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Toyota Sienna Brakes



  • ealgy08ealgy08 Posts: 1

    So what has Toyota said about your van? Have they resolved the brake problem? Your story is exactly the same as the incident we recently had with our brand new Sienna 2013 AWD Limited Edition. We just puchased it July 3. We started our van and drove down our driveway and within minutes the brake did not work at all - it froze along with the gas pedal. It felt like I was pressing my foot against something really stiff. We then turned left to go up the hill and the vehicle rolled back down without any braking system. The same emergency message came on and I immediately turned the engine off. I waited a few minutes and restarted the engine by stepping on the frozen brake pedal and then tried 5 times to push on brake pedal and finally it released itself. The emergency message went away and I immediately called Toyota. It was VERY SCARY because I had my two young children in the back of the van...luckily this all happened at about 30 km/h rather than 100 km/h. The dealership said this was the first they've heard of it - ya right! They made me fill out a bunch of forms for Toyota Canada. They checked the van and said it was probably the brake booster (I then told him to explain it in normal terms). They were going to let me drive the van home but I refused knowing I have to drive my kids everyday. He then came back and said they'll contact Toyota Canada for more inspection and gave me a loaner car. What is up with this brake issue with Toyota - they need to get this brake problem resolved for all their models before more accidents/deaths occur.
  • We have heard nothing from Toyota, except for a survey that was received for the work done to the van. I praised the people doing the work and the dealership for helping how they could (not my original dealership), but I still questioned the quality of the original cylinder and boost package.

    I do know my written letter was received as I received a phone call, well after hours and it had gone to my voice mail.

    I have honestly never experienced anything like this and feel like a tiny gnat buzzing around a sleeping giant. I'm not sure what else I can do to get anymore from Toyota in terms of help or a simple explanation. We had to spend a good portion of our saved money for our vacation in September to pay for the repair. Stupid things like this always come up at the worst times!
  • snuesnue Posts: 3
    I bought my Sienna van XLE, new, in Feb. of 2004. 160K miles later, it is still a champ with a few old age issues. I TRULY thought Toyota had a lifelong fan in me because of my great experiences. However.... I had the broken weld in the driver side door issue. It got my attention (the clunk was just annoying for many months) when my driver side window wouldn't go down. LH side sliding door won't close on upward hill (so I just push it shut- I'm not paying +$1000 to repair that). The seat warmers broke years ago. My emergency brake just broke a few months ago. I pushed the foot pedal down and it went down all the way and a bolt flew off inside of the car. The shop I am currently taking it to said they had another van, same year, with the same problem. Grrrrr. No recall notices yet, but I guess there is a (shoot. not a recall but an advisory????) notice out on the transmission-popping out of gear?

    Has anyone else had this emergency brake issue?
  • I know its been a while siennaman, but my 99 is doing the exact same thing as you have described, did you every come up with the solution ? Thanks Russ
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