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New Saturn VUE Green Line Owners -Give Us Your Report



  • joncanadajoncanada Posts: 29
    edited September 2011
    I didn't have extended warranty and since I'm in Canada we don't have any such consumer laws anyway, but the Hybrid system had extended warranty so while my warranty had expired, the hybrid system was still warrantied at the time I had the vehicle.

    The problem though was that the hybrid system would cause problems with other parts of the car and GM wouldn't cover those even though the hybrid system was at fault.

    While I could never get a straight answer out of them, what I deduced was happening, is the hybrid system would malfunction and essentially stop working. The vehicle would then start draining the actual battery. When the battery stopped, the car would stop working. In the shop they would replace the hybrid battery and whatever else it broke, and try to change the settings so that it worked more on gas with less reliance on the hybrid system - thus gas mileage would get worse every time into the shop. That's why they would always send you back out to "test." No matter what though, the hybrid system couldn't support the vehicle.

    Warranty wise, even though I had extended warranty on the hybrid system, GM would do everything they could to avoid warranty costs. When it drained my actual battery - they wouldn't cover it. When my vehicle was in the shop for weeks - they wouldn't cover a rental, etc. etc.

    I'm really not happy that GM gets to make **** cars, offer **** support, go bankrupt as a result, and get bailed out with our money.

    I've been driving my Hyundai Santa Fe for over a year without issue and am about to buy a Lexus IS. Wish I could by North American but I can't afford the headache.
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