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New Saturn VUE Green Line Owners -Give Us Your Report



  • djimdjim Posts: 2
    Today I was told I need a new ignition switch for $515 which is why it wouldn't start. The battery pack has been ordered and they said it would arrive in Nov. I was given an HHR to drive in the meantime.
    Hey Mariah, you need to give me some type of website or phone number for contact. I can click gmcustsvc all day to no avail !
  • Clicking on it doesn't do anything apart from show you her email address. You then need to email her directly to that email address.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • that is a great question. When does it fall under the lemon law, as i too would like to make a claim. Knock on wood, mine has been running great lately but I live with constant anxiety of when it is going to break down again! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Our '09 has been in the shop for 5 weeks waiting for the battery. The "check hybrid system" light came on so I took it to the dealer. They said it was unreliable to drive from that point forward since the 2 electrical systems were interconnected. They did not offer a loaner, in fact, told me that there were no loaners since it was "not GM's fault but the battery supplier". I had to go postal for about 3 weeks to the GM customer service rep on the phone who was polite but essentially useless and had no information or estimate of how long I will be waiting for a part. They finally caved and offered a loaner at 4 1/2 weeks. This is totally ridiculous. As far as I know my car will be there for another 5 weeks and GM doesn't really seem to give a damn or has made any offer to make things right. They've officially lost me as a customer. I would never drive another GM product.
  • ^ We were told similarly that the car was unreliable and unsafe to drive (we knew this because it died on us and rolled backwards down a hill), but GM wouldn't offer a loaner as it wasn't covered under our hybrid warranty (strange right?). Trying to deal with GM customer service was an exercise in futility. The dealership themselves were nice enough to allow us to drive their service vehicle for a week while the battery was replaced, HOWEVER... AFTER the second recall the vehicle was driven 4 hours before the check engine light came on again! Now a proud Hyundai Santa Fe owner forever outspoken against GM.
  • I have been waiting for the replacement battery pack now since 9/25/10. My check engine light came on around 9/28/10 and I was told it was ok to drive by a local Chevy dealership, the one that GM is having handle these issues in San Diego, they said I just wouldn't get as good MPG due to the hybrid battery issue. Well, then the car nearly died on me one day when I arrived at work on 10/21/10. I feel lucky to have made it back home that day and my car has staid in my garage since then. I want to know when this issue will be resolved and how do I open or get a case ## with GM? Can you say lemon next steps will be to contact both the NHTSA and an attorney. Last GM product ever for me...
  • My daughter's 2007 hybrid vue has been nothing but problems. We had to have the harness system replaced two months after we purchased the car for her. She became stranded in Tennessee. We had owned several Saturns before this and could not see what a problem we had. Her engine light came on in August, our local GM dealer told her they needed to order a battery pack for her. ( Yes, they told her it would be safe to drive until the replacement could be order and arrive) We took the hybrid to the dealship Nov 4,2010 and the repladcement was made. Less than 8 hours after the service, when she was getting off work her car would not start. We had it towed to the GM dealer and was told it was the regular battery and had nothing to do with the pack. This hybrid has been a bad experience, but the GM service center is HORRIBLE. The Columbus, GA GM dealership will not have any busienss from me if I can get rid of this hybrid and a Sky.
  • It was almost 5 weeks but my hybrid battery arrived this week. During the time my VUE was waiting -3 packs came in and were in stalled in Saturns that had been at the dealership since July. On Wednesday (11/3/10) I got my weekly call from GM Customer Service. Same message - battery is on back order - we don't know but anticipate another 4-6 weeks for delivery. Twenty minutes later the dealership called - the battery had arrived and my VUE would be ready the following day. It seems to me that GM certainly doesn't have its act together. Nice people to deal with but DUH!

    I've been driving and the ECO light seems to be on more than I remember but it also responds appropriately to hills, gas pedal action, etc. After reading all the posts I'm a little nervous about going out of my neighborhood. Any one have answers for problems after battery pack replacement?

    I will say that the GM dealership here has been wonderful. No problems with the rental car, accurate information and good service. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another GM car but doubt it will be a hybrid.
  • My '09 Vue just had the new battery installed yesterday after 6 weeks in 2 shops. After waiting 5 weeks we found a battery at another dealership nearby and moved the car there for the repair. The GM support person was polite and engaged but through the process had no real information to offer other than the part was on backorder. We had to fight for a loaner which we got after 4 weeks. She informed me that they are now making 700 per week. There are 22000 cars that will need this battery, so if you haven't changed yours yet, do the math.
  • :confuse: 7-8 months! That would explain why they aren't sending out a recall letter. Unfortunately lives could be at risk in the meantime. :mad: I wonder if that also includes all the vehicles in Canada as Canadian batteries all ship up from the US also.
  • hhr2hhr2 Posts: 1
    I have been a proud owner of Saturn's since 1993. My wife is now on her 3rd Saturn, an Ion. In 2008 I purchased a 2009 Saturn Vue Hybrid. (Which was very much delayed due to a battery recall problem) It's been great until the last 4 months. The first week in September my hybrid caution light came on. I called ONStar for a better explanation. They advised there was a problem with my battery pack. It actually has been on a "low level recall" since July. So low-level, that when I had my car serviced by the authorized dealer the first week in August, he didn't bring it up.

    Well, I took the car into the dealer, and after waiting 4 hours after my appointment time they confirmed the problem. I was initially told they would replace the pack in about an hour. I was then told they had to order the battery-pack and it would take a week to ten days. Ok

    It seemed there was at least a 5 week backorder on the battery pack. The pack finally came in late October. It took over 5 hours to do the recall effort.

    Shortly thereafter to my surprise I noticed my fuel economy had gone down. Living in western PA I never got the advertised 32HWY/24CITY.. I got 30/22. My fuel economy would drop each year when the gas mixture was changed for winter to 29/21 mpg. However, I have dropped to 26/19. I took my car in for service thinking it was the 22,000 miles/28months on my 50,000 miles filter. The dealer agreed it needed to be replaced. Did so. It made little difference.

    This weekend I was with an acquaintance very familiar with what design issues are going on in the automotive industry. He advised that part of the reason for the repeated recalls on Saturn hybrids has been the over use of the battery pack. Part of the recall was reprogramming. The reprogramming involved dropping the hybrid support for the engine. Ergo, drop in fuel economy.
  • 2007 Vue Hybrid, original owner, 60,000 miles. Battery pack replaced a couple of years ago after a recall. Last week I noticed the autostop wasn't working and the battery charge/discharge gauge wasn't showing activity. Made an appointment with the dealer to bring it in. But the next day it was working fine. Cancelled the appointment.

    Yesterday I was on the freeway when the battery light came on. Soon the check engine light. A few minutes later the Traction Control light. Then the ABS light came on. The wipers began to slow down in the rain. I signaled to change lanes and each time the signal blinked the air bag light flashed in synchronicity with it. The wipers were slower and the dash lights dimming. Engine was not running right, but I can't describe it. Decided to head straight to the dealership about 25 miles away. Got another 15 miles and the wipers were barely working and the gauge lights were dim. Back wiper stopped. Then all the warning lights came on. I was about 1/2 mile from a rest area. I was thinking of pulling in there. About then all the dash light went off and the tach and speedometer were stuck in place. No electricity, no power steering, braking was poor, hard to steer, engine was not running right nor was the transmission working properly. I had to keep my foot on the accelerator it felt like in order to maintain my speed or it would die. I chose the rest area exit. Made it to a parking spot. I knew if I shut it off I was there until I got a tow and it would never start again. I turned it off. It wouldn't restart and showed no electricity present at all. I called AAA for a tow.

    About 90 minutes later it was steamed up in the humid car and I opened the door and stepped out. When I stepped back in and closed the door I saw the dome light on and brightly shining. That was weird. Stuck the key in the ignition and turned and it started and showed no sign of a problem. The tow truck arrived within moments. I explained to the driver I still wanted it towed. We took it the 12 miles to the GM dealer.

    Today I was told that it was on recall for the battery pack replacement and all the codes in the memory pointed to or were related to the battery pack. It is on backorder and not expected for a month (if I am lucky according to the service manager who has seen similar problems with GM hybrids).

    I have an extended warrantee that should cover any costs with a $100 deductible. We'll see. My warantee with GMAC also provides for a free rental car if the car is inoperable. I listened as the service manager was on the phone for an hour being shunted from number to number trying to get approval for the rental. Finally he was back to the first of a series of six numbers (three of which were disconnected numbers) and he firmly asked to speak to a manager. He finally got a name and an extension for a person who approved the rental and the GMAC warrantee person asked to speak to me. He was apologetic about the wait on the phone and the breakdown. Said he would call me in three days to see if the repair was satisfactory. I reminded him that the part is on backorder and not expected to arrive for a month or more. He said he would call me anyway to see if the rental car was OK.

    Thanks to the dealer service manager for his kind assistance and understanding. Without his persistence I might not have a free rental car. We will see if the battery pack replacement solves the problem. I have my doubts actually. My sister has a newer Vue hybrid and had the battery replacement and asked why it took them several hours and was told the recall was because the pack leaked acid and they had to clean and repair the pan the battery pack sits in. Well, that wasn't my problem. I looked. There was no acid leakage in my car.

    Thanks to everyone here for their experiences. At least I know what to expect.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "that is a great question. When does it fall under the lemon law, as i too would like to make a claim. Knock on wood, mine has been running great lately but I live with constant anxiety of when it is going to break down again"

    It varies by state, but most states allow lemon law provisions only for the first year. In California, it is more than three visits for the same problem in the first year, or (as I recall) 30 days out of service.

    But again, only in the first year.
  • boot36boot36 Posts: 5
    I had exactly the same issue. I had a loaner while I waited 3 weeks for the battery, everything was handled very well. I went from 34 mpg combined to 26 mpg. The autostop feature also no longer functions. I just finished a 3 week test in which I tried my highway commute with both cruise control and without. After that time I got an average of 24.8 mpg with cruise and 35.6 mpg without, which was mind boggling.

    Then I turned on the car one day and all the readouts were -- and every warning light was on. I also had no turn signals. Later that day when I went home everything worked like normal. I took it to the shop this morning and they're baffled, they said it could be several days before they know what's going on. They also told me that the hybrid system is no longer under warranty. It's supposed to have a 12 year 100,000 mile warranty, now they're saying it's been changed to a 36,000 mile warranty. I'm at 36,128.
  • joncanadajoncanada Posts: 29
    Sounds like they are quoting you the bumper to bumper warranty.

    The hybrid system is supposed to have an 8-year warranty of its own.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    I am currently working with Christina on the forum and am glad to see that you are working with your dealership regarding your concern. Please feel free to keep me informed with any further developments with the fix. I can also look into the warranty information for you, but I will need you to send your VIN, name, address, and phone number by email in order to do so. Thank you in advance.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
  • Took six weeks, but I got my Vue back repaired and it is performing well. The dealer provided outstanding service for us. He called weekly to keep me informed. My free rental car went without a hitch.

    Now I must decide if I trade the Vue while it still is under my extended warrantee and has value or risk a further problem with the battery pack or hybrid system. I have 15,000 miles left on the extended warrantee. I am leaning towards a trade.
  • boot36boot36 Posts: 5
    I'm picking it up today and I'm hoping he was either misspeaking or was talking about another system. I absolutely love this car but have gotten concerned after having so many problems after getting the battery replaced.
  • boot36boot36 Posts: 5
    It's fixed and running like it did when it was new. The problem was that the ground wire bolt on the under hood junction box was loosing, causing grounding issues and forcing to run the engine choked all the time. On the ride home (15 minutes in town, 15 minutes of highway, and 2 minutes of interstate) I got 38.5 mpg again. That's higher than I had been, and much higher than I was getting before. If you're having any problems I would really suggest checking this, I was skeptical at first but it worked like a charm.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    I am glad to hear everything is going well. If you have any other questions comments or concerns feel free contact me.
    GM Customer Service
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