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Honda Civic Transmission Questions



  • I was replacing the axles thought that I had them in. When I took it for a ride they popped out and heard a little scrapping sound. Put it in neutral and shut the car down. Got it home jacked it up and put the axles back in checking that they were both in . Now I have no gears, no park,no reverse. What could be the problem and how do I fix it.
  • b_a_mechb_a_mech Posts: 1
    Hey, did you ever get a answer as to what the problem was? I have the same issue on my 93 civic. it's like someone pushed a clutch in and you can't go anywhere. shut it off and back on and go...for a little while anyway. Please let me know...e-mail me direct @ Thanks, Ron
  • lashalasha Posts: 1
    I had the same problem. It was a sensor connected to the transmission that went bad that caused it
  • lmoreno3lmoreno3 Posts: 21
    I have a '95 Honda Civic EX, was checking the trans fluid two weeks ago, and it needed one pint, added the pint and all was well. Two weeks later, I check the trans fluid and find out it needa three pints. Car is not leaking it out anywhere, but it does seem foamy on the dipstick. What can be causing this problem? Thanx in advance for any and all advice.
  • I'm stumped. I suggest you call as many transmission shops as possible until you triangulate one with a good reputation. I've used in the past and it worked out for me.
  • kab313kab313 Posts: 1
    Same issues with my 97 civic ex. No issues with transmission prior to this. No noise, dragging, hard shifting etc... absolutely nothing. Car is running great, I stop at the store, get back in start driving and about two minutes in car just won't go. Engine revs when accelerator pushed but just won't go. Like it kicked in to neutral. Put the car in park and shift into drive and nothing. Turn car off re-start and goes into drive fine but only for a few minutes then same thing. Had a "shady" mechanic look at it and he said needs new trans, but all he did was drive the car to diagnose. I find it hard to believe the transmission would go just like that with no previous issues and no other symptoms. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.
  • I have a 97 civic DX, manual transmission. Lately when I am in 3rd gear and I take my foot off the gas pedal it makes a groan/hum sound that may sound a bit like metal. The sound is audible at about 26 mph. The sound doesn't last long and I have not experienced any problems with performance. I'm worried it may be my transmission. I may have heard this sound in 2nd gear too, again only when I release my foot from the gas pedal. Any ideas? I love my car! It has nearly 210,000 miles and I haven't had any major problems with it, only routine stuff for a car with so many miles! Thanks so much! I want to save my Civic! :confuse:
  • I am interested in if draining and filling transmission fluid is just as good as flushing it at a mechanic's shop. I'm figuring instead of paying a shop the extra labor on top of the cost of the expensive Honda trans fluid I could drain and fill more often. Any experience advice would be appreciated.
  • jetawayjetaway Posts: 14
    A drain and refill is good enough.
  • I recently bought a used 1993 Honda Civic DX and it rode fine for a few days, when shifting into gear it was hard, like it was stuck. Now, it won't go in reverse. A mechanic said to try spraying wd40 into the gears to loosen them. Where is it located.
  • Does anybody have any info on a device that prevents the driver from slapping the tranny directly into 3rd (bypassing "D") ? I could swear that my daughter is not making sure that she is in the proper gear placement and is therefore wasting gas.
    No, she is not a hot-rodder, she probably is just not paying attention.
    Any device or other ideas would be appreciated.
  • Please correct my earlier message (#75), it is a '07 Civic, NOT '02.
  • I have seen the correction and I know it is a 2007 Civic and the short answer is "no" there is no device that inhibits ones ability to inadvertently place the transmission into other than D (of course there is a lock-out to prevent insertion into R or P ). Automobile testers have noted this "flaw" in their tests of the recent Civics and I think Accords as well...maybe all Honda products with auto transmissions. Only deliberate attention to which gear is selected works, sorry.
  • Dang.

    OK, so I'll spend some time tinkering in my garage to come up with one. If it works I'll let you know, right after I patent it.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    Does anybody have any info on a device that prevents the driver from slapping the tranny directly into 3rd (bypassing "D") ? I could swear that my daughter is not making sure that she is in the proper gear placement and is therefore wasting gas.
    No, she is not a hot-rodder, she probably is just not paying attention.
    Any device or other ideas would be appreciated.

    Make her drive manual. If she is not paying atention what gear she puts her automatic in, then she is probably not paying attention to her driving either. Driving stick will force to pay attention to the vehicle and the road.

    Problem solved.
  • I agree that driving a manual causes the driver to pay more attention, one is more "connected" to the car than just sloughing about in "D". However, my daughter has not been trained to drive a stick, even though I have been doing so since I first learned to drive. Additionally, as you can see in post # 77, even auto "experts" have had the same problem with the Honda auto. On the rare occasion that I have driven her car, I too, have found myself banging it into 3rd before leaving my driveway.
  • jims5jims5 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Honda Civic w/5 speed. The transmission seems to make a noise when in gear and at certain mph speeds. I checked the fluid level and added a little to top it off but it still makes the noise. Should I worry about the noise and is this something to worry about? Thanks!
  • coopersc89coopersc89 Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    Have a 93 Honda civic with AT trans. I had replaced the motor a couple of months ago and the tranny was out as well. Trans goes in/out of gear easily/quickly, BUT slips when you start driving and as it's shifting, sometimes it does work good though. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hello everybody,

    I'm thinking of buying an automatic transmission 2001 Honda Civic with about 79k. The guy who's selling it told me that he has only changed some soft parts of the transmission when fixing the car but he didn't rebuild the transmission. Does anybody know if this is a serious issue or it's something that can be replaced and the transmission will work with no problems.

    The other thing he changed is the speed sensor which I don't think it's a big deal. The car is priced about $5k. What do you think about the price considering the age etc of the car. Carfax is perfect with no issues.

    It's gonna be my first car and I'm really nervous.

  • ewwcwfewwcwf Posts: 1
    I have a 1988 Honda Civic Hatch 1.5L 16 valve carb/fuel injection technology auto transmission (so it says), when I first turn it on and it's cold I then put it in reverse or drive and the idle wont go down for the gear to go in and the gear slams in kind of hard. When the car is warm everything is fine, the issue is only when its cold. Is there anything I can check/replace to make the gear go in better when the car is cold.

    Thank You
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