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Jeep Wrangler Stereo, CB, iPod, CD, AUX, NAV



  • Hey, I just bought a 98 TJ and am in the process of Waterproofing it (Vinyl floor cover to replace carpet and neoprene seat covers). I'm looking for a way to alter the cd deck to make it waterproof, because I know that I'm gonna start forgetting to put the top up before it rains.

    Anyone ever done this before?

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Unfortunately you'll probably have most than a loss of music to deal with if you leave it uncovered out in the rain.

    The most vulnerable area is around the instrument panel and steering column.
    Most common problems related to water ingress are issues with the clockspring, instruments, charging, and cruise control.

    Best advice is not to go there in the first place, and at least get a bikini top you can throw up quickly.
  • Hmm, alright, certainly didn't think of that. Looks like the stereo is a moot point then.

    Don't people ride their (waterproofed) jeeps in 4 feet of water? I was told there was a way to reroute the air intake to the engine and seal off the engine compartment so you could drive it up to the windshield in water. If true, how do those people waterproof the instrument panel and steering column?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Don't people ride their (waterproofed) jeeps in 4 feet of water?

    Rarely more than once! :)

    It's virtually impossible to seal the clockspring and instrument panel, though I guess with enough time and money anything can be done.
    Snorkles for Jeeps are designed to allow the engine to breathe clean air on dusty roads, as opposed to driving chest deep in water. The Australian made ARB is a good example.
    Extensive and time consuming waterproofing will allow you to exceed the recommended fording depth, but driving in water up to the windshield only works well on TV and in the movies. ;)
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    4' of water and I hope you have some paddles on those tires.

    Snorkels, as Mac said, are for AIR only. You need to also factor in:
    - extended breather lines for the differentials
    - extended breather lines for the transmission
    - extended breather lines for the transfer case
    - waterproofing EVERY connection in the vehicle, including the computer control module.
    - Find a way to waterproof the alternator
    - electric fan. Fans partially submerged have a tendency to shatter when the blades go from air to water.

    It is NOT a tough task, but it is VERY tedious as one missed connection or breather hose could lead to long term issues, especially in the electronics.

    you COULD go with a marine grade radio which will help with water resistance, but it will not be 100% waterproof. Get some water down into the dash and your stereo will be toast, so you will need to factor in a way to shield the back of the stereo inside the dash... or get a bikini/safari top.

    Forget the vinyl flooring. Go with something like Linex or Herculiner for a STRONG material that will also help keep metal from being exposed to water and rusting. Water can get between flooring materials (Carpet, vinyl, mats, etc) and go to work on any areas where paint has worn off.

    Protect the clockspring (between steering wheel and column), the dash openings, and key electronic paths in the engine area and you'll be okay for the casual water and occasional water crossings that aren't too deep.

  • Just bought a 2001 wrangler sport and i noticed that it has a subwoofer in the center console BUT it does not work. I took the console out and got the subwoofer unit out and i see that the foam around the sub is all ripped so i know i gotta buy a new sub for it but i dont even know if the whole unit works period. I tried the radio and a cd to see if i could hear anything out of the sub but there is nothing. I checked the fuse behind the glove box and its not blown. I checked the relays under the hood but i didnt see anything in there labeled for radio or sound system or whatever. Is there a way to see if the thing even works??? i dont know if the amp is junk or just because the speaker is ripped that ur not gonna hear anything?? seems like u still would but it would just sound like crap. I got the whole unit out of the jeep right now but does anyone know how i could test it to see if the amp is bad or just get some sort of sound out of it so i know nothing is broken and i can buy another sub to put in it.....
  • kcspankcspan Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 Wrangler Rubicon. I am trying to download music from my I-Tunes library but it will only download some of the songs. I have less that 6 gigs of music so it should all download. Anuy suggestion how to successfully download my library to the hard disk? I have tried hooking up the I-POD and tried copying I-Tunes library onto a flash drive. I am at a loss. Signed..."no music to my ears"
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Most likely the songs copied are the ones you copied from discs you own. iTunes music, unless you pay for the non-copyprotected version, generally won't transfer or play properly on non-Apple/iPod equipment.

  • tpjeeptpjeep Posts: 2
    I have the EXACT same problem in an '02 Sahara that I purchased about 8 months ago. Did you ever get a decent answer out of anyone as to how to figure out if the amp in the subwoofer box is bad or if the factory radio was bad. Sure would be good to know. All I have right now is lame sound with no bass. Thanks for any reply.
  • tpjeeptpjeep Posts: 2
    I have an '02 Sahara with no sound coming out of the center pedestal subwoofer. The fuses are all okay. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to determine if the amp in the soundbox is defective. The speaker checks out good at the local car stereo shop and I get sound out of the two fronts and the two speakers in the soundbar. Can anyone tell me the jeep/chrysler part number of the amp and/or the soundbox assembly? Thanks for any reply.
  • kcspankcspan Posts: 2
    I finally did get my entire library to load onto the nav system/radio. The trick was to copy the entire library onto a high gig flash drive then then plug the flash drive into the port on the Jeep. I don't know why it would not load directly from the IPod, but the flash drive method did the trick. Every song is now on the hard drive in the Jeep. Thanks everyone for helping out!
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