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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • dfwhondadfwhonda Posts: 45
    Are you confident that "most owners" of Honda Odyssey's have transmission problems?

    I ask because I will probably be in the market within the week (catastrophic damage to '08 Pilot) for a used Odyssey and had my eye on a number of CPO 08s in my area. I had assumed that they were bulletproof, but after reading this thread in this forum, I am starting to question whether it is worth the hassle. I guess I will need all of the service records to confirm whether a transmission has already been replaced on any used Odyssey (most in my area have between 30k and 45k miles).

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Not sure where else to turn if the Odyssey is not in the running. We are a Honda family, never owned a Toyota, and when I read about other competitors on CarSpace they seem to have just as many problems as an Odyssey (although may be not transmission problems).
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
    > I guess I will need all of the service records to confirm whether a transmission has already been replaced on any used Odyssey (most in my area have between 30k and 45k miles).

    The sad thing is it appears even if the transmission had been replaced at some point (early) in time, the replacement is as prone to failure as the original. So replacement means nothing.

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  • minimommyminimommy Posts: 13
    Just sold a 2002 Ody with 167k miles on it... NEVER had any issues with that van... no transmission problems, no torque converter problem, nothing, absolutely nothing... we drove it around town and on long trips. It was a dream and we thought Honda was rock solid. Only sold it because wanted the side curtain air bags on newer models.... thought we'd get a 2010 Ody or 2011... but after reading all these forums and problems with tranny on Ody...(and Pilot), we're leaning toward the Toyota Sienna as our replacement instead. Perhaps we were just lucky with ours... or perhaps the tranny problem is only on a relatively small percentage of the Ody....hard to tell... but all the posts here and the reliability report on 2010 Ody on USN&World Report site being a 5 out of 10 (Sienna is 10 out of 10), we're probably going with Sienna. Perhaps there is no such thing as a great reliable van out there anymore... hopefully Toyota and Honda 2011s will prove that wrong.
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 221
    2011 Odyssey is suppost to have a 6-speed automatic, the same as in the 2010 Acura MDX
    Base model on the 2011 Sienna is a 4-cylinder.
    My 2002 is current in for small body job (tree pushed over on it by another vehicle). The rental is a 2010 Sienna. You sure can feed the hard road and the air-conditioner is noisey and there are a few rattles.
    I'm told that the Elysion (our Odyssey) built in Japan has no transmission problems.
  • dfwhondadfwhonda Posts: 45
    I noticed on Consumer Reports that the 08 Siennas had excellent reliability history. I know that CR accumulates data from people who have subscriptions and complete surveys, but 08 Odyssey reliability history is not nearly as clean as Toyota. And I don't see any transmission problems for used Siennas here on CarSpace forums - I can live with other minor problems, but do not want to worry about family getting stranded by a bad transmission. It's a shame because I prefer the Odyssey to the Sienna from an exterior looks and interior configuration perspective, but those differences are not enough to outweigh reliability in performance.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,702
  • dfwhondadfwhonda Posts: 45
    Interesting. I did not see the Toyota Sienna listed on Toyota's recall website as a vehicle subject to recall for this problem. I guess trusting Toyota to provide all of the information may not be the smartest choice, but I had thought all models with the unintended acceleration had been identified to this point...

    If the Toyota Sienna isn't a minivan option, where does a minivan shopper turn?
  • jmaccjmacc Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I had spend 2 days reading about Honda Odyssey bad transmission and Honda seems not to care. I have a 2001 odyssey with 102,000 miles so I am out of luck because it passed the 93 months extended warranty. I am afraid to replace the transmission and after a while have the same problem. You can clearly see that Honda had not made enough improvements. This tranny should have been recalled long time ago and or really help with the price to fix it. 3k that the dealer offered me, it is not a real deal.

    It is time to get some government agencies get involved in this: We need to write to the attorney general, BBB, Nhtsa, and other organizations like JD powers, consumer reports, nada and let them know what we think about Honda cars.

    I would like to sue Honda, if somebody wants to join me for their lemon warranties and/or products, ad because their faulty transmission can cause accidents (when I had my transmission problem I was in a 3 lanes hwy with cars coming full speed at my rear and I was having problems to get to the side lane (lucky me I didn't cause any accident). Do we need to wait until somebody has an accident and die? :mad: :cry: :(
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    There is a new firm taking info for a new class action lawsuit. For more info, read the comments section of this posting:
  • gvillebrkawaygvillebrkaway Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    My story is the same as so many other on here. Purchased a 2001 Ody (Certified Used at dealer) with 35k miles. First transmission failed at 74k and was replaced by dealer. Now sitting at 145k and the trans has failed again. Being offered 2K by same dealer as trade-in.

    How's that for customer loyalty?
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    How's that for customer loyalty?

    uhh, what do you mean? You wanting a new transmission... or more for your trade-in?
  • I notice alot of the tranny problems are from older Odysseys. Does the tranny problems still exist with later models Odysseys?
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    This site tracks reported problems by year (started tracking last year):

    It shows they started tapering off in 2003, but they still have problems reported up to 2009. 2007's seem to have a new issue and a recent spike....
  • 61birdman61birdman Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    Please extend a warm welcome to me, I have just joined the Odyssey Blown Transmission Club ("OBTC"). 2001 EX, paid sticker, dealer serviced. Trans failed at 95,000 miles. After back & forth w/ Dealer, Honda America agreed to pay 25%, but I still have a $2900 bill, plus $500 for broken motor mounts. Bought the van thinking 15 yrs, 150K miles no problem. I could have saved $8K and bought a Dodge and had the same result. If not a lemon, then the "Oddity" is a lime... :mad:
  • nash1234nash1234 Posts: 22
    edited June 2010

    I own a 07 EX, first owner, currently at 20k miles. Knock on wood I have not had any transmission issues so far, things have been smooth. However I have noticed that I am having a sound similar to engine knocking (or crunching) as I am stepping on the gas and the vehicle is travelling. It is not loud, and the only way I can hear it is when I lower all the windows down and traveling through an alley (I can hear the engine better since all the noise bounces back from the building walls). I want to say I do not hear it if I am not stepping on the gas but I am not sure. It does not happen if I am parked just revving the engine.

    It is not likely that this is a trans issue (I hope) since I'd think I'd hear it all the time that the van is moving but I do not know. Anyone has the same issue?


    (edit: I do not hear the sound when I am doing the same thing in Reverse. Ugh. Maybe something wrong with the first gear?)
  • sham1sham1 Posts: 3
    Seems like it started about 99 and definitely runs through 04 - but I know people with 05's - 09's starting to have problems. I am just waiting for this to blow way up like Toyota's issue did!!! We need to get this out to the press and noticed and on tv! I have put my complaint into our General Manager where we purchased our Honda new and to the NHTSA - EVERYONE needs to do the same!!! Not wait - DO IT NOW!!! Good Luck!
  • cgrammercgrammer Posts: 1
    I bought my 2002 honda odyssey end of January 2010 with 98,00 miles on the car and the day I bought the car I took it home and noticed several problems when I would put the car in park the car would reev up like I was pressing my foot on the gas but I wasn't when I put my foot on the break the car would reev up like I was pressing on the gas but I wasn't. When the car would sit for a hour or so then I would drive it, it would make a clicking sound. so I immeadialty brought it to the dealer the next day and told them my story and they said there was nothing they could do until the check engine light came on. So I went home and the problems still accured so a few weeks later I brought the car in again and they test drove the car and of course the car did not do the problems it was doing with me and again they said we can't do anything until the check engine light comes on. So a few more weeks later the check engine light came on and I bought the car in and told them again of the problems and the did a full service check and it was free because it was my cars first service and they said nothing was wrong with the car it only had a gas cap situation but besides that it was perfect.

    I took the car home and it still continued to have the same problems until a few weeks later when my sister and I were car pooling in my 2002 Honda Odyssey at now 104,000 miles, we were on the the free way when the car started jerking hard back and forth we slowy tried to manuever to the side right shoulder but it was difficult because we could feel everything in the car shutting down. Luckly we made it to a safe point and called the Honda Dealer where I bought the car just 5 months earlier and they told me I needed to get a tow or pay them $250 and then they could pick up the car. So I get the car towed to the dealer form my AAA and the dealer tells me the transmission blew out and it is going to cost me $3,300 to fix it? I told them they knew of this problem and didn't tell me prior to me coming in 3 times before this time I told them about the problems and the guy who sold me the car knew because before I went each time to complain to the dealer I told him before actully going in. So they told me they would pay for half but I had to pay for the other half? I don't have $1700 that is my only car and I need that car for work.

    Someone please tell me what I can do about this can I sue?????
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    edited June 2010
    Someone please tell me what I can do about this can I sue?????

    If the car was sold "as is" you can't sue. If it came with some type of warranty, say 3 months, and you have documented proof you took it and they ignored the problem... then yeah, I'd say you have a good case. The revving problem, while in park and while stepping on brake, doesn't sound like a transmission problem to me though.

    I would probably take their offer if you car didn't come with a warranty.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 13,585
    I agree with jip. you can complain more, and start a case with american honda, but it is entirely up to them if they want to do anything.

    but, if you can get it done for $1,700 and it comes with a 3 year warranty, worth getting it done.

    then if you want to fight, sue, etc. at least you have your car.

    One thing to keep in mind is if you reject the offer, they will rescind it, and you may not get another one. And you will still have a 4,500# lawn ornament.

    2013 Acura RDX (wife's), 2007 Volvo S40 (when daughter lets me see it), 2000 Acura TL (formerly son's, now mine again), and new Jetta SE (son's first new car on his own dime!)

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