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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 221
    I just did a lot of Googling to find your information. I am in Canada; where rhe Honda President is for Canada. In the USA it's a differernt President.
    The site I found has all the information you need.
    Go to honda.htm
  • THANKS , I will give it a shot , at this point I dont have much to lose , let me know if you see anything else happening that will help our case..... :lemon:
  • This is my second Odyssey, both bought used from dealers who are family. My '99 bought in '03 lasted 3yrs and the trans was going-it had only 72,000 mi on it. So in '07 we traded for the '04 with 63,000 mi on it. Perfect condition and history-and have kept it as such through out. No problems for an almost 7yr old vehicle that has 127,000mi now. In the last week, I cant' get the car to shift into drive normally and when I do, the car doesn't move fro about 10 seconds. Shift into Reverse, car wont move. When it finally moved, I hear whining noises. Driving down the road yesterday, it seemed like the engine was revving and I wasn't going steady at 30mph, but felt like I was going to shut down any second. I tried to shift down to D3, wouldn't let me. NOt sure what I was doing, but I thank God that me and my little ones made it home. Husband comes home and manages to get the car to a recommended trans shop where they tell him that it's completely shot, torque converter, 3rd drum and whatever else they said that I can't recall right now. I am about to be $2500=Tax poorer for a rebuilt. Had we had to have it towed, it would've been $3 grand+. I would never take it to the Honda dealer as I would be ripped of to the tune of $4-5 grand. I also will never buy a Honda again-a very hard decision for us as we have always been a Honda family :(
  • My 2002 tranny went out at 126,000 miles. I took it to an independent shop and got a new one for $2400. My ex drives a Toyota Tundra. He had to get a new tranny at 80,000 miles. His best friend drives a Toyota Tacoma and got a new tranny last week at 60,000 miles. Prior to purchasing my Odyssey, I drove a Mazda 626. I loved that car, but by 115,000 miles, it was costing me thousands of dollars a year to keep it running. When I finally got rid of it at 142,000 miles, I felt it was dangerous to drive.

    My van now has 139,000+ miles on it. I took it in yesterday for a new timing belt. The mechanic kept telling me what great shape the vehicle was in and that I should get another 100,000 miles out of it. This surprised me, because I don't take real good care of it. I know the Odysseys have issues, but I still feel like my van is a safe, solid vehicle, and overall I am pleased with it.
  • phu4phu4 Posts: 3
    I purchased my 2003 Honda Odyssey in the summer of 2002. It has about 98,000 miles mostly on high way. It gave me a few minor problems in 9 years until very recently. All of a sudden, the car jerked 3-4 times when going up hill at about 40 miles/h with A/C on the day before yesterday. I never had this before and was hoping that the jerk was caused by a sudden on/off of its air condition. After that, the car started to have difficulty to shift its gears at about 40 mile/h (from 4th to 5th gear?) especially going up hill even without air condition.

    Does the car have a transmission problem? Should I get it fixed or get rid of the car? What can I expect if I contact American Honda or local Honda dealers.

    It looks like 0.1% of Honda Odyssey have had transmission problem. ubles-inconsistent-response-from-maker.html


  • longo2longo2 Posts: 347
    Yes it 'could be worse', much worse.
    You now have 13,000 miles on the re-built and as you mentioned you, "don't take real good care of it."
    For less than a hundred bucks you can have a "drain and fill" with Honda's new DW1 synthetic done on your a/t re-build to clean out any debris from the overhaul.
    I'll bet the shop that did the re-build would be delighted that you want to do it, or it's a pretty easy DIY project that might just give you that extra 100,000 miles.

    I am glad you are pleased with your Ody, even tho the original tranny needed a re-build at 126,000 miles. (Many Odys' didn't make it that far)
  • pbmanpbman Posts: 1
    My 2002-Odyssey ( 108K miles) started giving some serious jerky motion while driving over 45 mph. Took it to the Honda dealer today to learn that it is a transmission issue and the damage would be close $5,400. Any help to fix this at lower cost would be greatly appreciated.

  • autowriteautowrite Posts: 221
    I forgot to mention that the cooler I put in was Tru-Cool #4452 that cost me $226 taxes (13%) included; bought from Sauder's Camping in St. Jacobs, Ontario near Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • ibeplatoibeplato Posts: 13
    have your dealer call Honda and see if they will help out. We got the same price quote and Honda of America offered to kick in $1k. We still ended up getting rid of the van and buying a new one.
  • See if you can find an independent transmission place. Mine cost $2400.
  • What ever you do dont go to Honda Dealer , find a good transmission place that has been around it will be half the money and better warranty . Honda is losing alot of customers over this deal . They dont care ....Toyotas from now on......... :lemon:
  • My 2003 Honda has 115K miles on it. I have taken care of it meticulously by doing regular oil changes and major mile services at Honda dealers. I found out that the transmission now needs replacement. The quote from the dealer is for $4600! I am really rethinking whether Hondas are as dependable as we thought. This is our second bad experience with a Honda. The first one was when an alternator went out on our fairly new Accord (just a month past warranty expiration date) and put a hole in our pocket
  • sww2sww2 Posts: 9
    Be sure to tell your stories on facebook and the "new car buying experience? page on this forum to let people know.
  • .....what is the facebook link?
  • mielandthadmielandthad Posts: 1
    edited August 2011

    After a complete service, we started on a three-week loop through the Southwest in late July in our 2000 Odyssey with 127,000 miles on it. On the first leg from the San Francisco Bay Area down to Los Angeles the check engine light came on; a trip to a dealership service department in Anaheim got us the diagnosis of impending transmission failure. $5,200 later we were back on our way with a remanufactured transmission.

    When we got home I called Honda of America and got the old "Gee, we're so sorry, but too bad." If this is what we have to expect from Honda from one of their top vehicles, we'll never buy Honda again. We had an '88 Civic that had 280,000 miles on it and only ended up in the junkyard after the third rear-ending, and so were really sold on Hondas. No longer. Buy at your own peril!
  • phu4phu4 Posts: 3
    My 2003 Odyssey tranny started to slip. Took it to a dealer and got a quote for over 5K. American Honda provided a "goodwill" help for about $1000. We eventually traded it in. I would be very careful buying any Honda big cars with automatic transmission. Smaller Honda cars seem to be doing fine. I still own a manual Civic. It has been doing fine.
  • I have a 2004 honda odyssey with 111,111 miles and we currently live overseas in England. My check engine and TCS light came on five days ago and since then it has been down hill. It has trouble getting into reverse and now it is scipping really bad in 2nd and 3rd gear. I took it to the UK honda and since it is US spec and has to ship the transmission from the states it will cost 7500 pounds and with the exchange rate it would be about 12000 dollars. We do not have many choices as they are not many shops that will work on american spec cars. We loved the van up until this all staredWe have to make the choice to get rid of the car as it is not worth that much. We are really in a bind as we are a family of six and this is our only transportation. I think we will go with a Toyota the next time.
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