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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • hody06hody06 Posts: 2
    I have about 75000 miles on my vehicle about 2 weeks ago the power steering went down got it fixed over the weekend the alternator went down. Just wanted to find out if anybody else have these problems on this model.
  • Transmission failure for this car seems to be very common, however, Honda has decided to ignore people who have owned these car longer than 7 years and 6 months. Even if your car has low mileage and you have taken the car to the dealer for scheduled services, Honda will not acknowledge their own, well-documented, transmission flaw.
    This posture from Honda does not do any good for consumer loyalty. I will never buy Honda again and I will never recommend the brand to anyone. Feels like I was cheated by the dealer and by Honda who knew of this problem and never told me anything about it. Honda waited until the problem occurred and offered me $2,000 for my car as a trade-in.
    I also own a 2001 BMW that had a transmission problem and BMW replaced the whole thing at no cost to me.
  • jlaljlal Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    I replaced the transmission serveal years ago at 107,000 miles. I was very disatisfied that the recall only covered vehicles up to 100,000 miles (having owned Toyotasand Nissans that ran smoothly to 200,000 miles). Imagine my shock and horror when the second rebuilt transmission recently failed. The cost of both repairs total $6800. According to various mechanics, this vehicle has the internal make-up of the Accord which is a much lighter vehicle. Honda is aware of the deficiency but feels no obligation to make amends. This is my first and last Honda!!! I have friends with similar vehicles around the same age who have experienced the same. We need justice to be served. The Honda brand is worthless!!!!
  • Update... took Ody in... even though it had had a Judder software update in Oct 2010 they said there was a new one out since then and that they'd try that. And, that since this update they've hardly replaced any torque converters or had any issues... I must report that it now drives like I'd expect it to. Very happy so far. Hope it stays that way.
  • maxmeromaxmero Posts: 1
    do you know if there is any kind of 'number' associated w/ this new update ? I have a 2007 Odyssey that I purchased on 3/21. took it into Honda dealer on 4/02 for this juddering problem - they applied a PCM update. Update didn't do a thing !! Is this different from yours ? My van is doing the same juddering at highway speeds & is very annoying. the gas mileage is not what it was on my 2003 Odyssey.
    would love to go back to Honda & try this 'new' Judder software' update !
  • robpwrobpw Posts: 5
    I have a 2005 Odyssey that started shuddering early on but eventually they gave in and replaced the torque converter for free (little over 100k) since I reported the issue throughout my warranty period. The software updates did little help.
    I do feel like at low speed (low torque) the engine growls/vibrates more and is simply not smooth. They claim it is normal but I drove a 2007 model and it did not do this
  • sdsgrpsdsgrp Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Honda Ody. Replaced transmission in Jan2007 when it was 47,000 miles (under 3 yr/36000 warranty). Last week (at 94,000 miles), after driving for 120 miles, the eng revs up to 4000-5000 rpms. I stopped and was able to drive again for 0.5 miles and again the eng speed increased to 4000-5000 rpm and minivan moved slowly. The a/t fluid was black and smelled burnt. I towed it and sitting in my garage. Will replacing the a/t fluid and filter help or I have to replace the a/t too. Thanks.
  • sdsgrpsdsgrp Posts: 3

    What do you mean by you have a aftermarket cooler and you do not tow/row? Thanks.
  • sdsgrpsdsgrp Posts: 3
    How do I install the external cooler and filter? Where do I buy it from or have the mechanic get it from? Thanks.
  • hondaouthondaout Posts: 5
    Good for you! They replaced it because it was still under their recall warranty from 04. My 03 Odyssey has 143K miles and American Honda told me to hit the road. The dealer told us $4,500 to replace. They will not be so kind the next time! My mechanic did the repair for $2,200 and said to sell it and his exact words were "it will happen again, it is a Honda problem". Do your research on what happens after the warranty expires and the second transmission fails. If you want my whole story let me know and I will give you my phone number.

    FYI...My Odyssey was apart of that transmission recall in 04.
    FYI2...Honda dealer just serviced my transmission a week before it went out on the freeway.
  • hondaouthondaout Posts: 5
    You have to be a Honda employee to support them in not paying for their poorly built transmisson! Honda owner's beware of a mole!!
  • hondaouthondaout Posts: 5
    edited April 2011
    Please research the Odyssey 05,06 and 07, they all have had some transmissions go out. With Honda you roll the dice. I am picketing Gwinnett Place Honda as we speak! Do your research!!
  • Correction!
    The 2007+ Honda Odysseys got the newer 5 speed transmission that went into the Acura MDX 2003+, Acura TL 2004+, Pilot 2006+.
    The old 4 speed and old 5 speed had the engineering flaws.
    The newer 5 speed is showing excellent reliability.
    However, Honda programmed the torque converter incorrectly for better gas mileage for the 2007 which was causing premature wear of the torque converter. If you got recalled/reprogrammed early on you may not experience torque converter failure. If you do require torque converter replacement, once it is done, you should experience long term reliability on this new 5 speed transmission and not the multiple replacements you have seen for the others. This is being proven with the Acuras/Hondas that have the newer 5 speed transmission.
  • Oooppss!
    The TL got the new 5 speed in 2007+ not 2004+.
  • sww2sww2 Posts: 9
    Boo Honda,

    I have a 2001 ODY with 70000 miles and having issues. Waiting for Honda to make decision. In your case, who did you "serve" at Honda for your small claim, the local dealer, etc??

  • mdashimdashi Posts: 6
    edited May 2011
    After 131k miles on the original transmission, our torque converter started acting up. When it is very hot out and the A/C is on (increased load), the torque converter stops locking up in Overdrive. This has happened twice in the last year and the second time it threw the dreaded Check Engine & TCS lights. I reset the codes by disconnecting the battery and the torque converter worked okay after the car cooled down overnight. My wife's upcoming 4000 mile summer road-trip made us look at other new cars to replace our Odyssey. Ended up buying a 2012 Mazda5 Grand Touring last Thursday. Best I could get on trade in was $3900 (but still $400 better than Edmunds trade-in value), and the Mazda dealership said that they'd have to auction it as it is too old. But low and behold, my Odyssey is for sale on their website with a Value listed as $8500 and a SALE PRICE of $6999! Edmunds dealership price is $5999 when the vehicle is in Great conidition. I feel bad for whoever buys it as I'm pretty sure the transmission is on it's last legs. BTW, my wife is LOVING the Mazda5......much better handling, better gas mileage, and cool Bluetooth music streaming & phone calls from both our phones and when compared to a new Odyssey EX-L at least 10k cheaper at $22,999 (negotiated price)
  • What year Odyssey did you trade in?
  • boo_hondaboo_honda Posts: 3
    I served American Honda through their Agent for Service. If I had to do it over again, I would have named both American Honda and the dealer. Either they don't communicate with each other, or their communication is limited to coming up with various ways that they can screw with the customer. So many times throughout this whole process, each of them pushed responsibility for something to the other, but rather than working it out between them, they forced me into becoming the middleman. It seemed like every time I talked to someone at American Honda, they said there was nothing they could do and that I would have to talk to the dealer. And then when I would call the dealer, they would say that there was nothing they could do, and that I would have to talk to American Honda.
  • mdashimdashi Posts: 6
    Sorry, it was a 2001 Odyssey EX
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    You should post your lawsuit story here:

    I think everyone would like to here this....
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