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Lexus RX 400h Tire/Wheel Questions

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
Discuss tire and wheel options and problems here.

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  • varixvarix Posts: 72
    Why no tire pressure monitors on the RX400h? As tire pressure is important to fuel economy it seems a bit weird not to have 'em on a hybrid. Besides I thought they were required by law after 2005.
    One other question...the new RX400h brochure noted that XM radio would be available in February. Can that be added by the dealer to a vehicle purchased earlier?

  • vdocvdoc Posts: 23
    For the last couple of weeks I've noticed what I would call "wind noise" when I'm driving around. It's especially loud out on the highway; much more than I would anticipate from the normally cushy, quiet Lexus. It sounded like maybe a window was cracked open but I checked them all plus the sunroof several times. I took the car to the dealer a couple of days ago and when we took a test drive, the diagnostics specialist said it sounded like "we were driving in a cross wind". When we got back to the shop he checked a couple of things and they are still working on it. One thing he pointed out was that the front tires were wearing unevenly while the rear tires were pretty good. He said that's not unusal in this car but I just had it in for the full 10K service a couple of months ago so at best the tires have 12K on them. He said the tires could be causing some of the noise. Has anyone else experienced either of these problems? Could they be related?
  • dadcatdadcat Posts: 29
    The tires could be causing the noise. I've experienced this after rotating unevenly worn tires from the back to the front on other cars. If you do a Google search for tire roar, you will find many complaints of uneven tire wear on the front tires of 350Zs causing tire roar. If you do a Google search for tire noise, you will find info on that neglecting tire rotation on FWD vehicles can cause uneven wear and tire noise or humming. Cross switching the front tires to the rear may lessen your tire noise.
  • straubstraub Posts: 1
    I am just curious what other peoples tires and pressure are on their 400h.

    Michelan 235/55R18 99V @ 38 PSI is what mine is at. After driving it home from the dealership I found the front tires at 37 and the back tires at 38 so I just inflated the front tires to match. I noticed that the recommended PSI on the door is 30 and that the max PSI on the wall of the tire is 44.

    I am looking to squeak out as much MPG as I can but do not want to overinflate the tires.
  • Lexus ships the 400h from Japan with high pressure to avoid flat spots on the tire. The dealer is supposed to reduce the pressure to between 32 and 34 at delivery. Mine came with the pressure at 44. I called the dealer, and they are the one's who recommended 32 to 34.
  • Does the 2006 model not hv the tire pressure monitor system?
    The 2007 does and frankly, after reading it, maybe wishes I didn't have it.

    Something about after changing to new tires and take it back to Lexus for hook up (?) which probably means $$ out of my pocket.

    Can someone shed some light to this?
  • 2006 400h did not come with tire pressure monitor. Not sure why it didn't since all other 2006 Lexus models did come with it.
  • We have taken our vehicle as specified by manufacture recommendations and at 10,000 miles the tires were rotated. Since then there has been a terrible shimmy and vibration up thru the steering wheel. It is not constant but enough to be very irritating. We have told the service people immediately about this and on subsquent maintence visits we hear the same line "you need new tires". How is it that this started immediately after the tires were rotated at 10K service?
    Now we are at 30,000 miles maintence. The shimming and vibration is even worse now than it has been ever. Guess what the lexus service is saying - ..."you need new tires." How is it this is ONLY a tire problem and not an alignment or steering problem since it has been going on since 10,000 miles on vehicle?How is it a $51,000 car has tires which only last for 10,000 miles.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    I've always done rotations between 5000 and 6000 miles. Any longer than that and you can start to get unsual wear. And when you rotate worn tires, you CAN suddenly get unusal vibrations andnoises with the worn tires in a new location.

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  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    Just did a little follow up with a friend of mine who owns and operates and independent tire shop/garage. Not only is 10,000 miles far too long between rotations, he also tells me Lexus' tend to eat tires in his experience, AND Lexus puts "performance" tires on their vehicles which are going to have a practical lifetime of 25-30,000 miles.

    So I think what got your attention was something that makes sense. Go too long without rotating tires and the wear on tires causes unusual sounds and sensations when they get moved to different wheel locations.

    My gut is telling me that tires will eliminate your shimmy and vibration. Your tire choice is probably going to have to be a tradeoff involving performance, ride comfort/noise, and expected tread life.

    I'll try to stop in and see my buddy tomorrow and see what kind of options he'd advise for replacement tires!

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  • melodywmelodyw Posts: 2
    Have a RX 400h with 26K. I have 50/50 mix of driving around town and highway usage. Have car always serviced at dealer at recommended intervals. Only isuue during this period was a small mention on the @ 10K service report suggesting front end alignment might be needed at next service. Ask about this and they said wait for next tire rotation at 5 K and the tires should even out. Nothing mentioned at the 15K service. Then at 20K service when I mention an annoying and worsening tire noise at 50+ MPH they then tell me the tires are wearing unevenly and I will need new tires soon. I compained and they were supposed to follow-up with tech dept and call me back. I didn't hear from them and got busy myself and didn't call to pester. (bad me) Yesterday at 25K service it's official, I need new tires and the dealer says 25-30K is all that can be expected on tires for this model. Can anyone tell me why the RX 400 gets such short tire life? Also they say I need front end alignment and this is always done with new tires - this is news to me.
  • gog8rszgog8rsz Posts: 5
    I bought an '07 400h in May of last year. It had Goodyear tires. I rotated the tires every 5,000 miles. At around 15,000 miles, the tires started making excessive noise. I first took it to an independent shop where I normally get the oil changed and tires rotated. They said that the tires were "cupping" on the inside and would only get worse. I took it to the local Lexus dealer (not where I bought it) and after proof that I had rotated the tires at proper intervals, agreed to provide 2 free tires (Michelins) if I bought 2 and had it aligned. I agreed. Problem solved. I suspect that the vehicle had been out of alignment from the beginning. The "code" on my invoice indicated that the tire replacement was "goodwill". A lesson learned is that even with the purchase of a new car, it is probably wise to get an alignment right away. I ordinarily get 50 to 60 thousand miles on tires because I keep them inflated to 35 psi and have a rotation every 5,000 miles.
  • flugelflugel Posts: 34
    I am curious as to what dealer and city did you deal with AS this is exactly the same story that was told to me and I documented having vibration felt through steering wheel starting a few weeks after I got the car (LS 460). It had Bridgestone's.

    I rotated every 5,ooo per their suggestion and even rebalanced at 10,000 miles to no avail. Now, I have to buy 2 at their dealership and they will pay for the other 2.

    They indicated that I must buy 2 or they will not buy the other 2.

    I called Michelin (this is what I am putting on as replacement) and they said to first cure the problem before putting new tires on or the same problem will reoccur.

    The dealer can't find the problem. He said that it tracks perfectly straight and when putting on brakes, it doesn't pull to one side. they have concluded that they can't explain why it is cupping!!1 Won't this just reoccur again soon after putting on 4 new tires ?

    Any help will be appreciated. Please send response to my personal e-mail address which is: Thanks. RD

  • The dealer is in Naperville Illinois. I finally caved after a little more research with tire dealers. One interesting story I was told was that during shipment the cars can be strapped down so tightly that the wheels bow outward. Haven’t a clue if anything I was told was accurate. I split the fee for 4 new tires and an alignment. Went for the Michlin brand tire. My car is now better than brand new in terms of a smooth ride. I even increased gas efficiency! However, I will not be taking my Lexus back to the dealer for any routine service and will be documenting all service and problems to CYA just in case of future issues with this or anything else.

    Good Luck!
  • jgeurden2jgeurden2 Posts: 2
    after service at 30.000km the dealer say i needed now tires in the front.oke i did so.
    but now i have an vibration at 130-150 km speed.Sorry i dont know the miles, i live in HOLLAND, and sorry my bad English. The dealer does every thing but cant fixed it. my tires are bad on the inside. I also have new tires now at the back.The vibration still resist. i am sure the cannot solve my problem!!
  • I own a 2007 RX400h with 38,000 miles on it. I am on my third set of tires. At my first oil change I was warned by the dealership that I would only get about 12,000 miles out of the tires if I was lucky. I called the sales person I purchased the car from and asked the same question you did. How can a $50,000 car have such cheap tires on it? I was told the service person was wrong and my tires would last for at least 30,000 miles. That was a lie. I bought my second set at 18,000 miles, as the first ones were bald. Just put on the third set at 38,000 miles, guess I should be grateful I got 20,000 out of set #2! Both sets #2 and #3 are Michelin tires ($1200 for 4). I am selling this car as I cannot afford to put tires on it every year. The only plausible explanation is that my driving conditions include about 5 miles of curvy road daily, the rest of my commute is highway. I believe this must be a design flaw, as every other car I have owned did not have this problem.
  • We purchased a Lexus RX400h new in 2006 and are now going on our THIRD set of high quality/high performance tires.
    The tire wear is very excessive having to replace them in about 1/3 of estimated mileage..
    The car has its oil changed, tires rotated, checked for alignment every 3,000-5,000 miles. It appears to drive fine with no pulling, etc. The tires even seem to wear evenly, just FAST!
    The original set of 60,000 mile rated tires that came with the car literally shredded (you could see the steel belts) at 20,0000 miles.
    Judging from some of the comments in this Edmunds forum and others, Lexus seems to have an issue. Why so much excessive tire wear relative to miles travelled?
  • I have a 2007 RX 400h with factory installed Michelins with over 15,000 miles and no discernable wear. I keep 35 pounds of air in them and rotate every 3,000 miles. Alignment is done annually.
  • about my tires. The garage had a machine that did not function well.The machine that balance the tires did work wrong. That causes my tremble in the car. Now i have yoko hama tires en everythings is good.Simple simple.
  • msj09msj09 Posts: 31
    I am considering purchasing a used RX400h and when I check the Carfax sheets I am seeing that a number of these vehicles have had 4-wheel alignments in the first
    10-15K miles. Is this normal or a sign of poor alignment/tire problems? I am currently looking at this as a red flag for each vehicle....should I be?
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