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Honda Civic Transmission Questions



  • I got a 08 Honda civic lx 37k miles last month. It used to be smooth during initial 2 weeks but after that when winter /snow started I started noticing an intense vibration in steering and gas pedal b/w 27-30 and 37-40 mph. If I slightly press the gas pedal the gear downshifts, sound changes and becomes smooth. During this vibration the rpm nears 1000. But I noticed after driving for 20-30 minutes I am not feeling this vibration much.

    I took it to the dealer (mine is Honda certified and also I got the extended warranty) , we went for a test drive and I replicated the vibration. The technician said it’s because the torque converter is locking up the gears for fuel efficiency and this is normal for all Hondas with 4cyl. He also mentioned since I am driving slow and steady you will feel this. Finally he gave me the report as working as designed.

    I am wondering is this normal for Honda? Or its due to winter temperature drop.

    Thanks in Advance
  • tonyvoidtonyvoid Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with a honda civic hybrid 2005. did you get this resolved? if so what did you do?

  • splashessplashes Posts: 1
    my partner just had the same problem as this and I had this same problem with my Toyota 4 months ago..............does the noise stop when you press the clutch then start again when you take your foot off the clutch............if so then unfortunately it was the same for both our cars and it was the gearbox going....mine took a while but his went rather quickly

  • I have a 93 civic with a manual transmission that i replaced the clutch plate, pressure plate, and throwout bearings in and it still makes noise like the bearings are going out , so what could it be from?
  • How hard is it to change out the gears in the gearbox for a 93 civic dx transmission.? Anyone know?
  • I've had this car a number of years, odometer reads 180,000 miles. I was driving the car on the highway 60mph and with no indication whatsoever the tranny just felt as if I hit the shifter and it went into neutral. I shifted to S then L and still nothing. When I finally was able to pull over I braked, placed the car in park and then tried to reverse, nothing. The car never showed signs of slipage only when the AC was on and it has always been slugish with the AC on. The past few days have been cooler around here so I can't understand what happened. My question is: is there a sensor on the transmission that could have gone bad? Any and all sugestions are greatly appreciated.
  • I took my civic to the mechanic for service (automatic) - he changed all fluids, brakes, control arm etc - cost me $1500. It was leaking smth - took it back. He changed the camshaft rear oil seal. As I was driving back it wouldn't change gears & just stopped moving. had it towed back to him & found out that the transmission was gone. Is it possible that it was leaking transmission fluid & that he misdiagnosed the problem. Can I get anything bcak from him. It's not worth fixing the transmission. Not sure what are the options. All I know is that I am 1500 in the red & have no car. Any advice?
  • I have been searching for hours online to see if my 93' Honda Civic LX has a transmission filter that's actually serviceable, but I keep getting conflicting reports and I can't seem to find my specific model car anywhere. I really don't want to monkey with the transmission pan if I don't have to so I was hoping someone on here could help me out. My question is this: Does anyone know if my specific car has a transmission filter that can be physically swapped out? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  • Do not get an 06 honda civic!!! So many problems with that year's civic from cracked engine blocks to transmission, and honda will not do anything in most cases. Just a tip to save you money and stress down the line. These problems are very common!! Beware!!
  • 05 civic with 69k on it . after it has done all it's shifting and i am cruising along at any speed usually about 35-40 mph, a shutter comes from rt front, a shutter transmitted down the axle. can feel slightly in steering wheel but hear it more than feel it . not axle , front end perfect , i believe it is either the torque converter or transmission , any ideas?
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