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Jeep Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • I have a 2004 GC w/ 135K on it. I started having a problem with startup. It wouldn't start on the first go round but if i cranked it 4 - 5 seconds and turned it off and then cranked it, it would start fine. So we replaced the fuel filter thinking it was the check valve not holding pressure. 2 months later, same thing. So some sensors came up on the diagnostics, we replaced those, and same problem. So we replaced the new fuel pump with a newer fuel pump. Same problem and no engine light on. Either the new fuel pump is defective or some thing else is happening.
    Mechanics and I don't know. Mechanic wants to change the timing gears.
    Any thoughts?
  • i have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee laredo its a 4.0 and i have the same problem when i start it the idle drops a little below the 1000 rpms it only happens when im at a stop sign i checked the coil plugs and it has good spark the next thing to check is the injectors i checked the codes it it said cylinder 1 if any one has this problem or experienced something similar please let me know thx
  • Changed the after market fuel pump 2x and now are trying a Chrysler pump. Changed a few sensors and checked the injectors. The symptoms all point to the fuel pump check valve so we will know later.
    Also the mileage according to the display is all over the place but not where it should be. The guys at the shop have been good with all of this and are not charging me for the extra time involved.
  • yort1yort1 Posts: 1
    the coolant tempature sensor will do this. it cost about $20.00 and takes 2minutes to put on. It tells the computer how much fuel to give the engine based on temp.
  • Put in a Chrysler fuel pump and it is working fine. I will remember the coolant sensor for the future but that did not come up as a problem on the computer
  • recently its been hesitating when i get on the highway at around 50mph it starts to sputter anybody has had a similar problem??? and its still has the rough idle motor seems to shake a bit at idle
  • My cherokee will not start. Ran fine one day, drove it home, parked it, would not start the next morning. So far, I have replaced the coil, the bell housing sensor and the plastic plate below the distributor. Still I have no spark coming from the distributor. It turns over fine, just never starts. I don't know what else would be involved with sending a spark, except the computer. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Computer may have lost it's ground. If you GC has factory alarm the ASD will be 'rattleing' for lack of sufficent ground. Under Alternator, attached to block is the primary ground to ECM. It's 2 lg. gauge wires/cables attached to brass like square. Remove, clean plate and block attachment point (threaded stud)with wire brush thoroughly and replace using die-electric grease.
  • Ok my jeep serges or just dies out wile excelorating or at idle. When its warm. I have replaced computer. Alternator batery plugs wires cap rotor fuel filter fuel pump starter nothing so far has worked I tho this has hapened to other people but no one has yet to give me a solution that worked yet I'm asumeing electrical but dono were to start
  • 1944mb1944mb Posts: 1
    This has been going on for two years. 1999 6 cyl Cherokee Auto with 145,000 miles. Starts up, acts fine, pull out, no power...then it surges. Death trap trying to pull out in traffic. It feels like a weed eater that is choked out...still running but no power. I've even considered the transmission but don't know if that could cause that problem. It was rebuilt at about 120,000 miles. Does it when cold or hot...mostly cold. After it does it once it usually doesn't do it for awhile but it COULD.
    We've had all of the fuel system cleaned, new fuel pump, coil, plugs, tuned, etc. No one seems to be able to figure it out. My daughter drives this and has learned to live with it but I'm going to trade unless it can be fixed. Scares me.
    Any help is appreciated.
  • utahgradutahgrad Posts: 3
    Have you tried to replace the crank and camshaft sensors? I have two Cherokees that have had similar issues. I replaced all sensors around the intake(cheap on Ebay) and the previously mentioned sensors. No issues now. On Ebay, most of these sensors are anywhere between $5-$20 as to $50+ in the auto part's stores. Hope this assists you. I know in one of my Jeeps, I would get that weed eating sensation but only when it was hot.
  • cskicski West Springfield, VAPosts: 1,174
    I am assuming that your truck is in good shape, other than this issue.

    I can guarantee you it is an O/2 sensor. Is the check engine light on? If so, go get it checked out. Many places will check the code at no charge, hoping to earn your business.

    My 99 V8 Grand Cher with 133k started doing the same thing. My engine has 4 0/2 sensors, and it cost $600 (total w/ parts and labor) to have them all put in. ;)

    Totally fixed the issue.

    Good luck. I sold my Grand Cher, and bought a Kia Optima EX, so this will be my last post here. Hasta La Vista Baby!!! :D
  • briar3briar3 Posts: 1
    my jeeps doing the same thing did you figure out what to do???
  • i have a 1993 jeep cherokee xj, so when i start it sometimes it will run good for instance last night i drive it five miles without an issue, but i was just trying to get it home, so i got to wondering if i goosed it, if it would stall on me, so i got on it an it cutt of, so when i out it in nuetral it started back up, an got it home no other issues, so today i went out there looking at it an started it up an it started up for a good second an shut off. the belt was squeling, i started it a few times an it did the same thing over an over agin, so i started it up an reved it up to about 3000 rpms until the belt stopped making noise an it ran good, until i put it in drive an it shutt off on me agin so i had to start it five times to move it fifteen feet. i was thinking it was the throttle postion sen, or the crank postion sen. because it likes to do it the most when it warms up to opperating temp. please please please someone help me
    thank James
  • i didnt but i have replaced the cps, an still having the issue, so i ordered the belt tensioner collar from the jeep dealer, cost 20 bucks an the bolt, im thinking its a loose belt. im hoping.
  • wwilgimwwilgim Posts: 6
    it is the pcm power control monitor.i had that problem before.a new one is about 200 bucks.
  • Alternator. Sounds weird, but I went through a battery and the sensor. I replaced the alternator, and that problem went away. I'm no mechanic, was just a process of elimination.
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