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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 221
    I have 260,000 kms on my Odyssey. A replacement was done at 180,000 kms. (converstion to miles x .609344). I am planning to professionally install an after-market transmission cooler. I am not planning to tow. The Honda dealer says a cooler will help in stop & go traffic; and it would not hurt.
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    A cooler is always a good idea. The Honda version is something of a joke, and it's well known that heat kills transmissions. Also, consider installing an in-line filter (I use Magnefine) if you don't already have one.

    I have the transmission out of our van and on the bench. I should have it open by tomorrow.
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    Unfortunately, our run with our 99 Ody EX has come to an end. While it was on its 3rd tranny (with 165,000 miles) it has been excellent otherwise - until its recent and sudden encounter with a whole bunch of trees. :cry:

    No longer a 2 Ody family (also have a 2010 EX). At least we can't say it was the transmission that made us get rid of it. :)
  • lbreeslbrees Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 Odyssey with 142k miles, and it "shudders" at low speeds but stops when I take my foot off the gas. I have been reading some of these related posts, but would like to know if this is a chronic "nuisance" and/or will the transmission eventually fail on me? I am taking it to a transmission specialist this week to get his diagnosis. Should I just bite the bullet and get the tranny rebuilt?
  • “…In the same sentence, he said he could have a salesman contact me about some great oppportunities in case I opted to buy a new car instead….”

    They tried the same sales tactic with me. Sanjay Prakash, general manager of Honda of Ft Myers FL (a Sonic Automotive dealer) said he could “trade me out” for my Odyssey, wow what a great guy, I call about a problem with their dealership and he wants to sell me a car. He says he can make me a great deal, $1000 below invoice, I had already been looking at cars and knew AAA is at $3000 below invoice on 2010’s. Bad enough Honda sold us a bad product and won’t stand behind it, but Honda and the dealers are making money off the problems, which is not incentive to ever fix a problem. threadid=100814
  • dlwidedlwide Posts: 9
    ... Me not mechanically-inlcined, but old retired transmission guy friend says you sound credible. If I may, two follow-ups: (1) Presuming the Magnefine is a "dual filtration," magnetic & media, any possible issue with flow due to additional pressure drop? (2) Hayden Customer Service guy Bruce suggests a "678" Cooler from Pep Boys / O'Reilly which looks like a supplementary, not replacement, whereas I was thinking fewer parts better, meaning, preferably, replace existing Honda cooler with adequate Hayden. Hayden guy also recommends an always on fan. Any thoughts / recommendations?
  • dlwidedlwide Posts: 9
    ... Actually poked my head around today. Looks like no transmission coolor per se other than a looped pipe. Looked like there might be space there for an additional cooler. I'm going to check into the Jasper deal too.
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Yes, theMagnefine unit is a dual filter, magnet and media. The first one latest two years, and I replaced it just about 2 months ago. The guy who runs the company is super nice, and ships promptly. Get the model with the 3/8" fittings.

    The model 678 cooler looks like a great unit. Lots of fins to push heat out of the fluid. Should you also run the fan constantly? I'm not so sure on that. It won't hurt anything, but you might get tired of the noise.
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    That looped pipe IS the transmission cooler. It's a piece of crap. Just leave it there and plumb in the new cooler. I'll be putting one on our van as well.

    In other news, I've nearly got the cases apart. One of the shaft bearings is bad for sure. I'm documenting and shooting video of the whole deal if anyone wants to see it.
  • dlwidedlwide Posts: 9
    ... Whoah Nelly! Stop the wrenches!! If you haven't already, be sure to read this link -

    link title

    ... and definitely for you PG, this, all five(5) pages of Master Theojo -

    link title
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Brilliant! Thanks for the information. I've been looking for something like this. I would love to think that popping off the solenoids and cleaning things out would to the trick, but the tranny is already out of the van, and with all the miles we have (at least 145,000 on this unit) I'm sure the clutches are worn out. I already know that the second shaft bearing is toast. When I turn the bearing by hand it occasionally clicks and grinds.While the tranny is terribly complex I still feel confident that I can rebuild it.

    If anyone here has done this, please let me know.
  • dlwidedlwide Posts: 9
    ... PG, though Theojo is works on a 1998, if you didn't already, be sure to catch his very detailed write-ups on his rebuild of that transmission. Guessing there might be something there of use to your brave soul.
  • dlwidedlwide Posts: 9
    ... PG: Couple follow-ups.

    (1) Regards cooler -- just got my 1999 hardcopy of the Honda manual today, and pages 14-128,9 show a radiator-style transmission cooler being flushed, probably a good scope adder for your work, if you hadn't already planned it, recalling Theojo had done that. I'm a city apartment dweller, don't have time to go look at the car just now, but believe the cooler in the not-so-clear diagram to be the closest to the bumper. Moving towards the engine must then be the AC condenser and then of course engine radiator. Maybe. Haven't yet done a proper look but should be doing so tomorrow, when I'm going to attempt to at least look at the screens of the four hopefully accessible transmission solenoids; LockUp + Shift Valves A, B, & C. Anyway, thought that cooler worth mentioning.

    (2) Theojo apparently used a Helm manual for his 1998 trans rebuild, perhaps only for the clutches, as that's all I could locate just now on the Helm web site - 085D8AB505CAE&Style=helm&class%5F2=AHM

    Hope things are going well for you.
  • dlwidedlwide Posts: 9
    ... Actually, after re-reading the Odyclub Blunney & Theojo threads, I believe I will be looking at the Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid A/B, and not sure which of the others are accessible. Will report back after head first dive tomorrow.
  • I had 160000 miles on mine when I began to feel that same "shudder". Unfortunately the shudder started one day before family vacation. I talked with a friend of mine and he said the tranny can go tomorrow or it could stay that way for another 35000 miles. So we embarked on our family vacation to the east coast of Canada (from Michigan). Everything seemed to be going well and I thought we were going to make it home when on the last day of the journey the tranny fails at mile marker 357, westbound, on I-90 in New York state. I had the car towed to the local AAMCO. I really had no other alternative. They did a decent job and $3000 later I have a rebuilt tranny in my Odyssey with a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. Thankfully there is an AAMCO in Kalamazoo, no too far from where we live. I plan to take it there to have them check it over and to let them know there is a person with an AAMCO warrantied tranny in the area.

    I know there are some who have spoken unfavorably of AAMCO. I've check online and a Jasper tranny for the 2004 Odyssey runs $3200.00. So I guess it wasn't too bad getting the entire job done for $3000.00. Had I put in the Jasper tranny I'm certain the bill would have run near $4500.00 (p/l).

    If your tranny is stil shuddering get a flush and fill or just have a mechanic you trust in your area have a look at it. It may just need a flush and fill or you may need a new tranny.
  • UPDATE: Thanks for all of your suggestions. I called around and almost settled on a transmission shop. Luckily I did an online search and found it was rated D- by the Better Business Bureau and had tons of customer complaints. I finally found The Transmission Doctor in North Lauderdale (rated A+ with no complaints I could find). They sounded honest and straightforward and fixed my transmission - plus a cracked engine mount and replaced a rear engine seal - for $2700 in only two days (vs $5,300 and 5 days at the Honda Dealer). Best of all, they didn't try to sell me a new car! They also said the car's computer, which the Honda service advisor insisted must be replaced - was fine. The lesson? I learned not to blindly trust everything the dealer says...if you need a big job like a transmission, get a second - or even third - opinion, just as you would if YOU needed an operation. And because you'll encounter a lot of slick, fast-talking, honest-sounding service advisors, always check out the shop's reputation and track record (again, just as you would for your own doctor). Good luck! :)
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Finally, the cases are split! I was going blind on this, and unfortunately broke a few parts in the process. They aren't expensive, though, so I'm not too irritated.

    It turns out that some of the bearings in the transfer gear, mounted just under the transmission cover (driver's side), were toast. They were grinding as I spun them in my hand. Today I order the rebuild kit and torque converter. Next week I'll break down the shafts one at a time, rebuild the valve body and accumulator, and clean everything before reassembly.

    If anyone is interested in seeing the carnage, let me know and I can send some pics!
  • dlwidedlwide Posts: 9
    ... Meanwhile, back on the El Cheapo ranch, I did get into the Clutch Pressure Control Solenoid assembly today, and sure enough there was significant blockage in the screen of the center tube of the "line of three" tubes (fourth tube "off to the side" has no screen). Photo available.

    Honda, it would seem, should've definitely made cleaning that screen part of routine maintenance.

    Bought my van with 154k miles almost two years ago, and it's now at 206k miles, going on 300k miles, all goes well. If I only new at 154k what I know now at 206 ...

    So, got in the minivan cautiously optimistic, felt a discouraging initial minimal lunge into 2nd, however, after a few blocks, things seemed to improve, to the point where I had let myself believe major healing had occurred, only to then, a few blocks further on, have the trans start acting up some, slipping out of 1st gear shortly after taking off and hesitating before hitting 2nd with a lunge on occasion. Thus, cleaning that screen was not the "El Cheapo walk away from the trans for a good while" fix I had dreamt of, though the van does drive differently, and after later heading to the grocer and back, I would say things are definitely better, for whatever that's worth.

    Was doing my work today at my mechanic's garage, as I feared the potential for need of professional assistance, and my mechanic had been kind enough to offer (known him for many years). Did not check the resistance nor test the solenoids, as I forgot my newly acquired Fluke meter at home and the mechanic's meter was out-of-whack, and the nice Fluke test leads I just bought were also conveniently at home. Planned on going back into that solenoid assembly again anyway, in case more gunk should appear (doubtful though, as it was more like a film type build-up), and will test those and any other solenoids I can get at later.

    PG: It would of course be of great use were you to keep, if you will, a "phlog"
    (= photo log) of your work. You are blazing a trail that I hope to follow at a later date, presuming the van can limp along for a few more weeks. Good luck to you.
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