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  • Hey all...

    I got my C70 back in June, only because someone was crazy enough to back out of buying it. I showed up at the dealership, and 2 weeks later, my baby was home">. Black with the off black interior, and the Dynaudio. And since it seems like the theme of the evening, I bought this car for myself, for my 24th birthday. =)
  • Hello all

    First post on this forum and would like to thank all of you for sharing your C70 experiences - good or bad - with the rest of us.Treated myself in june with one of them beauties , ordered my C70 (D5) initially in blackcurrant with the quartz beige leather , but changed the color to saphire black when I finally got to see what the fruit color looked like...
    Couldn't help but add options as I went through the list and will end up with a full spec car when I FINALLY get it.
    That should be in the course of .....February '07.
    On the Belgian market , the waiting list has reached the full year I'm told so I suppose I should consider myself lucky to have only three months left to wait...
    If important I'm 33 years old , married , three kids and my other car is a Porsche...not.The family car is an XC90.

    cheers and keep these C70 pictures coming :D
  • Hello All,
    I'm a 37 year old in Los Angeles. I ordered my Flint Grey Metallic with Off Black Interior in October 2005 and received it mid-July 2006 (and going with the theme, I had originally thought it would have been delivered in March - closer to my birthday). Its loaded - Dynaudio, 18" wheels, nav and park asst. Prior to this vehicle I owned two V70 XC wagons - a 2000 and a 2002 - which I loved. But I had always wanted a convertible. I have had my car nearly 4 months now and am still loving it. There have been only a couple of slight irritations, but all the positives far out-weigh the very minor complaints. Since picking up my car I have only seen two others in LA which still surprises me... one about 2 months ago and another yesterday fresh with dealer tags. The car turns lots of heads... but most importantly it still turns my head too.
  • I would ber very appreciative if you could post pictures of your Flint Grey C70. I have ordered the same combination and expect delivery in December.
  • I've seen the Flint Grey and it looks good - you may be interested to view the pics posted by maden on the previous forum - the 'Volvo C70 2006+' forum (now read only) and check out his web site as shown on reply #719 (of 954 - I think it's on page 37/38??)

    Please folks - keep posting, it's my only link with sanity at present!
  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    I also have a flint grey C70, quartz interior. It's gorgeous, it seems to have a slight purple tint to it. I'm working every night this week, I'll try to take some pictures and post them this weekend.
  • There have been comments in the past, that the Volvo website in the States is umm, not too good. Having taken a look, I can see what was meant.

    You may like to try - the site is basically the same but we seem to have a few more interactive portions. Our Interactive Gallery enables you to change colours and wheels and then allows you to turn the car to view from almost any angle you want. On the right you will find a menu 'To Build' etc - but also to 'Explore the C70'. This opens a 'book' with access to mini movies ilustrating a few features - nothing major, but if you are bored or keen or desperate etc. etc.

    If you want to view used cars (for price comparisons etc) I suggest a 'Postcode' (zip code) of SA11 1DP - this will give access to UK dealers and their lists of approved used C70s.

    And finally - on - C70 - you will find a 9.22 minute movie entitled '2006 Volvo C70 Convertible Infomercial'. This is cleverly produced and quite entertaining as well as being informative. I particularly liked the portion (about 8 minutes in) where we see the young female presenter in a somewhat different light - I won't say she is 'exposed' as such, but there's not a stitch of clothing in sight!

    Not been much posting on here lately - let's get busy again!
  • I agree with you on posting more. Thanks for the tips on where to search for more info... More ways to feed my addiction! I found a website (you may already know this one) at which posts all Volvo articles, forums, events, etc. that hit the internet. It even references new topics started here on our discussion board. (I may be behind in the times and all of you may already know this site.)
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    Well, its hard to post in a forum for new owners when so many of us are still waiting...patiently...sometimes not so patiently! In any case, we should have ours in January. We are up for the next allotment at our dealer. We have ordered Celestial Blue with manual trans, dynaudio, climate package, windblocker, 17 inch wheels and black leather interior. I can't wait to drive the manual trans because the test drive was with the automatic. Any out there with the manual that can make any comments?
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    We also opted for the Sirius Satellite as well.
  • I have had my C70 configured the same as the one you are getting for two weeks now, after taking overseas delivery of it in September. It drives like a dream. The weather has permitted driving with the top down on numerous occasions, wind blocker in place. With the windows down the drivers seat belt vibrates a fair amount, but windows up not at all. That would be my only minor complaint about the car. I can definitely relate to being patient as we saw our car being built on June 29th. Never waited for anything so long in my life. Good luck
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    Very cool. How do you think driving the manual transmission is compared to the automatic?
  • blamb3blamb3 Posts: 41
    I have the manual transmission and you are going to find that this is a very different car then the automatic you drove and all the differences are positive: better pick up, shifts smoothly, lots more fun - you're gonna love it.
  • Very smooth shifting. Having a stick shift has always been a preference of mine over automatic, especially considering control over the vehicle. Much easier to shift than my 94 Mustang convertible.
  • jtregojtrego Posts: 68
    Excellent, thanks guys. I thought the automatic had adequate pick up but not much fun. Can't wait for ours.
  • empty1empty1 Posts: 109
    I put my initial deposit down in Dec 2005 ..waited thru the 2006 models because I wanted sirius and ipod hook up.... saw the car yesterday at the dealer...sweet.. flint gray with off black interior... :shades:
  • Good luck - been following your posts for a long time (previous thread) so I know you've been waiting for this moment. Savour it - and enjoy!
  • I have a 2006 model and received a recall notice in the mail yesterday. Has anyone taken theirs in for this recall? It addresses the climate control noise that has been driving me crazy lately. I love this car except I wish I didn't get the cream leather interior. When the top is down, it sure does get dirty. I love the top down; even drove it with the heat and heated seats on when it was 50 degrees on Thanksgiving ;) Sweet!
  • tom007tom007 Posts: 40
    I received the recall notice on my car. My dealer looked it up on Volvo Warranty screen for my VIN and it said I would only need the R163A which is a rain shield. They ordered it in and are going to install it on December 6th.

    Someone else said the bulletin was R163 which listed A-H solutions. I will know more next week after they do mine, but they were emphatic that my C70 on warranty screen had need JUST for the rain shield (which was A). As the letter said, your vehichle may not require all of updates so may not take long. I was told mine would take an hour.

    Let me know what your dealer says about yours. My C70 was delivered on June 19th.

    Your dealer can look your VIN up on Volvo warranty screen and see which software etc you may need.

    Hope this helps you in getting R163 taken care of.
  • grsubgrsub Posts: 13
    My '06 C70 was delivered on July 21 and I have not yet received a recall notice. Interesting....

    When was your car delivered, jeepwmnz? if I may ask.
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