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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    Ok guess I'm closing in on the solution to my looking at a website that sells all kinds of a/t items I found all the external filters listed for the Hondas and according to this, our 2003 Odyssey doesn't have an external a/t filter...just the 05 to 06's and the HOnda Accords V6's from 03 and up.
    Mystery I'm looking at the Magnafine filter products to add to my Odyssey a/t time bomb.


    Price: $5.71


    ACCORD V6 (03-UP), ODYSSEY (05-06)
  • I have an opportunity to buy a 2002 Odyseey, with 75k miles for $5k. It sounds like a good deal, but I'm worried about the transmission problems I have been hearing about. It has been owned by a retired guy, who frequents my aunt and uncles hardware store. I have not seen it yet, but it sounds like a very nice, clean van. I just don't want to buy it and then have to fix the transmission for thousands of dollars. Would you buy it?
  • I bought a 2001 Odyssey a year ago that had 75,000 miles on it. It was a single owner, all maintenance done at the dealership, owner said he never had any problems with the transmission, etc. One year later and now at 87,000 miles and I've begun to have transmission problems. In fact I am dropping it off tomorrow to get rebuilt at a cost of $2500-$3000. I thought I would be one of the people out there that didn't have problems, but sure enough I did. The local transmission shops that I talked to all say it's the same issue where the torque converter breaks down and pieces of the lining material clog things up. I could probably wait a little while on getting mine fixed as it's only slipping a bit, but I need to take it out of state for a long holiday trip and I need a good reliable vehicle - that's why I bought it, so I am biting the bullet and getting it fixed. Other than that, I am very happy with it and expect to have it for some time. I am willing to spend the money on the transmission, which will be the most expensive car repair I have ever had, because I think the van will be more reliable now and at least I know that the transmission issue has been addressed and shouldn't be a problem in the future. Transmission shop is giving me a 2 year, 24K mile warranty too. Hope this helps.
  • That helps a lot, thank you. Right now we have a 1999 Camry and a 1999 Chevy Prizm (aka Toyota Corolla). They have both been excellent cars. We need a van, since we have three kids. However, I would hate to give up the reliablity I have enjoyed thus far for expensive repairs. Thanks.
  • Remember: Free advise if often worth what you pay for it. But,,,2002 Odysseys were notorious for transmission problems. this one may have been replaced or repaired, there should be a record. You could have it inspected by a transmission shop like Cottman. At least have the transmission fluid drained and inspected by someone who know what to look for. 75K is not a lot miles provided all the scheduled maintanence was done. (tranny fluid changed every 30K) I believe there was a recall on 2002 for transmissions; check it out. One other consideration, it the price is right, you could afford to have a rebuilt transmission from Jasper installed and still get a good deal. Good luck; tread lightly!
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    Thank you for your question. The Valvoline MaxLife Dex/Merc ATF is completely compatible with the Honda ATF Z-1 fluid used in your Odyssey. This product has been used in millions of Honda transmissions across the country, with no slipping issues. Valvoline stands behind the use of the MaxLife Dex/Merc ATF 100% for any Honda transmission requiring Honda ATF Z-1.
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  • The Honda Odyssey 2001 extended their warranty to 107,000 miles because of known transmission issues. If your mileage is below 107,000 miles, please go to the Honda dealership. You may not have to pay a dime to get this fixed.
  • I have 2003 Honda Odyssey. I had similar problem a month back with transmission (Oct'2010). It thought the transmission was not smooth.
    Gears were slipping. Few times I punched the gas, the rpms go up, but it takes a while for it to get into gear.
    So I showed to a NJ dealer (Open Road Honda). They advised me to fix something in transmission and also asked me to do timing belt package, which I did.
    It did cost me around 2500$. A month later (Nov'2010) my automatic transmission failed. The car stopped in mid of the road when I was driving with me and family with Flashing 'D' light and check engine light on. I had to tow in the vehicle to the same dealer on Black Friday (11/26/2010). Now today dealer called me and told I have to spent around 5000$ to fix the car after loyal customer discount.
    The error code which he mentioned to me are >>
    P0730-automatic transmission need to be replaced
    P0845-There is problem with 3rd gear pressure issue
    I checked online and my car is in the list of RECALL for 'Automatic Transmission'.
    I have 120K on my car. I called Honda company they told me the vehicle is not on under warranty and so they cannot help. Dealer did not fix the issue earlier when I had shown the car to him for transmission related issues. Now he is asking 4700$ to fix the same as now Check engine light is on.
    Not sure should I blame the Company , the dealer or myself. :-)
  • Talk to a lawyer b/c the dealer should have fixed what you brought in.. especially you had them fixed it... what they didn't fix.... and told you they did... sounds like a good case to talk to a lawyer..
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    There is enough blame to go around several times on this one. Let's start with the obvious culprit...HONDA.
    They started having trouble with this a/t early on and it wasn't just the Odyssey but all the other Honda line that used the same a/t right up to the Acura.

    For some reason I still can't fathom, when the same parts fail early and the Mnf;er is aware of it, why didn't they fix it ASAP? This same transmission was used for years with the same issues.

    Ask any re-builder about the thing and they will point out the weakness and flaws ...all in the same places. Bad Clutch pack for the third gear, lack of lubrication on another gear that burns up , and a torque converter that turns to shreds and plugs up the lube flow to the entire transmission.

    If you hate hanging around a/t re-build shops, just do a Youtube search for Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems and you will find all the burnt, worn out parts spread out on re-builders benches. Keep on digging with the internet and you will find more forums like this one, with the same sad story as yours. (and mine)

    After years of the same complaints they did a patch up re-call to install a return line fluid mod' that re-directed some lube for the dry gears issues but never did anything to fix the rest of the weakness's in the the trans.

    It is criminal that a company as big as Honda can't engineer a better a/t and get it into the rest of the model years instead of just letting it go and denying their was a problem until the whole model line is redesigned years later.
    Under warranty they were putting in OEM rebuilt a/ts and guess what, with no mod's to the problem areas, they all had the SAME weaknesses! That's not just crazy, that's criminal.

    For a while the amount of Honda tranny troubles were statisically higher than even Chysler mini vans and that's really saying something for an outfit that was supposted to have a reputation for quality.
    Chysler never claimed that High Ground, and 'you sometimes get less than you pay for' was never truer than buying a Chysler Mini Van with their time bomb Tranny.

    But Honda came out with their "Pearl Harbor" line of automatics and the company never had the decency to do the right thing or their Lawyers to admit that they knew about it, until it was too late.

    Their solution is Classic Corporate cold and simple, trade it off, buy the new 2011 "Broke-Back" Odyssey.... problem $olved.
    (for them ;)
  • wmozewmoze Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    At 108,100 the dealer replaced my original transmission under warranty because while we were driving it the TCS light came on as well as the check engine light and it shifted hard from 1 to 2nd and to 3rd. I paid $551 for the labor and they covered the $3500+ cost for the transmission. Now I've got a little over 145,000 miles on the vehicle (roughly 37,000 on the replaced transmission) and it went out again. I took it to a new dealership (I've moved recently) and they gave me a quote of $4100+ to replace the transmission. I've just got off the phone with American Honda Customer support and they are going to have someone call me. Anyone else have a similar issue and if so what was the outcome?
  • Does sound like a good price given the mileage, but the transmission issue is a concern. We bought our 2001 Odyssey used in 2004 with around 25k miles. Transmission failed at around 60k, replaced by dealer under warranty, new one failed at around 99k miles, replaced by dealer again under warranty. We're now at 128k miles and no problems so far, but just waiting for this transmission to go bad, knowing that this time we won't have the warranty coverage to pick up the bill.
  • Your 2001 has the same transaxle as my 1999. Service the transmission at least annually. Install an external cooler and filter. If you do this and don't drive it like a race car the transaxle will live a longer, happier life.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    " 2004 with around 25k miles. Transmission failed at around 60k, replaced by dealer under warranty, new one failed at around 99k miles, replaced by dealer again under warranty."
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    Honda just doesn't get it on this a/t problem, never did and apparantly never will.

    Rather than replace the problem parts in the thing with upgrades that last, they just keep putting OEM rebuilds back in with the same unreliable parts until you run out of warranty or 'Good Will' then the dealerships $woop in for the kill with a/t repair bills worth more than the Van..

    Too bad anyone who is thinking that the Honda brand stands for quality, misses reading these forums first!

    Find an independent re-builder who understands the Honda a/t problems and can gaurantee a proper re-build, or get rid of it, cut your losses and move on. :sick:
  • I just had my second transmission fail on my '01 Ody. Basically Honda USA said "Too bad, the warranty has expired". If anyone has advice on how to get any kind of help from Honda I would appreciate it.
  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    Having scoured the Internet there is no doubt Honda has a real design problem with several transmissions (accords, civics, pilot) in addition to the Odyssey. Replacement transmissions don't solve the problem, as judged by subsequent premature failures. What to do? I plan to sell my 2002 Odyssey, despite its' 67K reliability to date. That's a pity cos it's otherwise a great van to drive, that's why I selected it over all others. I'll likely replace it with a Toyota, which at least has a decent reliability record. Bottom line: NO MORE HONDA's FOR ME. I HOPE HONDA IS LISTENING! Their reputation will ultimately suffer.
  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    Check out Jasper transmissions: Transmission/Honda_rebuilt_remanuf- actured_new_transmission_informations.html Ask them what is the problem and what do they do to fix it. Can't find the link where I read a list of changes they make, but they seem to know more than Honda is willing to tell.

    This reminiscent of my Subaru SVX that similar tranny woes (shared by Nissan Pathfinder, same tranny), and needed extra cooling. Like Honda, Subaru never stepped up to help. And it was a terrific car to drive. Independent mechanical shops thankfully brought out modifications, including a popular manual O/D tranny. Never thought it could be so hard to select a reliable car. The faster we move, the worse it gets.

    Good luck!
  • kazmazkazmaz Posts: 13
    Does anyone know the % of Odysseys that have actually reported tranny failure?
    Also, are failures less common in Odysseys mostly driven on the highway? I'm trying to determine whether the tranny fails in stop-go traffic type driving. At least it's a start.
  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    edited December 2010
    For many years Chysler/Dodge/Plymouth Mini Vans also had biodegradable automatic transmissions that regularly fried and failed. The Indy shops that did re-builds figured out where the problem areas where in the things and came up with a "Repair Kit" that had all the parts for a re-builder to install in the weak spots.

    I had a problem 1992 Dodge Mini Van tranny done with the "repair Kit" parts and I'm still driving it today... December 2010. In a Class ACtion Law suit against Chysler for knowingly producing disfuntional a/t's, the "repair kit" was used as evidence against them.
    (Chysler blamed 'user error' or any other lame excuse their lawers could dream up to continue the a/t farce and deny deny deny) I think they wrote the book on how to stall and fight warranty claims on their a/t's.

    Honda will at least cut you some slack on an OEM re-built if you had a warranty claim, and they extended the milage under coverage, BUT without a re-engineered pile of replacement parts the Honda re-built is just as likely to die of the same causes as the old one.
    Hopefully some Indy re-builders will come up with better aftermarket parts that will really fix the Honda a/t's and not just patch it up until it breaks again.

    I have a 2003 Honda Odyssey AND a 1992 Dodge Grand Caravan, so I'm well aware of the consequences of owning these rolling time bombs..
    For more than you ever wanted t know about Honda Odyssey a/t's look here....
  • I'm also on my second transmission w/a 1999 Odyssey; put in the new one this past June for $4000, but the dealer refused to give any kind of warranty. Now 5 months later I'm starting to have problems shifting out of Park, and can't shift into anything lower than D-3. I think the outcome is that dealerships are making some big $$ replacing transmissions in these things, so there's no problem as far as they're concerned. For those of us who own them, it's a BIG problem. One that they're not willing to address with a long-term solution?!?
    Would you please post the reply you get back from customer support? Thanks.
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