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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    I've still got warranty from Honda until June of next year on the third tranny in my '00, but I'd be interested in a rebuild when that runs out. I love my Ody, and would have routine maintenance done on it locally, but can't find anyone who will redo a transmission without just swapping it out with a Honda rebuild. Set up your business and see what happens....
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,600
    Faster? I doubt it. You really don't need any special tools to rebuild one of these units.

    Cheaper? You bet. If I did these every day I'm sure I could finish one in 2 days.

    You are contradicting yourself here. But anyway, dealer techs also don't want to spend 2 days rebuilding a transmission. It's not profitable for them unless that's all they do. Techs get paid flat-rate on a job, not by the hour.

    Compare your factory pay rate in Japan vs. paying a U.S. Tech to do the same thing.

    My understanding is that they are being rebuilt in Alabama - not Japan. Those techs are probably rebuilding 1 a day because that's all they do.

    Now, it costs HOW MUCH to buy one of these from Honda? $4,000.

    Well the $500 you spent isn't the only cost - labor to rebuild, shipping, warranty, profit margin for Honda, profit margin for dealer, tech labor to install. Yes, there's profit in it but since we aren't a socialist economy, I don't begrudge them.
  • lbreeslbrees Posts: 3
    My brake lights on my 1990 Accord are stuck "ON" and the only way I can turn them off is to pull the fuse. Anyone have an inexpensive solution to this problem?
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    I'm not contradicting myself, you just didn't understand what I wrote.

    I'm not going to get into a shouting match over this. The part is $4,000 plus another $1,000 to install at the dealer. I spent $1,100 total on my project. I'll gladly absorb any risk to save that kind of money and have the experience of doing the work. The replacements are grossly overpriced period.

    My point in all of this is that the work of rebuilding that gearbox isn't worth $4,000 no matter who does it, and I'm stating my case so if there is anyone else out there who wants to try it I can offer them some help. The warranty on these units is gone, and not everyone can afford to cough up the dough to have Honda do the work.

    My dealer was under the impression that the rebuilt units were in fact coming from Japan, but it doesn't matter where they come from, they're too expensive. Also, anyone who does rebuild one of these things has to understand proper filtration and heat management on the new unit or they will be going through this again.

    So, pick up your wrenches and get to work or go get stuffed. And don't try to tell me what I already know, especially if you've never done it yourself.
  • Hi.Were you the one who said they would send out a summary of the rebuild, if so that would be fantastic. Thank you so much
  • I would give it a try. I have it on my shop floor and was just thinking of starting this. Thanks for sharing and posting. Any tips would be great. I've rebuilt turbohydramatic 350's before. Never one of these. thanks again.
  • Hey Browneee. What or where is the 3rd gear pressure component. Thanks for your help.
  • Hi All. I have a 01 ody that shifts great, smooth- no issues other than the 0740 code. No symptoms at all. I have read about cleaning screens and 3rd gear components. Dealer checked and said all solenoids are working fine!! What to do- what -to do!! Thanks
  • #10361073 2004 Odyssey overheated
  • I am interested in summary of the rebuild. I have a 2000 Odyssey with 230K and my tranny oil is starting to slip. I've changed the oil twice this year which helps temporarily but it won't last much longer. Interested in whatever you can send me. Can you get parts directly from Honda?
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Before you yank out that gearbox, you might want to consider adding a few things to see if they help. If I were doing this again I would hae installed a Hayden 678 cooler (which I will do shortly) along with the Mangefine filter (which I did a few years ago, and it helped dramatically). Service the transmission one more time to see if it helps.

    By the way, a freshly rebuilt transaxle (part B7TA) holds just over 6 quarts of fluid when completely rebuilt, so a servicing replaces about 50% of the fluid. This is better then most GM transmissions by a long shot.

    Let me know what happens when you add the above items. I think they will by you at least another year of driving. Then we can talk about the rebuild, likely through another medium or I might be able to do a website about it.
  • Thank you for the information, this site and your contribution has been really helpful.
    I serviced the transmission with synthetic, added a additive called Seafoam and cleared the code. So far - so good. It's amazing the abuse a trans can take with old fluid in it, people never think about that oil until thinks start to act up. Thanks again.
  • I am facing my first replacement/repair it seems. My 2005 honda od growls/grunts/groans at low rpms and hunts at certain speeds if not pushing the gas much; 35-40, 65-70.

    I must ask, what wording did you use exactly to convince honda to change out 3 of your transmissions? Any other advice other than sell at 100k?

    Thank you, Thomas.
  • I also have 2001 Odyssey and it just reached 60K miles last week, and the two lights became on recently. I sent my car to do the transmission service last week, which did not help too much!

    After read all the messages here about Replacement Transmission, I was very sad about these news. This is my first Honda car. Also, I am the first owner. I just called the Honda dealer today, and what I got was: "Sorry! Your warranty is expired, we could not do anything about this issue." I really don't know what I should do so far. Just spent about $ 4000~5000 in getting a new transmission in the dealer? Or find other store to fix the problem?
  • Personally I would spend the money on a Jasper transmission. They have a great warranty. Note that you will pay more money for that brand but not as much as you would at the dealership. My 2004 Odyssey tranny went out this past August. I went to an AAMCO dealer and am starting to regret my decision. The van still shudders @ 45 mph at 1200 RPM's. I've had it back to them twice and they keep telling me there's nothing wrong. I've got a 12,000 mile/12-month warranty on it and am hoping the tranny falls out soon!

    Hang in there. Other than the tranny issues (which is a huge issue) I have really enjoyed my Odyssey
  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 221
    That's all great & good on a Jasoer transmssion in the USA but where would they be located in Canada.
  • fuvangfuvang Posts: 6
    Look folks, I got lucky I think. I changed the transmission fluid myself and my van stopped shaking. I have a brother in law who is a mechanic and says the torque converter box is very sensitive. So if you haven't changed the transmission fluid or have had the Honda shop done it, do it yourself one more time. It cost only a little over $30. Once you change it, it may make a difference. Worth $30. Plus don't trust Honda shop... the Honda shop in Asheboro, NC told my wife it was a mount bracket broken and would cost over $1000 to fix, plus they will service the transmission fluid... I didn't trust them, just serviced the transmission fluid myself, took 1 hour b/c engine was hot, ta da, fixed... good luck to all and if you don't know how to change it, let me know, very simple.. if you can change a tire, you can do this...
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    These transmissions need to be kept clean and cool. Although the newer models have a serviceable filter, I would still recommend putting a redundancy in the system in the form or another filter. Also, remember that as those filters get used and begin to clog up you can have pressure drops in the system which can lead to all sorts of problems. Install a cooler as well. You can put in a nice one for less than $100.
  • cfdadecfdade Posts: 1
    2000 Ody 105K miles,1-owner. Oil, easy maintenance done by me, rest by mech/dealer. Engine light on, then TCS light lit on way home from tire rot/bal, Next morning, the shudder started when shifting or 3000rpm. Codes P1456 & P1259. Mech replaced faulty LF wheel sensor & LF wheel bearings...right & rear checked fine. Problem is lights still wants $100 to check...and I know tranny is going. Honda says regardless of my maintenence records, I'm out of 7yr/109K warranty and out-of-luck. Anyone try the tranny fluid service? OR the after-market cooler? Did it work? For how long? And...did the dreaded lights go out?

    Selling with known issues an integrity issue. Spending $2-3K for a vehicle with repetitive issues seems ill-advised. Thank you
  • Our 2001 Odyssey with 78000 miles had the same P0740 code. The dealer wants over $5000 to replace the transmission. The dealer contacted Honda for "good will" assistance, which was denied.

    Would you tell me who specifically you wrote to at Honda to appeal? I'd certainly appreciate it.

    Thank you.
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