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Mitsubishi Montero

Since 2006 is the last model for the current Mitsubishi Montero, does anyone know what Mitsubishi's plans are? For example, they are coming out with a new Outlander. Does anyone know if there will be something similar for the Montero?


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    This topic is a continuation of Topic 465....

    MITSUBISHI MONTERO - Should I Buy It?. Please
    continue these discussions here. Thanks!

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  • Should have been more descriptive. That is on the Montero Limited with rear air controls. Would any one that has purchased this vehicle be willing to shear their costs? I am ready for a SUV again and am stuck between the Montero and the QX4.

  • sriggssriggs Posts: 1
    I broke down and purchased the 2001 Montero Limited. The sticker was $36,800 here in the North. I gave in at 35,445. I'm sure the dealer still got over.
    But it's day two and so far so good. I purchased the vehicle in Baltimore,MD. I drove it from Balti, MD to Edison, NJ. It handled very well. I'm no expert. This is my first SUV. I was going to purchase a 2001 Pathfinder. It's one of the best in it's class. But, everyone and their mother has one so I purchased the Mitsu.
  • I bought my Limited with rear air in late April for $35,600 (before tax & license).

    If you can get it under $35k, that's a great deal.
  • In the review, it says the Limited version can be shifted into an AWD mode. Is this real? I prefer the ease of not having to switch from 2WD to 4WD when the weather kicks up, and the selective 4WD that the XLS version (the only one our dealer had to show) just isn't for me. Can you leave a Limited version in the 4WD mode at all times?
  • The answer is yes! The Limited comes with the "original" 4 wheel drive system which is still state of the art. I can be left in an all wheel drive mode with sensors that shift the traction when needed. Again, this is only on the Limited model....

    Hope this helps,
  • khanamkhanam Posts: 5
    I am planning to purchase a Montero 2001 Limited which seems perfect but for its lack of a powerful engine (i.e. a V8). I am a first time SUV buyer and I am not clear if the V8 is an essential item for a vehicle which will be off-road maybe a 2-4 times a year (Upstate NY kind of terrain normally & once in a while, a national park), never haul a boat and in most instances, would just be on cruise control on highways.

    Enlightenment, anybody ?
  • Mehrgott, IMHO, nope.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    According to the info I have, Montero's AWD can be engaged at ALL times.
  • bprofbprof Posts: 1
    Yep....has 4wd All time, 2 wd low, 2 wd hi, and 2 wd. New Durango does not have 4wd FT that can be turned off for 2 wd like the Montero LTD. That's one of many impt reasons that I bought the 2001 Monte Ltd. And very glad that I did.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    I bought one this Saturday, silver limited. Love it! Well done, you can see good quality everywhere, no chip stuff, nice finish.
  • arsalanarsalan Posts: 1
    I bought a silver limited with rear air two weeks ago. Drives great, though wind noise seems too much. Paid 35k.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    35 k out the door?
  • I hope the first couple months of owning the '01 montero is not indicative of the future...bought my ltd the end of May (lucked out and got it for $31 and change) I've had a sensor leak gear oil, some of the cheap interior plastic break (rear seat belt retainer and child seat tether cover), now the sunroof is sounding just lovely when I tilt it up...

    Other than that I love the truck...the manumatic shifter is real nice on the highways climbing the automatic shifting becomes a pain shifting back and forth otherwise...

    I have no problem with the power...and have taken quite a few lengthy trips with the vehicle fully loaded, a/c on and still getting 20 mpg...
  • I'm afraid of the posted gas mileage on the sticker!!! can anyone let me know what kind of mileage they are getting!!!
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    I have 2001 Montero Limited. Put 3 tanks so far. First tank 100% suburban driving, morning/evening rush 17 mpg. Second tank did not paid any attention. Third tank 50% city 50% highway (with construction and toll booth) 20 mpg.
  • Is it true that the Montero 2001 requires premium fuel?
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Japanese are translating their existing manuals
    into English. The same cars (or engines)are being sold in Europe, both Americas and Asia. Some countries have regular with the octaine as low as 66 and premium as high as 97 (where 97 could be of the worse quality that US 93). There are different formulas to calculate octaine, thats why in the some of the gas stations, on the pumps, formulas are shown. US 87, 89 and 91 by some other standards are considered "premium" class. I am using gas stations with good reputation (at least I think they are) like Shell and Mobil, and always get 89 or 91. 87 seems to work too, however I go for that extra octaine.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Purchased Montero Limited with autoclimate this past weekend. Spent alot of time checking out various other sport utilities (both on the web, and drove everything I was seriously considering in the city and highway at least once). Doing this made my decision relatively easy. I would strongly encourage anyone considering buying an suv to drive several different varieties before settling in on one--Montero was not initially my first choice, but after testing it vs. several other SUV's, it was my personal hands down winner.
    Here are my impressions of what I personally tested:

    RX-300: Pluses: Excellent ride, nice interior except for display in center console, gas mileage, reliability. Minuses: styling: this thing has two ovaries. In fact, it might have three. Looks like a station wagon. Small.

    Mercedes ML 320: This was my first choice going in. Pluses: safety, relatively nice ride, 3rd row seats, black onyx is my favorite exterior color on any vehicle I've seen, relatively good gas mileage. Minuses: Styling: Not as bad as RX-300; I give it one ovary and one testicle. relatively small, reliability issues, interior layout (especially location of cupholders and window controls) and center console less than ideal; price.

    Infinti QX4: Really was pleasantly suprised by this SUV. Wonderful engine, quiet, fairly nice ride But..small, and no matter how I adjusted the drivers seat, I could not get enough head room with the sunroof. Blah exterior..give it no ovaries or testicles--looks neutered (or spayed)

    Toyota 4-runner limited: Pluses: Nice looking--give it two testicles. Nice interior, reliabilty. Minuses:Drove this right after the Montero--this thing is small (only 67 inches wide vs. 73.9 for new montero), rides harsh, Underpowered, overpriced.

    Drove Durango, Explorer, Trooper, Jeep GC limited--took all of thiry seconds to eliminate these off the list....

    Also looked at Ford expo/Tahoe but bigger than what I wanted/needed. (Anyway, would hold out for Seqouia in this class).

    Acura MDX: Would have considered this as well, but needed something sooner. Not crazy about the styling (admittedly, I've only seen pictures) but looks like it has at least one, possibly two ovaries; definitely no testicles.

    Land Cruiser: Thought about it--really like this SUV--but I just couldn't justify the pricetag. Only other minus to me is gas mileage.

    Montero Limited: Pluses: Personally love the exterior. This thing definitely has two cahones.
    Nice ride. Fantastic suspension. Love the interior. Relatively spacious. Advanced 4wd system. Nice stereo. 3rd row seat. Was worried about vibration, drove this thing several times at different speeds and conditions--absolutely no vibration at all. Can actually take this thing off road. Huge Moonroof. Lots of options for the money. Size perfect for my needs. Great interior layout with LOTS of storage space. Minuses: No liftgate. Tailgate window doesn't open. Slightly underpowered. Dealers won't come down much off sticker (but at least there is 3.9% financing). ? Reliability--but made dealer promise loaner (in writing) if any extended repairs.

    Bottom line: There are several good choices depending on what you're looking for. My only major issue with the Montero is reliability--I loved the vehicle enough that I'm willing to take the chance (if this thing is a dog, my next vehicle is a Lanccruiser). Time will tell....
  • Edmund's road test of the 2001 Montero is now being featured on their homepage. Here's the direct link: 2001 Mitsubishi Montero, by Ed Hellwig. Let us know what you think.

    Happy Motoring. ;-)

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