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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • jjpcatjjpcat Posts: 118
    As you may know, there are recently 2 recalls. One is for soft brake pedal. The other is transmission noise. I had the dealer fix both recalls. I immediately notice the shifting pattern is different. That itself might not be an issue as they changed the transmission shifting program. However, the van is now shaking frequently (but not always) when my foot is on the gas pedal. It isn't wheel alignment or tire balancing. Anyone has the same experience? The van has only 14k miles but it's already out of the warranty.
  • sbou7sbou7 Posts: 1
    edited September 2010

    I just did exactly what you did and experienced the same thing with my 07 Odyssey. I brought it back in, and they discovered that the tourque converter needed to be replaced. I just got it back yesterday, and that seems to have solved the problem. We'll see in the next few days if the "shudder" (as they called it) remains gone.

    Also, the trasmission is still covered under warranty to 5yrs/60000 miles.
  • That Honda cooler is a joke, but it doesn't hurt anything. You can leave it where it is.
    Any Hayden cooler is better than that thing that Honda uses, but a *stacked plate* design is more efficient, although more expensive than a *tube and fin* style. I like this one: T&Product_Code=1677&Category_Code=hayden-transaver-cooler

    I need to check to make sure it will install without problems (specifically the orientation of the fittings).

    You can splice into the factory cooler lines to add the filter. Just be sure to use TRANSMISSIONS FLUID LINES! Don't buy fuel line, it can't handle the temperature and pressure.

    The Magnafine that I had really saved my bacon. When that clutch disk decided to check out, it barfed metal shavings into the case. The filter caught the debris before it could end up in the valve body and mess up the servo and soleniods.

    My mechanic should be working on the van Friday. I'm anxious to get it back. It's been a valuable experience in a lot of ways, but I'm ready to move on to another project.
  • I had the torque converter replaced too but now the car idle is rough and the check engine light went on. I will be back there tomorrow. They should have replace the transmission along with the torque converter since it is a combined system and I am sure the tranny has been comprimised from these problems.
  • I have 147,000 miles on my 2003 odyssey and I just had the TCS and Malfunction lights come up too. Have not taken it any where yet since the van is driving good. Somedays the lights even go out completely and then out of the blue just come on. I am strongly assuming, from reading online, that the transmission is on its way out. Hopefully Honda will come up with a recall if we have enough people complaining here.
  • When was it last serviced? Do you have a cooler on it? Your TCS light will come on whnever any transmission slippage occurs. When ours would do it I would replace the fluid. I drove it over 100,000 miles like that before a clutch let go. Proper heat management goes a loooong way toward a long happy life for these transmissions.
  • I too just recently did the trans oil drain/fill about a week ago. Car started acting funny when cold, slipping from 2nd to 3rd. Two days ago the transmission completely gave out (it's as if I'm in neutral no matter what gear I use except park). Towed it to the dealer, and the dealer indicates the transmission is shot (they want $5K to replace). Dealer indicates I'm 'out of warranty' since I'm after the 7 year 9 month time window.

    Had the transmission 'repaired' for the warranty recall issue about 18 months ago, so I called Honda North America to file a case; they basically told me 'your warranty has expired, you're on your own."

    Debating if I want to buy another Honda in future. Bottom line, watch out - you're having the same symptoms as mine and their party line is no for a 2001 (too late).
  • what is the best known factory warrenty on 2010 odessey's?...I'm talking with a dealer who will cover the drivetrain for 5 yrs/100,000 miles...we still like the odessey against all other types out there...getting close, but don't want more headaches with transmissions...we have a 1999 currently, and had 3 trans. (including original)...two (the original and the 3rd) we paid this nuts to think about doing again?
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Be sure to have a clear understanding of what you need to do to keep that warranty valid, i.e. how do you have to document service, does it need to be done at that dealership, etc.

    Also, I know I sound like a broken record, but make sure you can install an aftermarket transmission cooler (like the Hayden 678) instead of that toy that Honda likes to use, and that Honda will still honor the warranty if its installed.

    Proper heat management and maintenance will be the best protection for any automatic transmission, but especially for the Odyssey.
  • fuvangfuvang Posts: 6
    Look, I use to believe Honda was a good company.. .they are horrible now. My transmission sucks. at 35 mph, it shakes like crap and near 55, does the same thing. I can feel the gears are grind and I know that Honda knows this problem exist. They are like Toyota.. hoping that no one complains... . until someone dies. There's going to be more incident of transmission failing on the hwy and causing death and someone will finally sue Honda... then Honda will fail like Toyota... Honda knows that 35,000 miles warranty will always cover their [non-permissible content removed] and beyond that, they don't care. Sounds like integrity and honesty means nothing for a company from Japan ... there is no such thing as HONOR in Japan anymore.
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Ummm...have you had it serviced lately? If the vehicle is vibrating it sounds like the torque converter is about to check out. It might be a relatively cheap fix if you have it diagnosed now instead of waiting until you are stranded on the side of the road with nothing but your temper to keep you warm.
  • happpyhapppy Posts: 1
    I too, own a 2001 Odyssey and at about 75k miles the repair light came on. I took my van into the dealer where they diagnosed the problem as P0740, and told me I needed to replace the transmission. The quote ranged from 3600. to 5100. I was devastated. I could not afford to replace the transmission and was blown away that with such low miles, I needed to replace the transmission! I immediately wrote a letter to Honda and explained the situation. I asked for them to please keep the integrity of the Honda brand and offer "goodwill assistance". Two days later, we received a phone call from Honda. After my husband answered a series of questions, we were told that they would review the case and let us know what they decided. The next day Honda called to let us know that a replacement transmission was being ordered by the dealer and it would be REPLACED AT NO CHARGE! The transmission was installed in record time (one day) and it was absolutely FREE. I cannot emphasize enough about how pleased we are with this outcome. If you live in Orange County, CA. I highly recommend Weseloh Honda in San Juan Capistrano. I am a truly happy customer and would definitely purchase another Honda. I received EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Good for you. But I think it's pretty stupid (financially) for Honda to be replacing transmissions 7 years out of warranty. It never hurts to ask, but I sure wouldn't expect such compensation.
  • happy-
    were you the original owner or not? I am in the exact same situation with a 2001 around 85K miles and needing a new transmission and Honda has told me "too bad", I'm assuming because I am the second owner. The original owner had all service and regular maintenance done at the dealership up to 75K miles. I know Honda owes me nothing as I am past the time period for the warranty even though I am below the mileage limit. But seeing Honda come through for you makes me want to try again with them, though I suspect it is the fact that I am not the original owner that will keep Honda from helping me.
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Is anyone asking *why* the transmission needs replacing? I mean, really, what is THE one cause that is killing all these gearboxes? The infamous FLASHING D4 isn't a fault code at all, it simply signals a pressure abnormality. There is ONE pressure switch in the B7TA transaxle, and if it goes out of range the light starts flashing and people start freaking out.

    Also, I've learned that Honda is very reluctant to allow dealerships to rebuild these units. They ask that the defective transaxles be sent back for replacement. That just seems odd to me.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,601
    Also, I've learned that Honda is very reluctant to allow dealerships to rebuild these units. They ask that the defective transaxles be sent back for replacement. That just seems odd to me.

    It's probably because they can do the work faster and cheaper than the dealership.
  • fuvangfuvang Posts: 6
    Yes my van is serviced... change oil when it tells me it's time.. all the requirement I need... but I will get it to the shop to see if it is the torque converter box.... thank you. By the way, are you from Honda?
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    I would still service it again. It's a relatively cheap attempt to save the converter. A new one is $700 (rebuilt units are around $200) plus 10 hours labor to install it. That's pretty expensive.

    In my opinion the service interval is too long for these units. I serviced ours several times a year and it lasted 190,000 miles before a clutch disk let go and trashed a couple bearings.

    By the way I finally got the van back yesterday...and...drum roll, works! Nice crispy shifts, lower shift rpms, clean converter lock-up, and a tremendous sense of satisfaction. I'd do it again in a second.

    For reference we have a 1999 Odyssey with the B7TA 4-speed. It's the same unit that was put in the Accord and Acura TL that year. The same transmission in a heavier vehicle means...more heat. Like I've said before, heat management is extremely important in these units! You MUST install an after market unit (like the Hayden 678), an inline (i.e. serciveable) external filter, and service it annually. Well, I guess you could shell out $4,000 for a rebuilt transmission instead, but why not be proactive?

    If anyone is interested in the summary of the rebuild, let me know. Honestly, it's pretty involved, but if you keep your wits about you it really isn't that bad, assuming you like to turn wrenches and solve problems.
  • Hi - We also have a 2000. No problems at all except for the transmission. We are on our 3rd transmission. First one at 97k was replaced under warranty. Second one was replaced at 160k at a cost of $3,500 - not by Honda because they could not find a replacement - - not a good sign I guess; but by their "recommended alternative" who we were very pleased with. The critical thing to understand is that the transmission cannot be serviced. Usually you can drop the pan and replace or at least clean the filter but not on this vehicle. The only thing you can do is to change the fluid - which you should do every 25k miles. I did not know this and I don't think the fluid was changed since the 100k miles tune up that I had done at 110K. My guess is that you will definately have problems and since the 2000's were replaced under warranty you will be good up until 90 or 100k - I guess. But get the transmission fluid changed regularly and talk to your Honda dealer about the what if's.
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Also, I've learned that Honda is very reluctant to allow dealerships to rebuild these units. They ask that the defective transaxles be sent back for replacement. That just seems odd to me.

    It's probably because they can do the work faster and cheaper than the dealership.

    Faster? I doubt it. You really don't need any special tools to rebuild one of these units.

    Cheaper? You bet. If I did these every day I'm sure I could finish one in 2 days. Compare your factory pay rate in Japan vs. paying a U.S. Tech to do the same thing. Now, it costs HOW MUCH to buy one of these from Honda? $4,000. That's a lot of additional scratch going straight to Japan instead of your local dealer.

    That $4,000 gets you clutches, steels, retainers, maybe some new bearings, o-rings, seals, gaskets, and a torque converter. That's a lame deal. I put $500 in parts in mine and it's running great.

    Who needs there 1999-2001 transmission rebuilt? Maybe I'll start a side business building these things.
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