fix it for $4500. I am deeply disappointed in Honda and this dealership. They both have known this is a chronic problem and never told us. Needless to say this is not why I bought a Honda. My advice, is stay away from the brand. They are following Toyota by compromising quality for volume. :mad:
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 224
    I am also a 2002 Honda Odyssey owner who had to have the transmision (180,000 kilometers) replaced for a huge sum of money back in 2007. I went ahead with the replacement, BUT I also wrote to the President of Honda Canada and outlined all the problems leading up to the troubles. I was polite in my snail-mail letter (not email) and was reimbursed one-half the invoice amount. Go to the top boss. Find out who is the President of Honda America and write to hime directly (not email). You might save some money in this approach. OH.....if you do get a reimbursement send out a Thank You letter to him or her.
  • Hello everyone, I wanted to share my facts with all of you fellow Honda Odyssey owners. My wife and I own a 2001 Honda Odyssey that had its 3rd transmission just go out so, we are asking Honda for #4 in 200K miles. We are averaging 50K miles per transmission.

    Facts: Everyone knows Honda had serious design flaws within the transmission in these vehicles. Honda did what they should do, replaced it 3 times. Now, the vehicle has literally no residual value.

    Transmission 2: Honda made no significant design modification to the transmission whatsoever and only replaced it with the exact same transmission after the first one failed. I know this for a fact because I asked Honda and investigated it.

    Transmission 3: Honda made some very minor internal changes like increasing the size of the orifice within the tranny somewhere but there is no way to know oif your vehicle actually has an old design or new design????

    LEGAL: If you have the old tranny, even beyond your warranty, you have legal recourse. Do NOT listen to Honda. Sue them collectively or alone in small claims court. Tell the judge that Honda breached the warranty by knowingly replacing your transmission with one that would also fail because they did not modify it to rectify the design flaws.

    Furthermore; You can sue for Breech of Warranty and violation of the Deceptive Trade & Practices Act. The DTPA says that misrepresentation of fact or warranty is an unconscionable action. It takes advantage of the general public's knowledge or ability or experience with transmission design to a gross degree.

    Put another way, Honda took advantage of us all. They did not thoroughly re-design a long term fix for the replacement transmissions and most people have no concept of engineering to know that Honda 's lack of diligence to modify and THOROUGHLY test the transmission modifications left thousands or millions of Odyssey Owners with defective merchandise that Honda no longer wishes to replace under warranty.

    Additionally: What does this mean: If Your new tranny has less than the Honda warranted 109,000 miles that Honda offered you due to a class action lawsuit settlement, you can sue. The warranty Honda extended was extended on the whole vehicle and Honda hid the fact that replacement transmissions are NOT warranted to another 109K miles. So, you could own an Odyssey, put 3 tranny's in it all under 100K miles and get the 4th one at 109,100 miles.

    WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: Sue Honda. Demand in court that the show record that the transmissions they replaced in your vehicle were modified in any way and no simply replaced. Make them acknowledge that their was a design flaw (They will say no) and then cite the thousands of others who have had the exact same problem.

    Finally: The best thing you can do is blast it all over the net. Start a posting war. Make Honda know that you are telling people NOT to buy Honda! The Odyssey transmission is CRAP. Even in the new Odyssey the tranny is junk. It has fewer issues but is still problematic.
  • Don't ever buy a Honda again! They don;t honor their stuff! NO HONOR! Honda Odyssey's are trash!
  • vanwaanabevanwaanabe Posts: 15
    I posted earlier. So I contacted the dealer and Honda. Honda is now offering me $1600 towards a $4500 fix. Upon hearing that Honda of Bowie jacked up the cost $1000 to now $5500 to fix the transmission.

    I told the corporate drones that Honda will be Toyota soon in terms of destroyed reputation. If you see the internal Toyota documents you see that they didn't want to do a recall and if they did, they wanted to do it on the cheap. This is what Honda is doing.

    My wife and kids ride in the Odyssey. I know don't trust it or the dealer who never disclosed to me there was a recall on the transmission despite repeated complaints. AVOID HONDA OF BOWIE AT ALL COSTS. THEY NEVER DISCLOSED THIS PROBLEM DESPITE REPEATED COMNPLAINTS OF JUDDERING AT 40 MPH. In fact they have charged me $100 to let me know the transmission is broker.


  • vanwaanabevanwaanabe Posts: 15
    "They just want to wait till you are out of warranty, so you will have to pay for it... What year is it?"

    Totally agree. I brought in my 2002 Honda Odyssey for the last 2 years complaining about my transmission, They could never replicate the problem. It goes out of warranty and bang, they find the problem.

  • jkinscjkinsc Posts: 1
    I have had transmission/torque converter problems, but with my 2003 VW Passat wagon. The torque converter "went out", so we replaced it for $1600+. A few weeks later the slipping started again, and the transmission repair shop told us something in the transmission was causing the torque converter to wear out. We chose to buy a used transmission ($1800+installation) and then trade the vehicle after fixing it.

    Based on my experience, you might choose to replace the whole transmission. I just took my 2009 Odyssey in for a "product update" for a "judder" issue with the torque converter.

    Good luck.
  • car_tunecar_tune Posts: 1
    My 2002 Odyssey that I purchased new required a its second transmission at 78,000 miles. I was driving at a low speed near home when the car shuddered after downshifting unexpectedly. In this case, I had purchased the extended warranty after a grueling day at the dealership. It turned out to be a good thing, and the new transmission cost me $50 out of pocket. At 140,000 miles the engine light and TCS light were on. Diagnostics pointed to the torque converter. I chose not to spend more money on the vehicle and drove it (only locally) for approximately another year until it stranded me on the interstate. I could either spend several thousand dollars in repairs that I probably wouldn't recoup on an immediate sale, or I could dump it and lick my wounds. Sold for $750 in January 2010.

    I still have a 2007 Odyssey that I also purchased new. I had the steering worked on under warranty, and it now feels as though the power steering is failing again. I've also been notified of two recalls - one for transmission and one for breaks.

    Both vehicles handle(d) really well and proved versatile when loading for weekend adventures. The service records, however, have been lackluster. I apparently have been sucker enough to buy the one crappy car in the Honda lineup twice. Naming this vehicle seems to be Honda's most on-target part of its production: Odyssey - a long series of wanderings or adventures, esp. when filled with notable experiences, hardships, etc.
  • victorkovictorko Posts: 1
    did honda ever compensate you for the EGR valve? I have 95000 miles on my 2001 and it's beyond the 8 years and 80k miles. i tried calling Honda Customer Relations and the woman wasn't that helpful. she did take down my number and said someone would call me back. i'm not holding my breath.
  • Had our 3th transmission replaced on April 27, 2010.First broke at 25488,did not make the recomended fluid service at 30000.Second broke at 70657mi(45157mi on the second).Third at 108849(38192mi on third).Honda America paid for half off the price of transmission but would not budge on the labor.Our other car is a Toyota Camry with 104675 and have had no major problem with that car. We are now looking to replace the Odyssey and WILL stay far away from Hondas.
  • jeniloohoojeniloohoo Posts: 1
    Yep, we're another "only dealer serviced, babied" 2003 Odyssey owner with a tranny failure at 108k miles. The dealer is quoting us $5400 for a new one. They and Honda America are agreeing to pay $50% as they agree there are problems with Odyssey transmission from that model year. Um, if they acknowledge manufacturer error, why are WE required to pay anything?

    We will be trading in our 2008 Honda Civic, and getting rid of the Odyssey as well. We will never buy another Honda.

    Our dilemma at this point is do we have to pay the almost $3k to fix this thing, just to trade it in? Seeing as how many people on are on their 2nd and 3rd trannies, we have no faith that even getting a new one will guarantee us safety and reliability and a return on our investment.

    Wonder why the class action suit of the earlier models has not extended to the '03 and '04?
  • I purchased this oddy in feb and had no problems with it until yesterday when I was leaving to go to the grocery store. I put the van in reverse and backed up with no problems, then I put it into drive and noticed it took about 1 sec longer for the van to engage into drive. It feels like it slips into gear and the van jolts forward just a little. I took it to the dealer where I purchased it and he told me it sounds like the tranny needs to be flushed and filled. Anyone out there have any suggestions that could help me get this fixed?
  • udiar14udiar14 Posts: 1
    :) I have Honda Odyssey 2000 with 66000 miles.
    So far i have no issues and very happy with it.
    I have a few questions?
    1. Am I just lucky?
    2. Should I sell it before I have problems?
    3. If i will have transmission problem will Honda will pay? Up do how many miles?
    4. Do most owners get the transmission problems?

  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    Udiar14: 1. you are lucky beyond your dreams. 2. yes, dump it while you can, and stay away from the Pilot and Odessey in your next purchase. The transmissions were built for sedans, not vans and SUVs.. 3. Honda will likely not pay at all, or will charge you an exorbitant amount for labor and part of the cost of the transmission. 4. Yes, most owners, particularly of older Ody's have had or will have problems with the torque converter or transmission proper. Even the new vans have trouble like this. When will Honda learn? You probably don't drive the van very much, so haven't had trouble yet. But, if the "check engine" light comes on, that's the cue that trouble is on the way. I'm on the fourth transmission on my 2000, but my van's trouble started under warranty, so all of my trannys have been under warranty. I'll dump it before my current coverage ends next spring. Best wishes....G3guy
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