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Hyundai Sonata Owner Experiences



  • vabearvabear Posts: 18
    I am the owner of a 2007 Sonata Limited with just over 1200 miles on the ODO. The dealer I purchased from had to locate the car (I live in Hampton Roads, VA). The first car located was in MD and when the driver went to pick up the car it had been sold out from under my local dealer. The next car was located in NC and brought to VA. The car had 600 miles on the ODO (I was compensated)and all was well until I drove it home and discovered what I believed to be warped rotors. The selling dealers service dept confirmed my suspicions and I have new rotors ( I do not blame the selling dealer or Hyundai as I believe either JR or Smoke were brake testing these cars for the NC dealer). Aside from that the car is great and all systems work as advertised, but I believe Hyundai must make running changes as the model year progresses as some have XM and others do not(mine does not) and some have low tire warning systems(mine does not)and the sales brochures cannot keep up. Note of Interest here, the first dealer I visited sales associate when told we wanted a Black Sonata said "well black is the color of Royalty in Korea and they keep most of them for themselves", and I responded that I did not realize that Montgomery, AL was now in South Korea, and then I took a hike.
  • cabbycabby Posts: 8
    Got an 07 Platinum for about 3 weeks now. I do hear a rattling/draft noise coming from the left rear window when I drive faster than 55mph. If driving any slower, completely silent in the cabin. There is no actual wind draft, just the noise. Also very rarely the dash board makes a slight rattling noise going over bumps. I will take it in as soon as I get a chance for service. Other than that, truly love this car.
  • whisper1whisper1 Posts: 50
    Shame on hyundai for using steel oil pan on the 3.3L engine :surprise: . Specially the 3.3L is used on high end models. Steel oil pan easy to get dents and hence rust.

    Just back from the 1st oil change, did an inspection to make sure dealer didn't mess things up. Noticed the oil pan is sort of not flat, putted the Sonata on homemade ramp, noticed a small dent on the bottom, like a typical dent on the side body, difficult to see. No sure who/what/when did it. Can't find any fresh marks. :mad:
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    You mean like virtually every other automobile manufacturer does?? I don't know if Mercedes or BMW uses titanium on their oil pans (I doubt it however)...maybe a $300,000 Mayback does?? Every car I ever owned had a stamped steel oil pan and rust was never an issue, problem, something I had repaired/replaced or even thought about. Some of these cars went nearly 300,000 miles and I live in the "rust-belt". I suggest you find something more worthy to obsess about.
  • whisper1whisper1 Posts: 50
    My 93 protege and 01 MPV don't have steel pan, and they are not top models. Hyundai cutting cost at the wrong place.
  • What do you expect the pan to be made of? Steel is probably on 98% of cars, with no problems. Maybe if you hit a large rock or railroad tracks, but then ANY material will dent, break, shatter, etc. As a previous post said, find something truly significant if you want to complain.
  • hotrod54hotrod54 Posts: 82
    Honest to God, I used to be in the auto service business...I have seen every oil pan known to man and they were all STEEL. I never ever ever saw a rusted oil pan. ;)
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    My 93 protege and 01 MPV don't have steel pan, and they are not top models. Hyundai cutting cost at the wrong place.

    If you felt it was very important, you could have upgraded them to steel. ;)

    The Sonata doesn't need upgrading... it already has a steel oil pan.
  • Hi, I realize the above post was older, but I have had the same thing happen. I work at a Chrysler dealership partnered with Hyundai. I spoke with the Hyundai tech and he said the sensor work between 110 Lbs to 120 Lbs. So sit with a weight or eat larger meals is what I was told would be the solution!
  • I have had my Sonata GLS Premium (Limited in the U.S) for a month and have about 3100km driven and i love it! XM radio had problem which to time to resolve. Signal wouldn't work so the changed the Set Top Box and all is well!

    Reccomend this car to everyone that wants a great car at a fantastic price.
  • sonlxsonlx Posts: 21
    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to get some feedback and see if anyone has had this issue. I currently own a 2003 Sonata lx with beige interior, leather seats. The Car is awesome in every way but i was wondering if anyone has noticed that the vehicle interior gets extremely hot in the summer. I have owned several other different cars but none got as hot inside as this one. Please let me know.
  • gap8gap8 Posts: 1
    2005 LX Hyundai Sonata.V6 I have had a transmission leak near the main seal, which dealer corrected under warranty. Then had a fluid leak under front of car..Dealer said we had power steering leak, and tightened the clamp. We still saw a small amount of oily substance coming from front of car. Took car again to same dealer, and they replaced a hose on power steering, Took car home, same fluid continued to appear under car, so not fixed. Right after this, the a/c stopped cooling. We took car to another Hyundai dealer. He said we had no power steering leak. He claimed it was air conditioning fluid leaking on driveway. He replaced one of the a/c lines. Two days later no air conditioning and spots of fluid occurring under the front of the car. We took car to an independent auto shop for just evaluation (nothing repaired). They told us we had a power steering leak and where it was. With still no a/c, we returned to the very first dealer and told them the independent evaluation. They told us flatly that we had no power steering problem, but that they would work on the a/c. They did something to one of the a/c lines (I'm no mechanic, so don't understand these things). We brought it home with the oily substance continuing to leak under the car front. The a/c worked for 2 hours then went out. We took car back to independent garage. They are replacing the condenser and fixing the power steering leak. We are paying them $1200 to fix what should be under warranty by Hyundai. We don't know if the Hyundai dealer doesn't have the will or doesn't have the skill (or both) to fix the car. Needless to say, we are very discouraged by our worthless warranty, and all the inconvenience it has caused. We live 80 miles round trip from the dealer we first took the car to. We made a total of five trips there. The other dealer we tried only once was 100 miles round trip from us. Has anyone else had such a frustrating, expensive experience? We will never buy another Hyundai, and wish we hadn't paid $1000 to purchase their extended warranty, which I am sure is pretty worthless also.
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    Sorry to hear your dealer isn't working out. Believe me, that's typical of the entire industry, not just Hyundai. If you don't believe it, check around on forums for the other makes.

    My dealer's service Dept. has been great. Took care of 3 TSB's very competently and quickly.

    Good luck with your independent garage. Let us know if they took care of the problem. If so, I would send the bill to Hyundai USA. They may pay all of it, some of it, or none of it, but it's worth a try. At least they will learn that your dealer's service department incompetent.
  • ray78ray78 Posts: 27
    What is the color of your car? the darker the color the hotter it will get.
  • ray78ray78 Posts: 27
    I have a 2009 Sonata Limited with V6 engine and I am very happy with it! My wife and I just returned from A trip to Lake Jackson TX from Nevada MO. 1645 miles round trip and we used 49.1 gallons of fuel for an almost unbelievable average of 33.09 MPG. Outside temp up to 104 F. Love this car!
  • ray78ray78 Posts: 27
    Fuel consumption should have been listed as 49.7 gallon instead of 49.1
  • eandebeandeb Posts: 1
    We have a 2006 Sonata GLS 4. Not many miles yet, but rather hard miles as we live in northern MN with it's long winters. The car performs well (with 5W-20 Mobile 1) in cold weather (-20 to -30). One thing that bothers me is the need for constant little corrections to the steering. We normally travel without back seat passengers and an almost empty trunk. I noticed that the Sonata steered better with a full gas tank, indicating that more + caster in the suspension helps. I don't believe that there
    is an adjustment for caster (correct me if I am wrong). So yesterday we made a 60-mile trip over less than perfect roads. A passenger in the back and some load in the trunk resulted in very good steering. I also lowered the rear tire pressure to 28#, which besides lowering the rear a trifle helped ease the shock noise of hitting tar strips.

  • I have a 2008 Sonata, the brakes are gone after less than 18K miles of very light driving; the dealer said that they are not part of the so much advertised hyundai warranty; too bad they said. Hey, brakes that do not even last 18K, is this hyundai's quality? It seems so; I wonder what else will be braking soon. I will never, ever buy a hyundai again, and I advise against buying one. Yes, they are a little cheaper than the Japanese cars, but so much worse! My wife has a Japanese car for over 6 years, over 60K, not a single problem with it! Keep away from hyundai. And, yes, their service, at least here in Henrietta, NY is very, very bad; they are the worst I have ever seen service wise, and believe me, I have seen bad ones.
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    Did just 1 wheel wear out that could be a warranty issue. Did you take it to an independent service place to see if you realy needed brakes?

    Did they give you a reason why the brakes wore down so quickly?
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Regarding your complaints about brakes...
    1. no manufacturer, including the Japaneese warrants consumable items, i.e. brake pads or shoes, windshield wiper blades, clutch parts, and possibly bulbs. These items are designed to be used up (consumed) with each use. You may find individual dealers that MAY replace these items once as a good-will gesture (especially if they seem to wear out sooner than expected) but as a rule...nope. What constitutes "light driving"? To you it might be light but????? driving habits play an important part in how long brakes last and I know for a fact Henrietta is very, very close to Rochester which is a typical (read rush hour traffic) so you probably have stop-go driving if you go there frequently. and..
    2. Since asbestos has been eliminated from brake friction material it seems brakes do not last as long in general. I have a friend who owns and operates a small general service automobile garage and he sees his share of brake repairs. It is his opinion that the new material used in pads does not last long. That is, he replaces the same customers brakes on a frequent basis.
    If you are advising others not to buy Hyundai based on how long your brakes lasted you have a flawed argument. And yeah, we have owned both Hyundai products and currently a 2006 Honda Civic. The Honda has had multiple small irritating problems at very low mileage. For example, both rear shocks leaked out at less than 4,000 miles and were replaced under warranty, the front driver seat bottom cushion fabric wore thin at less than 9,000 miles (no greasy jeans or screwdrivers sticking out of my pocket to damage it) and was replaced under warranty. The tires are 2/3rds worn at around 21K miles and at last oil change I was told the battery should be replaced (at my expense) and the car has 21,400 miles. Is Honda better? I wonder.
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