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2009 Honda Pilot



  • I currently own a Pilot and just test drove a CX-9. I transport my young grandchildren in the Pilot and even though the CX-9 provided a good driving experience, the car had two show-stoppers. The Honda has a great deal of storage room, very easily accessible, between the two front seats. When you're taking the kids through the fast-food drive-in, this space is invaluable. But the real show-stopper was the rear entertainment system. When your kids are strapped in and their DvD is over, or they're simply bored with the current selection, Honda's dashboard mounted DvD changer is what you need. A roof mounted DvD changer like the one in the CX-9 is almost worthless - a show-stopper in my grandfatherly opinion. One more point. I know the Pilot does not have memory seats, but as I recall the location of the CX-9's memory seat controls were not on the door, but on the seat near the floor, a location I've never seen before.
  • After coming very close to picking up an '08 in the last few days I am going to go ahead and wait for the '09. There are amazing deals to be had on the '08's but I am hoping for and expecting a major improvement in the '09. I know I will pay more but the new styling should be worth it alone much less all the other improvements. Will be looking out when the concept debuts.
  • I came close to purchasing a 2008 CRV (have a 2004 now), but because of my job I need a larger truck. The current Pilot just does not do it for me so I hopfully the wait for the 2009 will be worth it and not too long.
  • If I may, what about the current Pilot did you find negative?
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    Does anyone know if the Pilot DVD entertainment system will allow the DVD to play through the front Navigation screen if the vehicle is in Park and the parking brake engaged?
  • I think it was knowing a fresh new design was on it's way in a few months and since I may have the truck for several years I want the newest.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    No. it will not. While it may be illegal in some states, there are some after market devices that will let you do that.
  • Interesting question, but would you really want it to? If the car is not running, the DvD player can really "suck" at the battery. I've tried it with my Pilot, like when my wife is in the car with the kids and I have to get something in the store, etc. I think it really puts a drain on the battery. And even if the car is running, is it really worth it? Do other cars offer that "option"?
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    I just assumed that since the DVD is loaded in the front, and it plays on the rear screen, what if there are several options to choose, how can you see them from the drivers seat?

    If we have a 4 year old strapped in the back and she wants to see episode 4 of backyardigans, does that mean I have to get out of the front seat and go to the back and use the remote control to move the cusor to the correct episode start icon?

    It would be so much nicer (and safer not to get out) to just stop the vehicle, (park engaged) and sit in the drivers seat and make custom selections

  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    Oh, yes, the new Toyota Highlander can do that, play the DVD on the front screen while in park.

    The big negative is the DVD is loaded into the rear overhead unit. On a long road trip, it would require getting out and swapping disks.
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    Does the current Pilot have a timing chain or timing belt?
    What do people expect to see on the new Pilot?
    I hope it has a timing chain
  • Does anyone know if the '09 Pilot will have an option for memory seats? I am 5'3" and my husband is 6'5"... We really like the Pilot, but not having memory seats is almost a deal-breaker for us.
  • You cannot order a Pilot EX-L RES (dvd) and NAV at same time. You either have one or the other. Curious that one vehicle will not possess both features.
  • It will have what the MDX has. It likely will be the same engine.
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    According to the Honda web site, the "build your 2008 Pilot" allows one to select DVD i-VES
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    According to the 2008 Honda, build your Pilot feature, it allows the option of adding a DVD i-VES system to a 4WD EX-L with Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™
  • ggombosggombos Posts: 18
    I hope the new Pilot has memory seats as an option as well. I use this feature every weekend when I drive our current vehicle (01 Pathfinder) and it sure is nice. It seems quite a few newer vehicles in this class have it but Toyota omitted it from their newly redesigned 08 Highlander so it makes you wonder what Honda is going to do. Power folding mirrors to make getting in/out of the garage easier would be nice as well!
  • I have found that memory seats is one of those options that they (Honda) use to distinguish between their Acura line and the Honda line-up. Years ago I bought the Acura CL over the the Honda coupe, with one of the reasons being the standard memory seats. My "gut feeling" is that we'll see a slightly redesigned Pilot, with the big "catch" being an available Hybrid. One of the big gripes about the Pilot is it's generous fuel consumption and also it's main competitor, the Highlander offers a hybrid. I have no particular feelings about moving the on-column shifter. Having and currently transporting 5 grandsons, ages 1 to 9, I find the space between the front seats invaluable. Having my AWD SUV perform like my Acura coupe is not a realistic goal. The Pilot is one of the most practical, usable vehicles I have ever owned and I hope that Honda doesn't concede any of the practical aspects for looks and performance.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    What does that mean, timing belt or a chain?!!!
  • texasestexases Posts: 5,424
    we'll see a slightly redesigned Pilot, with the big "catch" being an available Hybrid.

    Given Honda's push to diesels, I expect a diesel Pilot, but no hybrid.
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