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Toyota Camry Warranty Questions



  • djm2djm2 Posts: 705
    Good Morning jack20126
    I am one of those people who happens to believe in an extended warranty on vehicles. Every vehicle that I have ever purchased, (either new or used), has had an extended factory warranty. Now having said that, I have either broken even with the cost of the warranty, or have made money on the deal! (Once the warranty runs out I trade the vehicle!)
    When I purchase a vehicle, I purchase the "top-of-the-line" factory warranty for the maximum number of years and mileage. If I sell or trade the vehicle soon than expected, the extended warranty is a selling point in terms of the sale.
    My Carmry will be one year old in January, and at that point I will probably have about 22,000 to 25,000 miles on this vehicle. When this vehicle is three years old, I will trade it for a new vehicle. Note: ---- I also believe in 2,500 mile service intervals for oil and filter changes. Just yesterday, prior to leaving for work, I pulled the oil dip stick to check the engine oil level. The oil was so clean, that I had a problem reading the oil level. ---- (Note: ---- I have never had to add oil between oil and filter changes.) ---- The vehicle is due for service on December 3rd, since I will be "on the road" prior to the Holidays!
    Since I am on-the-road extensively, I have the warranty for "peace of mind". I also carry copies of all the service repair orders. Should something happen on the road, I have all my service records and my extended warranty, so there should be no problem with a Toyota dealer.
    You will read many opinions about the above two issues. The final decision is yours.
    Best regards. ------ Dwyane :shades: ;) :)
  • I bought a used 05 camry with 47k miles on it, anybody know what is the factory bumper to bumper warranty ?

  • You could find out at toyota website but BTB is over for this car. I believe BTB is 3 years or 36K miles and Powertrain is 5 years or 60K miles whichever comes first.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    And you owners manual indicates the warranty as well.
  • I just bought a 2008 Camry SE V6. Dealer trys to sell me a 5 year -100,000 miles extended warranty, and cost $1385. Is that worth it?
  • I just bought a new 2008 Camry SE V6 with sunroof. The dealer asks for $2000 for the extended warranty for 7/100000 with 0 deductable. Then he drop the price to $1600. I wonder is it worth it? Do I need to take it right the way?
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Search the subject on these boards. Many others have bought Toyota policies from other dealers--you don't have to buy from your dealer--for less, much less.

    As to "is it worth it," it depends on how worried you are about a major repair bill after the basic warranty expires. I've haven't had one for several Honda and Toyota cars, and I'd have never collected enough to make them worth while.

    There's a reason why dealers push them. They're a high profit item.
  • I plan to own the car for a long time about 8+ years. I have a 02 Honda Odyssy which has a lot of trouble. The air condition module just failed, and need $1200 to fix it. The power slide door also failed recently, needing another $300 to repair. There will be more failures to come, and I wish I have the extended warranty to cover that.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 203
    You can also wait until your original waranty is close to expiring, years or miles which ever you personally do 1st. Then purchase an extended waranty which is usually around 7 to 800 dollars for an additional 5 yr 100k miles. My nephew sells them, and said he'd never buy it from the dealer. The aftermarket are much more reasonable. My own opinion?....most toyota and honda owners in general never need them. my 2nd opinion?, lol. Lets say some idiot rear ends you, totals your car, steals it..theft....then for the 1st 4 yrs which is covered by your mfg.'re much better off. Because if it is stolen or totaled, you'll never see a penny of the money you spent. Its not like your insurance co. will say...o.k.9000 for the car and 2000 more because you never used your warranty... Some advice to think about.

    p.s. your financial circumstances may change also. You may have a better job or be making more money and want to upgrade, or the newer model is so much better looking that comes out that you just have to have it. Then the warranty was wasted. Invest the money instead and make it grow for 4 years.
  • phd86phd86 Posts: 110
    NO. Absolutely not. That is a complete waste of money. Don't even consider it.

    Instead, take care of the car. Change the oil, check and regularly change the fluids, rotate the tires, and drive like a normal human being, and it will last much longer than 100K without issues. (conversely, if you never change radiator fluid until the engine blows, then maybe a warranty is for you). Seriously, tho:

    a) the car has a decent warranty already; if anything was gonna show up from manufacturing/component defect - it will do so under the original warranty.
    b) IF you take care of the car, nothing else (significant) is going to fail by 100,000 miles. There could be some electrical/wear stuff like a battery, or starter, or coil, that might go, but so what? It won't cost $1600. Some other stuff, like a clutch, is going to go slightly over 100,000, and that still won't cost ya $1600.
  • caazcaaz Posts: 203
    Totally concurr with PHD86. i.e. My bmw 1998 740i has 152,986 mi. I drive it nicely these days..(i used to hot rod it). And it looks like new and drives as such. Ive honestly had a few elctrical issues, and other minor things to change, but maintainence is where its at. I'm so confident with Toyota-Honda-nissan etfc. that if i ever buy another luxury car, It'll be a lexus 460 or Infiniti m45...Those cars dont have electrical issues........ But for the present i love my camry. It'll go forever the way i treat cars. Wax them once a month....wash them every week. Use my car duster morning and night, it Always looks brand new...Then i see the other guys who the clear coat is peeling off the roofs...hoods...etc. And i think to myself..they must have never been taught how to take care of a car. I shampoo my car at least every other month.etc... These jpanese cars will give you incredible reliability if you take care of them
  • I think it is all depends on how much. If they offer you a 7/100000 for $500, I think you don't need to think and take it, right?
  • furrycutefurrycute Posts: 33
    I live in NYC. I am planning to purchase a base Toytoa Camry in the next month or so. Can someone please tell me how do you purchase extended warranties for the Camry?

    What does the standard warranty cover? And what does the extended warranty cover? Where should I purchase the extended warranty from? And how much should it cost?

    I've been reading up on the Accord forum. Looks like you can purchase Honda extended warranties from dealerships other than the dealership from which you are purchasing the car from. And there is a place online where you can buy Honda extended warranty for less $1,000.

    Does Toyota offer something similar?
  • wenhqwenhq Posts: 14
    Could anyone help me on this?

    I bought a used 2001 Camry CE in year 2005. I had no idea about the separate emission warranty until now. I failed my state inspection in MA last year (Setp. 2008, around 70K miles) for the bad catalytic converter. However, i never got the check engineer on. I went to Toyota dealer and replaced the catalytic converter, which costed me $1300. I remembered that i asked the service manager if this is under warranty, and he said no.

    Now (7 months later), I realized there is a emission warranty, which is for 8 yrs / 80K miles. Could anyone confirm this for me since i don't have the owner's warranty booklet? I just checked my repair receipt last night, and it stated as Exhaust System (Front). It didn't say Catalytic Converter. Is the Exhaust System (Front) same as Catalytic Converter.

    Tomorrow, I am going to the dealer and ask for the money back. Is there any chance I can get my money back since the catalytic converter is under warranty?

    Thanks and any inputs are appreciated.
  • elb801elb801 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 camry and the rear brakes were making noise at 29,000 miles. I just had my winter tires taken off at a local garage and asked them to look at them. They told me after that they were pretty bad and the warranty should cover them as it is not normal and they should not be like that with 29,000. Will I have a problem getting this covered at the dealership?
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Well, "pretty bad" doesn't say very much, and brakes are a wear item. So unless there's some obvious defect, I think it would be somewhat difficult to have the problem covered under warranty. But this shouldn't stop you from at least trying.
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