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Volvo C70 Owners - Meet the Members

Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
edited March 6 in Volvo
Introduce yourselves here.





  • I'm erisaman, resident in the UK and a keen follower of the C70 forums hosted here. I'm about to purchase my very first Volvo (43 years after qualifying to drive - well, I'm working my way through the alphabet!!) and am looking forward to my newly ordered C70 T5 due for delivery in the New Year.

    I have thanked the contributors to the previous forum and now look forward to further interesting and informative discussions thru the coming winter months.

    Good luck to one and all - safe and happy motoring.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89

    I am 44 years old, living in France and got my blue celestial, brown cacao leather seats and light grey interior C70 few weeks ago. I posted many pictures on the forum already. I have the D5 2.4L turbo diesel engine and summum configuration (the highest). It is my first Volvo car.

    C70 D5 Summum
  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    I live in Wisconsin, 61 years old. My C70 should be here next week. It will be my first Volvo. Flint grey, quartz interior, manual transmission, all 3 packages offered here, and the back up warning system. Just hope the car handles well in snow, it will be my only vehicle. I like the wood trim on your car lemenn, wish it was offered here. Last time I said that I was blasted by someone else's post - in case you read the negative comments - I just want you to know that the poster is an EOS owner who entertains himself on the Volvo boards.
  • My C70 arrived at Port Hueneme on the 18th, and as of last night it cleared customs. I am eagerly waiting for it to arrive at the dealer hopefully next week. Mine is Celestial Blue with the off black interior. My wife and I took delivery in Goteborg on 9/6/06 and drove it for three days before returning to the ODC. Hopefully the weather will allow us to drive around with the top down for a few days before the rains set in.
  • It's good to see the familiar names appearing on this new thread - and yes, we know the Eos owner to whom you refer, as long as he knows that he entertains no-one other than himself.

    I too am 61 years old - what does that tell others about us - or about the Volvo C70?

    Good luck with your expected delivery - I wish you many hours and many miles of good motoring.
  • lemennlemenn Posts: 89
    Hi Blamb3,

    Thanks for the support about the my choice for the wood trim.
    I even did not reply to the person's critics you are mentioning, I knew he was pro EOS.

    Like I said to erisaman we have a saying that says you should never talk about colors and tastes (it is too personnal).

    I am sure you are impatient to receive your car.

    Enjoy it.
  • I have enjoyed reading this forum over the last couple of months as I await delivery in late December. I am 29 yrs old from Arlington, VA. I have ordered the Flint Grey w/ off black leather, Mirzam wheels, navigation, manual transmission. I ordered in early July so the anticipation has been buiding each day I read these posts.
  • curemecureme Posts: 15
    First off, thank you to everyone for all of the great discussions and information. It was invaluable when I was making my decision to purchase this car.

    I've been hanging out for a while now patiently waiting for my car to arrive. Originally had an '06 reserved in the first batch my dealer was getting, but really wanted the AUX input (and figured it couldn't hurt to wait just in case there were any issues with the initial cars). After changing my mind on the color of the car three times (first silver and then red), I finally saw a Celestial Blue on the road and fell in love with the color. My Celestial Blue w/ off black leather and loaded except for navigation is supposed to arrive in port around November 30 so hopefully I'll have a nice holiday present for myself.

    Keep posting the pictures - it's the highlight of my day.
  • Just picked up my 07 this afternoon with Celestial Blue w/off black interior with the nav system, bluetooth, rear seat covers, and the windscreen. It took thirty seven days to get to me from Gothenburg; much quicker than advertised. It draws a lot of stares when you put the top up and down.
  • Henry Ford apparently once said - "You can have any colour you want - as long as it's black!" Volvo could have saved themselves a fortune if they'd told us we could have any colour - as long as it's Celestial Blue!

    You are right cureme - the pics on these forums really do make it 'real' - especially for those of us still awaiting our babies, keep 'em coming!
  • 35 y/o from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Have never owned a Volvo before but I ordered my '07 (black/black) back in August and expect a December delivery. Ordered with dynaudio, premium pac, bluetooth but no nav system. Have enjoyed reading the posts (find them very helpful, esp. the pics). Still have not seen a real live black on black C70, so I appreciated the photos. Can hardly wait for delivery. I've even changed my route to/from work so that I pass the dealership just to see the two '06 C70s they have on the lot (red & silver). I do like the Celestial Blue, too. I agree with erisaman, pleez keep those pics coming.
  • tom007tom007 Posts: 40
    I too want to thank all for the posts on this forum. It helped me with a few problems the dealer was not aware of, but fixed them immediately upon hearing of them.

    This is my first VOLVO also and is the celestial blue with the Calcite creme interior. I bought it from the dealer just as it arrived by truck. It has everything except Nav,18"wheels, top audio and parking assists. It has the Geartronic transmission. When I saw it unload from truck on June 16th, I just had to have it and purchased it that day. Had to wait three days for them to service it. I really love that car.

    Now for the kicker for you 61 year olds. I am 74 and have been driving for 59 years (Never in an accident) in about all the kinds of cars, but thought the law of averages may get me , so decided to get a SAFE CAR just in case. HA!

    Thanks for the space provided here and by the way, I am in Virginia in Shenandoah Valley. Good luck to you in your C70s.

    I find something else to like about mine just about everyday.
  • "When I saw it unload from truck on June 16th, I just had to have it and purchased it that day. Had to wait three days for them to service it."

    THREE WHOLE DAYS! That's sick! Wow... try 5-6 months. I'm jealous. :)
  • tombontombon Posts: 11
    I am 38 living in the Washington, DC area. This will be my first Volvo. I ordered the Flint Grey with Quartz interior. The car is due to roll off the ship in Baltimore on November 2, four months after placing my order.

    This forum is great. I read all the posts before placing my order and check back frequently. Special thanks to Max with his timely insider information.
  • Just in case no one goes to the now closed discussion board I thought I'd post a picture of mine here too (like lemenn).

    I'm near 3000 miles and still loving the car. I haven't been able to put the top down for two weeks now because its been cold here in the North East. They are calling for temps near 70 for tomorrow so hopefully I can get away from work for a little while and drive one more time with the top down. Just incase anyone was wondering, I'm 39.
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    58 year old male from the Northeast of the USA. I would definitely not have bought this car but for the retractable hardtop. I really was not looking for a convertible.

    I'm getting Stanwict's color combo with the nav, dynamo, leather and Sirius.

    I think I placed my initial order and down payment in earlier July. The dealer is telling me that delivery should be 12/14-12/17. I hope I live that long.
  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    Crossed the State line into flatlander territory today to pick up my C70. I've only seen one C70 in person, at the Milwaukee Wi. auto show, where all cars are displayed sans batteries. I ordered my car based on internet info., these boards, and 10 minutes of seat time in the afore mentioned disabled C70. My brief, but initial impressions. Car is relatively quiet with the top up, love the headliner, dynaaudio is awesome, though from previous posts it might not have been neccesary - who knew. I am pretty convinced from a whole 45 minutes of driving that I did the right thing. I think I'm going to love this car. Tommorrow it's supposed to warm up to around 45 degrees, we call that top down weather in these parts - more later. P.S. This was only the third C70 alloted to the dealership, a fouth is coming in Dec.
  • 41 year old from St. Louis, MO USA. Ordered my C70 back in June as birthday gift to myself.......they tell me it should be in by February 07. I'm hoping it will be a Christmas present instead. I loved reading everyone's messages. I don't think I've ever wanted a car more in my life. Mine will be pearl white with tan leather interior, loaded of course. I'm hoping for a warm winter day to put that top know around 45 degrees or so! John your black c70 is gorgeous! Ride like the wind guy!!
  • I got my celestial blue with calcite interior in July. Have about 3000 miles on it - about 1000 with the top down. Interesting to see the ages - I thought I might be too old at 53, I see I might just be the average.

    Love the car, and always wanted a convertible but not one that looked like a real rag-top after a few years. Also wanted a safe car for those times by kids would drive. I got all of that with this car. For those afraid to drive with top down in cool weather, one trick I learned is to put the fan speed on manual instead of automatic, turn the temp up, place outlets on floor and panel, turn on the heated seats; and with all of this, you can drive in just about any temp above freezing. Well at least if you also wear a light jacket.
  • tmarttmart Spring, TXPosts: 999
    You are right about your cool weather driving tips. Been doing them with my '99 from day one. An added plus though is having the windblocker. It really makes a difference with the first gen. Haven't riden in a second gen, so I don't know about the wind effects. You will get some strange looks from others with the top down when the temp is in the 40's and below though. I assume they're just jealous!! :shades:
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