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Mitsubishi Montero



  • dlmc4dlmc4 Posts: 26
    As far as the fuel mileage, it is a little early to tell and I haven't really kept good track yet. The rating was upgraded from 13/18 in 02 to 15/19 in 03 for the LTD.(the XLS was 14/17 in 02 because of the different transmission used)
    As far as the deep discount that I received. It was $7200 off sticker w/ 3.9% for 60 months. The current 0/0 wasn't available yet or was available but for shorter terms only. It would have an additional $500 off if I were a recent college grad but I missed it by a year. One of the dealers in my area (New England)is currently advertising leftover new 02's w/premium pkg for $28999. But if you use the 0/0, its 3 grand more. The deal that I got on the 03 is still being advertised as well.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    with the Endeavor (on paper, anyway), they both seem to have engines with 215 +/- HP, and approximately the same torque, yet the Endeavor is approx 400 lbs lighter in weight...was Mitsu asleep at the wheel???...if their new, lighter SUV has the same engine specs as the largest SUV, shouldn't somebody have thought that maybe the Montero needs 25 or more HP?...just thinking out loud, any thoughts welcome...
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Boy, I agree with your comment on the Endeavor versus Montero scenario. I think the Montero not only needs more HP, but more importantly, needs more torque. At least 275 ft/lb.

    It is the same engine in both vehicles. The Endeavor is mounted sideways, for it is front or all wheel drive, versus the Montero rear or AWD. This will translate into the Endeavor being a much more quicker vehicle. I bet it will be around 2 seconds quicker than the Montero on 0-60 and quarter mile tests when it starts getting reviews. Wait and see. But, the Montero will still be a more rugged outfit, which I like.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    yeah, but am I wrong to want the greater HP/Tork in the larger vehicle???...and, what were the Mitsu people thinking???..."hey, let's design a new SUV, use the same engine as our largest SUV, and show the public how smart we are"...a corresponding boost in engine size or HP or Tork would have been so logical, offering multiple size SUVs with engines offering similar RESPECTABLE performance in each size I the only one who thinks like that, or are the Mitsu engineers actually the ones who design their big screen TVs, moonlighting in the auto dept on alternating weekends???
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    At one time, Mitsu was thinking about installing a 4.5 litre V-8 into the Montero. Wonder what happened and who decided against it. We just hope they wake up and really see what sells in the US. Heck, most of the V-8 motors out there are getting the same fuel economy as the Mitsu six, plus have the power you want!
  • Only thing my Monty needed was the bulbs in the dash indicating the 2/4 wheel drive. Looks like the other is dimming now so I'll have that done under warranty.

    32k on the truck, 16 city, 20 on highway. I've changed from Premium 93 octane to 89 Plus gas. No difference noticed.
    Our other car has a turbo and if you don't put in Premium, you know it.

    Goodyear Fortera spare tire bought, same demensions as stock, cannot put spare cover on. It's close but it won't fit. I'll be buying 3 more Forteras for a quiter ride and a bit more sporty too and transfering a stock Geo to the spare to get my cover back on. The spare is an alloy wheel so at least it looks good.

    Don't like the look of the 03' but it would be nice for a larger engine. I'll get more power when I replace the exhaust with a high-flo cat-back from Australia.
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    I would say that is a pretty good deal. For an 03 a good discount plus low rate financing. I'll have to keep in mind the rough price if I shop the Montero soon. I have to drive the 03 with the new motor and see how it compares to the 02 which was a bit 'leisurely.' Still a great looking vehicle and nice quality.
    Congratulations on your purchase.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    The Montero is heavier because it's suspension and unibody are likely more robustly made. The Endeavor is based on a car...therefore, i cannot see it being very off-road-ready.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    your comments make sense...therefore, shouldn't there be more HP and T in the engine that powers the Montero?
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    It happens...give Mitsu some time and i think they will come out with a more powerful engine for the Montero.

    I think the main reason why the Endeavor got the same engine was because it IS the most powerful SUV engine that Mitsu has...unfortunately, it is ONLY average for Endeavor's competitors (Highlander, Pilot, etc.).

    Toyota does the same thing...LX470 shares the same powerplant as GX470. GX is much lighter (4600 lbs. vs. 5500 lbs.).
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    There is a break even point so to speak where power and gas mileage intersect for the best value for customers. That is, most of us who cant afford 11 mpg @ $2 a gallon if you catch my drift.

    The Montero is underpowered to a degree but not to the point of covering 90% of the driving conditions you will encounter. Where it falls short is where increased torque would be nice, towing being one example. This is hp over time if I remember correctly. Absolute HP is not as important. You can find many other motors that may deliver more hp but not "drive as well". This is because the higher torque (or hp) is delivered in a narrow rpm band and not across the RPM range to the greatest degree.

    So, what does this mean in the real world. You really need to drive the vehicle and not focus on hp or torque numbers, higher torque will make heavy vehicles get up and go better than high hp and, as is the case in the Montero, sometimes a little more HP/torque actually improves gas mileage but beyond that you will trade this off.

    Toyota probably has one of the best quality small V8 motors that was introduced in the Lexus then modified a bit for the sequoia and now 4 runner. In the 4 runner it probably is more than enough (I am a little jelous here), in the Lexus car it was great but in the Sequoia the milage sucks and you really cant tow that well. Its not the motors fault but they should have stepped up the motor for the Sequoia and I hope they develop and in line 6 diesel or small v8 for the Montero for similar reasons
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Well, my '01 Montero has 68K on it now. This is usually about the time I think about replacing my vehicle. I rack up the miles with my business travel.

    I made the mistake of peeking at the new Montero's during my last service at the dealer. I'd love to get a new one. I think the new look is pretty good and I'd like the increased hp as well as a limited with the AWD feature and Leather.

    They had a pretty healthy discount on one they had on the lot but only offered me about $11K for my '01. OUCH! That hurt. I'm reminded of my '98 Durango. I paid $30K. Drove it 2 years, hated it. Sold it for $21K and it had just under 60,000 miles. That deal was tough to beat. The market for my Montero for private sale is around $16,000.

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to hang onto it for that kind of depreciation. I'm having a tough time finding financial restraint.

    Honestly, for me the Honda Pilot is more suited to my needs. On road comfort with a large Cargo capacity. I'd go that route if they offered a Sunroof like the Montero. Not just a "sunroof" but a Monti like sunroof! That would get me past the so-so styling of the Pilot. Inside, it's an almost perfect design for my needs as is the Montero.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I get about 19000 with your extra mileage dropping the price almost 2000
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,661
    you are correct, pure numbers mean less, depending on where on the pwer band they are...400 HP only at 7000 rpm would not be useful for most of us...but when you are moving that much weight, having some guts under the hood is not something to complain about...:):):)
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Was at the Portland Auto Show this weekend and looked over the new Mitsu Endeavor. Close to the same size and function as the pilot. Might want to check it out when the dealers get one.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    Not an option for me really. I need a third row seat. Mitsu really has me confused on this one. I like the Endeavor. The interior styling is interesting. What shocks me is that it's apparantly a bit larger than the Honda Pilot but does NOT have a third row of seating.

    Honda's 8 seat belts give it a huge advantage! Face it, lots of people are buying SUV's as alternatives to Mini Vans. Mitsu is killing it's chances with this mistake.

    It's really not that hard to come up with the right packaging for a sucessful seller IMO. I don't know why manufacturers blow it so often.

  • What kind of fuel Montero use? Mitsu web site say Premium, Edmunds - regular. Premium probably a little bit expensive for SUV..
  • We have an '01 and have always used regular fuel. There seems to be no problem there.

    $11k resale??!!! I understand somewhat with the mileage but that is crazy. When I bought the 01, I was aware that resale would be a problem but it doesn't matter as we will have it for several years and the 0% financing made it less expensive than a used one costing thousands less. (It would not have been a real option as '01 was the first year with the new body style) Also, we got our Limited for about $32k. However,I do sometimes worry whether I would have been better off waiting a year and buying used.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Does anyone know what is different on the 20 yr Anniversary Edition Montero that is coming out?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Buying used always is financially better but you have all the other downsides.

    I doubt anyone would let thier 01 go fo 11,000. Kelly blue book has it at 19,900, about the same as Edmunds. With only 30K miles that jumps to 24,000.

    4wd in general go down fast. Consumer reports saying the Montero rolls too easy when so many other vehicles would have similar problems did not help the resale issue either.

    Personally, I always hold on to the vehicle for 5 or more years. The resale of any vehicle at that point all seem to decline to the same levels and since the Montero is such a great value starting off you really cant lose too much. Heck, if I went with the LC and it only dropped half as much it still would be just as big a loss given the high starting price. Rather than percentage drop you could look at it from an absolute value drop.

    I did a quick calculation comparing the Montero to the Sequoia (do to its higher resale) using 60k miles and both in excellent shape. The Sequoia had lost 30% by now and the Montero 40%. The absolute loss came out higher with the Sequoia because of the higher starting price. So, like I said, they all seem to get to be worthless in short order.
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