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SX4 Options



  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    That is alright. He won't see your response, because he doesn't know how to get back here. I emailed him and answered his question (it is installed with four self-tapping screws...easy as pie).
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    because he doesn't know how to get back here

    I hope you thought to provide him with a link so he could find his way back. :)

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  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I just received mine, ordered from Someone on another site said it was easy as pie to install. I must be very mecahnically inept because to me it seems hard with all the brackets and bolts. I must admit I haven't read all the instructions really carefully, but I may have to get someone to do it for me. Does it go over the original console? If so, do those metal brackets show? Or do you remove the original console cover? If someone has already installed one, please let me know. Thanks.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    I don't know what console you got but it sounds nothing like mine. Mine simply fits in the rear console cupholder, and you attach it with four self-tapping screws. Voila. Done. Five minutes tops.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I got it from as I said. The picture of it when ordered looked exactly like the one on the official Suzuki site. Are you saying that you didn't get any brackets with yours? Maybe I won't need them. I really need to read the instructions more carefully. I don't remember the other site I went to, but it seems someone else seemed to think the instructions were not too clear also. Anyway the one I have has a metal attachment arm that swivels. Sound like yours?
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Nope. No metal arm. One console with cover and a cup holder that pops out of the back, and four little self-tapping screws that you can easily install with a screwdriver. Put the screws through the bottom of the console into the bottom of the cupholder ()near each of the four little corners formed by the cupholder) and you are done. If you want it more secure, use Shoe Goo or Household Goop. In fact, if you use that, you don't even need the screws.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Definitely sounds different than mine. I guess I'll have to have it installed by a shop. I have another question. Has anyone thought of dual exhausts? I have the chrome Suzuki tip on the one exhaust and I think it would look great with duals. What other muffler would be the same size but has one inlet and two outlets? One muffler shop suggested a 90's Camaro muffler but another shop said it would be too big and would not look good. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2008 Suzuki SX4 sedan auto. I would like to purchase the flip up screen device that the 2009 models have on top of the dash to put my Garmin Navigation unit in. The dealer says it will be an option in maybe January 2009 but doesn't have a price on it yet. Does anyone know where I can purchase one of those at now? Thanks, Gk
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    My dealer told me exactly the same thing. I think we will just have to wait. My question is though, I bought a Magellan. I wonder if it will also fit? Also will they wire it into the dash so the wires don't show? The dealer also said leather and a sunroof will also be options. I wish I had waited a little longer before buying.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    As with anything these days, the product keeps changing and improving. If you wait, you will be like my friend who is still waiting for the right time to get his first computer. No matter what you do, more features will continue to be added and the prices of the more exotic options will continue to fall. Buy the car when you need one, and don't worry about missing out on something. You will always miss out on something.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    yes , you are so right! Unfortunately my less than two month old SX4 sport was nearly totaled yesterday by a teenage girl on a cell phone. Go figure! Any way it held up really well for what was almost a head on, so I think they are built well for crash impacts. I only hope when it is repaired, it is unnoticeable. I hate to think of paying on for five more years and not be happy with it as I was. I really love that car. I am driving a Nissan Sentra rental and the Suzuki is so much better!
  • beth28beth28 Posts: 1
    I am getting a new sx4 w/o the "touring" package...but I'd sure love to get the keyless option that the touring package offers. Anyone know if it can be installed at the dealer, and if it can be, would the quality be as good as factory installed? Also, guesses as to price?

  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    i cant find this info out online but i wanted to ask you owners does the SX4 Crossover have lockable storage, like the Glove box?
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