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Lexus RX 400h Tire/Wheel Questions



  • I have had a 400h since bought new ind 2007. 67K miles, having changed from Michelins at about 40,000 (which I felt was fine for mileage). No issues with the Michelins, but lots of frustration with goodyear. I have a shimmy (left right, not up down) at 30 mph) and a distinct pull to left on braking....have had alignements, brake adjustments all to no avail. I since that the car does not "track" nearly as well as it idid with the Michelins...

    I have had numerous return trips to the independent tire dealer, but he can't see the out of round off the car, nor find any issues!

    Anyone else experience similar?

    Oh and I understand torque, bought the car cuz I loved the 0-60 times, but now love the ride...
  • Regarding the last tire comment, I will update my experience, having switched from the original goodyears which had to be replaced at 20,000 miles, which I considered very inferior performance, to michelins. At 40,000 now, the michelins have held up quite well over the last 20k, and in fact still have considerable tread wear left on them--they are wearing at least a bit more like every other tire experience I've ever had. So, maybe it was more that the OE Goodyears were the culprit rather than the vehicle. Still, I believe Lexus could have done a little more right by all of us who were stuck with those lousy original tires. I definitely plan to replace these with another set of Michelins when they are worn out, but this time, I'll do it myself going to an independent dealer rather than the Lexus dealership. Haven't had any other shimmies or I might venture you're having the same lousy luck many of us did with Goodyear. They'll either wear out quickly enough, or maybe you can petition to your tire dealer to just swap them out now for michelins again, at an adjusted price. It might be worth asking, anyway. Good luck!
  • I have the same problem of getting only about 20,000 on tires on my 2006 400h. After reading your post, I contacted my Lexus serviceman. He said the problem is that the 400h is rated to go up to 160 mph, which requires tha it be provided with a tire with a "V" speed rated tire; that tires have speed ratings from A to Z, with A being the hardest tires, and Z for high speed cars like Vipers and Corvettes. The "V" speed rated tires give the softest ride and meet requirements based on the 400h's 160 mph speedometer. In some states, it is not legal to to change to a lower speed rating tire, but in my state (NC) it is okay. If I changed to an H rated tire, for example, the tire would get more miles and would not wear down excessively simply because the car is a 400h, but it would give a harder ride. He said the cars came with a label (i think he said it was on the windshield?) that said the car had high performance tires limited to 20,000 to 25,000 miles. He said the Michelin MXV4 remained quietest throughout life of the tire. In a way, what he said makes sense because the MXV4 and any other tire I looked at that was rated for this car had NO mileage guarantee from the tire manufacturer AT ALL for ANY car, not just the 400h. Does this sound right to you?
  • I think that is correct. I am at just under 25,000 on my 400h and the fronts will need to be replaced very soon.

    I had a Mazda RX-7 with V rated tires and had the same problem - the rubber is softer for better road grip and a higher speed rating, and consequently wears faster.

    I have come to realize the 400h tries to be all things to all people: performance, quiet ride and gas savings - which is why we bought the car. I think the cost for that is in tires.

    I am glad I found this forum, now I can tell my wife that it is not just my driving that has worn down the tires. I have been getting a lot of heat on that one! (even though she is partially correct). I can now tell her what I learned here.
  • Which are the BEST winter snow tires for this vehicle? Has anyone had problems with Goodyear Eagle LS which is the recommended winter snow tire?


    P.S. I live in Vancouver , B.C. where we are expecting a cold winter spell.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 792
    Goodyear Eagle LS's are all season tires, not winter tires.
  • Thank you for the prompt reply. I'm hoping someone can recommend snow tires specifically as I already have the all-seasons.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited November 2011
    I'm just to the south of you and my F/awd '01 RX300 remains shod with nice comfortably riding, QUIET riding, summer use only tires througout the year.

    Summer tires have more roadbed contact surface area so the majority of time those often better traction than ANY wintertime specialty tire. For those occassions of need I always have a set of tire chains on board, 2 sets during the winter, rears go on first, fronts only in the extreme,..... NEVER happened.

    Wheel spacers all around so rear suspension clearance doesn't interfer with chains.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    You asked for a rational explanation and that's what I gave you. In order to keep your hybrid battery charged to the level that would result in "steller" 0-60 times regenerative braking MUST be used whenever possible. Since regen braking is only available for the front wheels, absent F/awd, your brake pads there might last for 100,000 miles, to the detriment of tire ife however.


    Just disappointed, VERY, that Lexus chose to outfit the RXh for "boy-racer" type mentalities instead of going for FE.

    And I'm still waiting for a Venza/h with that new 4 banger up graded to DFI and the Venza's "new" electromechanical clutch system for implementing F/awd. The clutch could be engaged anytime the brakes are applied, absent VSC activation, thereby more evenly distributing the front vs rear tire wear.
  • Oh dear. I've just ordered a set of 4 Dunlop Grandtrek S6 to be installed this week. (Wonder if these would serve as well as the Goodyear Eagle RS-A during the summer?)

    I was concerned about driving to Whistler during the winter months with just summer tires.

    Thank you for your timely response!
  • babs12babs12 Posts: 1
    I put bridgestone alera s on my car when the micelins gave out . I have 54, 000 miles on them and am still going. That being said. I have been unhappy with increased road noise since I changed. Also, on cold mornings there is a thump as if the tires are square! until they warm up.
    weird I know...feminine perspective.
  • finally discovered this forum. totally agree that lexus is failing our loyalty. I will buy one more set of tires then dump this problem. Too bad for future owner. My fault, I should have done my homework. Not normally a person to sue to solve my problems howerer, I will happily join a class action if initiated.
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