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Mitsubishi Montero



  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    I replaced the stock Geo's w/ the AT II in 265/75/16, and while I noticed slightly more road noise when initially installed, after 8k miles they're now almost unbearable on the highway. What happened? I recently got it aligned, but no change. Is there anything I can try? Rotation (which direction), balancing, etc, or am I stuck with the noise until these tires wear out? Thanks for any help.
  • hope9811hope9811 Posts: 10
    Hi. I am brand new to this group, but impressed with the 2001 Montero Limited (72000 miles $17000)that I drove today and hoping for some input from all of you that currently own them. :-)

    I am a Nissan Maxima owner and have loved this outfit. However, the third seat option for shuffling kids is appealing to me plus they are a nice looking outfit that is not at every stop light in town. My Maxima has 130,000 miles on it and I have NEVER touched it except for gas, oil changes, tires, brakes and a routine tranny flush. I am looking for a vehicle just as reliable as my Maxima has been. I currently have 2 children and am on a limited budget which is why when I invest in an outfit, I hope to find a good reliable one I can drive for many years like my Maxima. I'm hoping the Montero might be it. <grin>

    Those of you who own Monteros, have you had any mechanical problems that you have had to invest in? I was a little overwhelmed at the 2500 responses on this board and was hoping for a more condensed version without having to read for hours everyone's messages. I hope you can help me. I really enjoyed the look, feel, and ride of the Montero today and am hoping you can shed some light on these for me.

    Thank you so much!
  • Does anyone use a '03 Montero XLS to tow a boat with? I have a 19ft.CC. BMT of around 3000-32000 without supplies. Atlanta to the coast is pretty flat, but just wondering about tow experience with the Pajero.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    The more condensed version from here is pretty simple. No one here has really reported much in the way of problems, break downs or quality concerns.

    I will say this however, the number of Service Bulletins on the '01 Montero is a bit disconcerting. It is a rather long list. Even so, the chances are fairly good that you'd be happy with it but if they have an '02 for sale, you may want to consider that.

    Good Luck
  • hope9811hope9811 Posts: 10
    Where do I find this list of service bulletins? I live 50 miles from the nearest dealer, so this could be a very BIG problem for me if I have to have it into the dealer often....

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,985
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide, and the NHTSA all list TSB summaries for most models.

    If you need the full text of a particular one, ask your dealer or see if your local library subscribes to Alldata. Or you can join Alldata for around $20.

    Steve, Host
  • phonosphonos Posts: 204
    Diski has it right -- no major problems after 49,000 miles on 2001.

    I had (still have, according to wife, but I haven't noticed it after a brake job at 40,000 miles) an annoying squeak in a rear brake. I think it's due to the the material they use for the pads -- had the same problem with '86 Chevy Suburban (asbestos was a lot better, but . . .).

    You could probably get all the required TSB's work done at one time by the dealer, if it hasn't already been performed. It might take a couple of days, assuming they have the parts in stock.

    Brill, I ordered the OME medium rate springs and OME shocks yesterday from in Utah. The shocks were $65 each, springs were $59 each. The heavy rate springs are the same price, but I probably won't be adding an ARB bull bar bumper and a winch.
  • hope9811hope9811 Posts: 10
    We are also looking into a 97 Lexes LX 450 or a Land Cruiser 97....I'm going to check those service bulletins too. Thanks!

    Any input about the Montero vs LC or LX?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    There really is nothing in the TSB to worry about. There are/were three items that the dealer would fix for free but no recalls or significant saftey isses that I am aware of.

    I have had zero problems. I speak to some folks in Austrailia who run Pajeros (our Montero) in much harsher environements and they have no problems.

    The issue boils down to how much you want to spend and what role you see this vehicle play.

    There is no way you should compare a modern 4wd to a car. They are too different. The LC is a great vehicle but may cost you more than you want to spend. I would not count on using the rear seats in anything smaller than a Suburban or van to routinely carry passengers, just too small.

    To be honest it really doesnt sound like you need a rugged off road premium SUV like a Montero. A nice van would probably make you happier. Better mileage, more passenger space, etc.
  • hope9811hope9811 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the input. The reason we are looking into a SUV is because we live where we get some really bad winters (although this year wasn't - smile) and to make it worse, we live in the country. My front wheel drive car has been ok but only after the snow plows have come through. In shuffling kids to preschool and sports, we need a vehicle with higher clearance and the 4x4 is nice in the snow. We also own a 4x4 truck which is nice, but hubby kinda likes it so that is what he drives. If we didn't live where we did or have the winters like we do, I agree, a van would definitely be better. (specifically for the gas mileage with gas prices rising every day. Ugh!)

    We also live near the mountains and do a lot of camping, hiking and fishing both in day trips and over the weekends. We won't pull our camper with this outfit, but for day trips, it would be nice to have the everyone in one vechile (including great grandma) and still be able to go where we need to go to that special fishing hole so....that's why we are looking into a SUV that seats more than 5.

    What can I say, these outfits are nice and have the comforts of both worlds. Rugged for the Daddy and just plain nice for the Mommy! Isn't it nice to have options! :-) Besides, if we're going to spend that kind of money, it should be nice to just drive around town too! Just trying to do a little homework so we do buy the best vehicle for our needs. <grin>

    Thanks for your input.
  • gtroopgtroop Posts: 85
    I traded my 2001 Trooper LS in yesterday on a 2001 Montero Ltd w/ 26K on the clock. I put 36k of trouble free miles on the Trooper in a little over 2 years time. I will miss the Trooper but look forward to a rewarding future with the Montero. If Isuzu offered the third row seat here in the US I would still have the Trooper.

    By the way, I got $16,500 out of the Trooper (Leather and sunroof) with a cracked windshield (happened last Friday) and a few solid door dings and scratches. And I gave $21,890 for the Montero with brand new floor mats.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    My latest edition of Four Wheeler is doing a long term test drive on the 2003 XLS Montero. Was very favorable. The new 3.8 motor is a definite improvement over the 3.5. Said it was very smooth and had adequate power. They had put on 6600 miles thus far, and had no problems and was rattle free.
    Was sent to the upper Midwest to do test. Has been through snow, off road, and highway conditions.
    Mileage average 15.1 to date. Best - 21. Worst - 13.
    The things that did not like, was the departure angle is a dismal 18 degrees for off roading. Could cause rear body damage. And said it was kinda pricey at 34,000 MSRP. But, I know that Mitsu is offering a 2000 plus 500 cash incentive right now. I think you could get this model for under 30,000 quite easily. Also did not like the interior lighting. Said it needed the lights to be up high and not down low on the door.
    On road ride was very good. Liked the interior design. And the four wheel drive system worked very well.
    Overall, they were surprised, and liked the vehicle very much. Will see how the test goes.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Another question.

    The new 2004 Galant has the same 3.8 motor that the Montero and Endeavor has, but has some new type of VVT that increases horsepower to 230. Wonder if Mitsu. is going to offer the same design for the Montero and Endeavor. Torque remained the same at 250.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160

    Made a mistake on the incentive on the XLS Model. It is $3000 + 500 = $3500. Better deal yet.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    If 4wd thought the Montero was kind of pricey at 34K I sure would like to see what they say about other SUVs even close to as well appointed and capable, most are more.
  • Hi,
    Does anyone know for sure if the 3000+ rebate or 0.0% financing is an "either or" or can you get both!
    I want one, bad, its starting to hurt. Anyone want a BMW 323?!
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    You can only take the rebate or lower interest rate. There was a 500 rebate that you were able to use with the low interest or with the standard rebate. But I am not sure that it is being offered now.
      That is the way it is right now. Things could change and probably will. I have a feeling, eventually, you will be able to get the rebate plus some type of low interest rate. Watch for end of the month deals on the Mitsubishi Web Site. They offered a 0% interest rate the end of last month for 5 days.
      The standard rebate is 3000 for the XLS and 2500 for the Limited and 20th Anniversary Edition.
      I keep hearing this rumor, again, that a V-8 is on the way. Hope this one turns out to be true. I would like one too, but been holding back to see what is going to happen in 2004. Also, considering purchasing a year old 2003 that has been depreciated out. Figured I could get one for 25-28K.
  • Hi again,
    Have found a 02 Ltd, blk/tan 26,000miles for $22,600 at a non Mitsu dealer, drove it and it drives nice and tight. Is this a good deal? or should i go new XLS?
  • gtroopgtroop Posts: 85
    That sounds like a good deal. I just gave $21,890 for a 01 Montero Ltd with 26k miles. Good luck, keep us posted.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Used 2002 LTD vs 2003 XLS.

    Pluses for 2002 LTD:
    Lower price.
    More Features.

    Pluses for 2003 XLS:
    Bigger engine.
    Brand new.
    Longer Ownership Warranty.

    If you plan to own this vehicle for less than 3 years, I would buy the 2002 LTD. If it is in your plans to have it longer, I would probably get the 2003. I'm sure you could get a loaded up XLS for under 30,000, if you can find one. Sure it cost 7400 more, but with 26000 miles on the 2002, using the Fed's mileage rate of 36.5 cents per mile, it adds up to about 9500. Another way of looking at the cost of mileage used.
    If you have not done so, I would definitely test drive the 2003. Try to get the unit for at least a half a day. And, if you plan to tow, you really want to look harder at the 2003 model. The 2002 will tow OK, as long as you are not towing a heavy load. The 2003 XLS model does come with the 5-spd auto tranny and 3.8 litre motor.
    Tough decision. Good Luck!
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