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2009 Honda Pilot



  • donixdonix Posts: 16
    the chin technique works! sounds weird but it`s true! it works even 200 meters or more!!
  • tommatetommate Posts: 4
    Hi. I just bought the cargo cover for my 2010 Touring and I also noticed the same thing. Especially, the right side seat belt pushes against the cover when it is being used. I think it is just poor design on Honda's part.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    I have an 09 Pilot Touring and the automatic re-locking power locks drive me crazy. I've had cars that lock automatically before (when started, when shifted out of park, when reaching greater than specific MPH), but most cars with this feature auto un-lock when turned off or when the driver door is opened. I can't tell you how many times I go to open a back door or rear hatch only to realize that they are locked.

    Is there any way to turn this off? It's not my primary vehicle, and as much as I've tried, I just can't get used to it because my primary car unlocks automatically.
  • citivascitivas Posts: 144
    This is a user controllable option. In fact, the Pilot Touring even lets you set different options per each of the two memory/user unique key fobs. I haven't messed with it in a long time and don't have the manual handy -- I know you can change it using that little computer screen that is just below the speedometer and the buttons on the steering wheels. There are at least half a dozen other settings like this too.
  • citivascitivas Posts: 144
    The chin techniques minorly extends the range for me, but not even remotely in the ballpark you are listing. Even with it, it still has the worst range of any keyless entry I have used ever.
  • I just purchased a preowned 2009 Honda Pilot with 17,000 miles on it. Within 2 days of purchase, the screen at the top of the center console started flashing intermittently, typically when the temp is below freezing. There is also a clicking sound that sometimes accompanies the flashing. Also, the headlights will randomly flash brighter, and the headlight indicator light will blink on and off. The dealership is telling us everything is "normal" and that all Pilot's have this issue, which I find hard to believe. It seems like an electrical issue to me - has anyone else experienced this?
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    My neighbor and I both have 09 Pilot Touring and neither one of us have anything like this with our vehicles. The dealer is full of it, push harder.
  • I have the 2009 pilot... Never an issue... :mad: I would love to know which dealer this is. A Honda dealer? :confuse:
  • 2009 Touring owner here: My rear wiper blade has not fall off but it is not cleaning at all. The blade is good (event the dealer agrees with this), the wiper does not appear to touch the glass anymore :confuse: I really do not know which one is worst, having if fall off or there and "working" but not touching the glass :(

    Also, I was told I can not replace the whole wiper (none of them), that only the plastic black part (however that is called, is this the blade? pardon my ignorance on car terms....) can be replaced and must be "cut to order" on all wipers. Usually I would get the whole thing (what I thought was the blade but, you know, they sell those in various sizes in any autopart/walmart/etc.) and change it but that can't be done with this car? Anyone knows? I am confused.... It is 50 in the dealer for all 3. My previous SUV was probably half that on all 3 :(

    I just drop it off for different warranty work and the dealer says they will check out what is wrong with the wiper. I follow the instructions when I go to a car wash. I'll post again when I get more information... crossing my fingers they will fix and cover it!
  • They fixed the rear blade, they had to adjust it (whatever that means and what caused it is still unknown) as part of warranty work. They said we are not the only ones with rear wiper issues... at least we are not alone :blush:
  • Does the 2009 Pilot EX-L have the reverse camera?
  • Yes, the Pilot EX-L does have the reverse camera. It pops up in the rearview mirror, unlike the Touring edition that has it on the navigation screen.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Just curious, what other warranty work were you having done?
  • bbentbbent Posts: 3
    I have a 2009 Pilot that has a vibration. It starts around 40 mph and goes away at about 55 mph. It feels similar to the tires being out our balance, but they have been rebalanced. We have had it in to the dealership several times and they (and Honda) are saying that this is a typical characteristic of the car. The vibration is significant enough that I feel others would be noticing this as well. Is anyone having a similar issue?
  • By any chance...have you (recently) had cross bars added? I had a similar problem and it was due to the bars installed backward. :D
  • Anybody have any recommendations on replacement tires for a 2009 EX-2WD? I got about 40,0000 miles on the original manfacturer Goodyears.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Honda Pilot Tires and Wheels may be helpful.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • We keep having issues with the "back side panels" on the inside of the car... they seem not to fit right and keep popping out of space (leaving visible gaps). This was the 2nd or 3rd time we have had to replace them. :sick: We have a few friends with the same car and none have had this issue. It appears that the last time did the trick as we haven't had to go to fix it again :D
  • joeinvajoeinva Posts: 2
    I'm looking at the 2011 Pilot. How is the highway noise and ride?
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    One person's "quiet" will be another person's "noisy." It tends to be relative to other vehicles you've driven. Take one for a spin yourself, you'll be glad you did!

    On a side note, I had no idea the 2011 was out.
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