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Honda Accord Hybrid Harmonic Drone/Noise Suppression



  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    as I noted earlier, I've only had Honda service work on my car. because it was one of the first hybrids out at the time, I thought it was safer to have someone trained on the car do the work. Even though hybrids are all over now and a local service guy may be perfectly capable of doing it, I have no advice for you. I've owned used cars before, and big money repairs are always a possibilty. If you've tried going up to honda regional to appeal for a break, and don't get one, you're just going to have to find a qualified person and pay them. I would never tell you to keep driving with the drone- it just got louder.
  • I just bought a 2005 HAH and it has some kind of wierd vibration/humming/shuddering between 38-53 mph especially if I'm not accelerating. Also does it sometimes as the car slows to a stop. I've taken the car to 7 places... Honda says to replace the electronic motor mounts ($1700), AAMCO says transmission problems ($2,000-$4,000), and the rest of them just don't know. I'm going nuts... it isn't something you could just live with, but having just bought the car, I don't know who to trust, I don't have $2,000 to put into this, and no one is guaranteeing that they are right. Help!!!
  • Please review the older posts (back to #60's) since quite a few people have had the same experience. Have your mechanic look up TSB-05-006- it is a service report on the problem. When my own Honda mechanic suggested we "try" changing the motor mounts, I did my own research, found the bulletin, and gave it to him. He ordered the part- #06390-sdr-307 "noise kit" and that finally solved the problem. Honda did not issue any service report for whatever their reasons, leaving the service depts. either unable or unwilling to address it. As with everything else in corporatized America, you have to be the smartest person between you and your money.
  • Hi -- thanks for answering. I'm at my wit's end. I'm wondering if my problem is the same as all of these, though... my car is seriously shuddering if I'm backing off the gas between 38 and 55 mph, and also coming to a stop. It only does it when the car is warmed up, too -- which is why I didn't pick up on it when I test-drove the car. Do you think it's still this TSB-05-006 problem? I hope so, because I sure don't want to pay another $1,500 for motor mounts and find that's not the problem. The Honda dealer wouldn't guarantee it. I really appreciate your help!!!
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17

    though it is going to cost you no matter what, the hundreds for the noise kit is less than the thousands for the motor mounts. if you go back through these messages, no one has yet solved the problem with new motor mounts, or tires, or anything but the noise kit. I would suggest you try this first- but also suggest strongly you make some noise yourself with the regional service manager. this is a problem that should have been covered by some recall, and I guess it might have if they didn't discontinue the car. good luck!
  • Yeah, I read a lot of them, and that's pretty much the conclusion I came to, too. I guess I need to go to Honda to have it done, too. The 2 times I've been there, the service manager basically blew me off -- that's who diagnosed the motor mounts even though I had printed out a few of the messages from this blog for him to at least consider. Southern men still treat women like idiots, unfortunately. I really appreciate this blog, and you for answering!! I'll let you know how the car feels after I have it done.
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    good luck....and just to let you know, even in New York, I complained for over a year to service "men" who thought I was imagining it, or being female, just didn't understand my car. I was lucky a new person was hired who kept the car over night- drove it multiple times, really trying to find the phantom noise. even after he heard it himself he didn't know what it was, until I came in with the service bulletin. he looked it up, ordered the parts, and actually checked to see if it was a warranty issue- and got it paid for. it's not just southern men, but men in general who have to stop thinking only the male brain understands cars- especially since most of the cars in this country are chosen by women to begin with- maybe we should also factor in service! ;)
  • Went to Honda today, and took the service manager for a ride. He actually seemed interested in the problem. He agreed that it isn't the motor mounts, doesn't think it's the service bulletin problem (which they have seen before), but might be the torque converter. That sounds expensive.... anyone got input on this one?
  • jayngeejayngee Posts: 17
    again, I find a lot of wisdom in the experience of people here, so I would defer to the long thread on this problem. I did not see anyone who solved the issue any other way than by the noise kit. the service people can only work with what they have dealt with or what honda reports to them, and for the most part, this car was put out of production rather quickly so there isn't much of either for them to fall back on. just being pragmatic, i would think about trying the cheapest remedy first, not most expensive or most disruptive to the engineering. replacing parts and system overhauls will only guarantee that honda, inc. and honda service will be better off - not you.
  • vietviet Posts: 847
    My Accord Hybrid 2005 that my college son drives it now, got same "phantom noise" for years after my complaints to different Honda dealers. Luckily, last time, 1+ years ago, one of Honda mechanics was able to hear it when he almost gave up (as other previous Honda mechanics) after a test drive. He replaced some parts. It costed some $650 and it was paid off by my extended warranty.

    This '05 Accord hybrid used to achieve 29 MPG in city, and 33 - 35 MPG on highway when I drove it. But my son gets only some 25 MPG as a non-hybrid Accord V6. Probably, he drives it "rough" as an (A GPA) college student. This car runs strong and smooth. I still love it

    I am driving a '09 Accord V6 EXL (non-hybrid) now. It runs excellent. FYI, I am owning 4 Accord V6. My other son drives a '03 Accord V6. My wife drives a '02 Accord V6. Still love the smoothness and power of the V6 Accord. After one drives a V6 Accord he probably does not want to switch back to Accord I4. To the latest Accord MPGs are almost same either I4 or V6 (with VCM).
  • jbo3jbo3 Posts: 5
    The growling noise is sometimes referred to as a harmonic drone. I have a 2005 HAH and I had the same trouble. The hybrid engine makes the noise when it shut down 3 of the cylinders. The noise originates from the exhaust headers. When 3 cylinders shut down, the headers become untuned and the noise is generated. The engineers at Honda are aware of the problem and countered the noise issue with an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system. The ANC works using the audio system in the car by creating a 50 Hz sound exactly 180 degrees out of phase with the header sound effectively cancelling out the untuned header noise. The noise is still there but you won't hear it.

    Most dealerships are unaware of the issue or the fix. Your ANC is probably turned off. The fix is to reset the ANC to the on setting. To do this press and hold the on switch on the radio and press and hold the tuning switch at the same time. Look in the heads up display for ANC Then while the two switches are held down, press the scan button. You should see ANC ON or ANC OFF. By pressing the scan button repeatedly the display will toggle between ANC on and off.

    This procedure fixed my harmonic drone but if you turn on the ANC and the sound doesn't stop, your ANC may need to be replaced. That'll cost you because the stereo speakers and the ANC are matched. Good luck.
  • That is exactly what it was-although it couldn't be fixed with the radio thing. I had to have it all replaced-ANC and speakers. The dealer wanted almost $800 to do it, so I had a private garage fix it for $500. It completely solved the problem-although I think Honda should have paid for it and not me.
  • That is exactly what it was-although it couldn't be fixed with the radio thing. I had to have it all replaced-ANC and speakers. The dealer wanted almost $800 to do it, so I had a private garage fix it for $500. It completely solved the problem-although I think Honda should have paid for it and not me.
  • That is exactly what it was-although it couldn't be fixed with the radio thing. I had to have it all replaced-ANC and speakers. The dealer wanted almost $800 to do it, so I had a private garage fix it for $500. It completely solved the problem-although I think Honda should have paid for it and not me.
  • I had this problem. Thank heavens for this website!!!! I took the car to Honda, told them what the problem was, had the service page with me. They test-drove it; insisted on doing an engine test ($50); test-drove it again. Somewhere in there, the mechanic, maybe just to shut me up, disconnected the ANC kit and the problem was over. They wanted to charge me $170, I guess for the time they spent test-driving it. I refused to pay anything but the $50,since I TOLD THEM what the problem was when I brought the car in.
  • Wow... I'm brand new on this forum and joined first and foremost to solve my 2005 HAH ANC issue. jbo3... are you doing this ANC on/off thing on a factory stereo with or without Nav? I tried it on my non-navigation radio and I can't seem to get access to the ANC screen you speak of. I started with car on, radio off, then multiple variations thereof :). Any suggestions? I'm dying to get this fixed as the car I once loved driving has now turned into a torture chamber.

    Many many thanks!
  • Dear lbrown53:

    I have 1 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid with this same problem. The dealership wants $100. to diagnose. Even though I already told him what the problem was. Can you lead me to the service page so that I can take with me also? I searched google for the Honda service page and your reply was what came up. I really believe Honda should pay for these problems, but......when your ANC kit was disconnected did it disable your radio or anything else? Do you know where the ANC kit connection is located? Any help you can give me is appreciated.

    Thank you
  • Hi -- What a nerve, asking $100 to diagnose the problem when you are telling them what it is!!! If you read back through all the emails on this, you'll find the number of the service bulletin. I know the part is #06390-sdr-307 "noise kit" . I just had mine disconnected, and that solved it. You (as the main driver) will probably still notice something at 1500 rpms, but you can live with it. The radio works fine.... I guess they aren't connected. It's pretty crummy that Honda won't do a recall on this, as every single Honda '05 hybrid must have this problem! Are you by any chance in the Charleston, SC area? If you are, I have not been happy with one of the dealers; the other was better but not by much, really.
  • I have the same problem everyone is complaining about and I'm out of warranty. I'm not trying to pay $500 to fix this faulty part. The service Bulletin about this problem that was put out in March 2006 states that repair performed after warranty expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by the District Pars and Service Manager or your Zone office. That would equate to just me paying for the labor and not the part. Probably like $100 - $200.

    I tried doing the reset option that jbo3 mentioned but it didn't work for me. I have the Nav system and didn't see any type of display when I pushed down the power button and tuner buttons at the same time. jbo3 are you playing us?!!

    I'm thinking of ordering the part and doing it myself. There's a dude that made a YouTube video showing how to do it. He claimed to get the part for $262. Its more than I want to or think I should pay but its better than $500.

    art 1

    Part 2

    Part 3
  • jbo3jbo3 Posts: 5
    This is a reprint of the correct way to reset your (ANC) Active Noise Cancellation systemon a Honda Accord with and without a navigation system. My apologies pro posting the incorrect procedure the first time. #97.

    Harmonic drone accord hybrid by rhj88

    Sep 17, 2005 (5:14 pm)
    If your harmonic drone sound is most apparent between 1500 and 1700 RPM try this.
    1. Accord Hybrids with Navigations system: Turn the ignition switch to ACC (1) or ON (II)
    2. Turn the Audio Unit off. (Radio on and Off button, push to off)
    3. While holding down the upper part of both the "CH/DISK" and "SEEK/SKIP" buttons simultaneously, press the VOL/Pwr knob.
    This will place it in Diagnostic mode...DIAG will appear in the upper window above the Nav unit.
    Now while the engine is stopped and while in DIAG mode, turn the ANC ON and OFF by pressing the SCAN Button, you may have to push SCAN button ON and Off a couple times... While in the OFF mode, This will be displayed in the upper window above the Nav unit..... a low frequency hum (50HZ should be heard. While this low frequency tone is sounding turn the engine on and the sound should go away. IF it does your ANC is working and now is reset to the on position automatically. Now drive your car and see if the low frequency drone is gone!

    If you do not have the NAV unit follow this procedure.
    1. Turn the ignition switch to ACC (1) or ON (11)
    2. Turn the audio unit ON.
    3. While holding down both the "Preset1" and "Preset6" buttons simultaneously, press the AUDIO PWR knob.
    4. "DIAG" will appear on the audio unit display to indicate you have entered the self-diagnostic mode.

    NOW, while in Diag mode turn the ANC ON to OFF by pressing the #1 button, A LOW
    frequency hum (50HZ) should sound for up to a minute. While this low frequency HUM is Sounding turn the engine on and the HUM should GO AWAY. Now drive your car and see if the low frequency drone has gone away!

    There have been numerous cases where the ANC appears to toggle off all on its own.
    My car started this drone after only 250 miles since new and with NO luck with the dealership I purchased the shop manuals which describes the above diagnostic procedure. It worked for me. Do not change the order of events. Do exactly as printed.
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