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Mitsubishi Montero



  • sdickssdicks Posts: 5
    I am use to Hondas that don't have these little things continue to happen. Honestly for what it cost for me to lease, I don't expect these type of problems to continually happen. I am very interested in hearing the response from the dealership and Manufacturer rep. I know it could be worse.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Honestly for what it cost for me to lease, I don't expect these type of problems to continually happen.

    It would seem to me that the more expensive the vehicle the more complex it is and I would expect more problems! There are simply more things that can go wrong with a complicated device. This is just a general observation and, no, I am not saying your complaints are without merit.

    tidester, host
  • softhds1softhds1 Posts: 26
    I had the same problem with the radio in mt 2001. Never did solve it, it would go away after a dry day and only occured in major rain, I replaced my 2001 with a 2003 and have not had the problem. Brakes were replaced at 20,000 miles, it is a very heavy car, tires at 38,000. It is a great car and all the things were minor
  • bldrbldr Posts: 11
    Audio System - Static/Popping/Poor Sound/Distortion
    No: TSB-04-54-002
    DATE: February, 2004
    MODEL: All



    This bulletin contains troubleshooting steps for diagnosing various customer complaints relating to the audio system speakers in Mitsubishi vehicles.



    You may receive customer complaints about abnormal noise from the audio system speakers. These can be described as any of the following:

    ^ Static
    ^ Popping
    ^ Crackle
    ^ Buzzing
    ^ Rattle
    ^ Distorted sound
    ^ Poor sound quality
    ^ No sound (speaker inoperative)
  • kkics, where are you located? the dealer near me on the central coast of ca. has two 2003 models left. He took off $10,000 over the phone without any haggling at all. I think I may go in this weekend and see how low he will go. If you are anywhere near me it may help to check out another dealer with 2003 left overs.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    I first took my car in at 40k miles for the CEL. Since I was over the 3/36k, they said the o2 sensor wasn't covered. I told them it's covered under the 4/50k emissions. They checked and then covered it under warranty.

    As a side note, the check engine light went off after about a week of driving. I guess it was a loose gas cap.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Should I go back to the original Yoko Geo's? I've been riding on Geo AT2 and I hate them. Way too loud (I've had Dueler and Wrangler A/T and never this loud) and droning at highway speeds. Had them re-balanced twice and the steering wheel still vibrates. It seems to be very sensitive to road surface conditions, vibrating more on certain roads, less on others. Still with plenty of tread left, even after 25k miles, but I'm getting tired of the noise and vibration. Any suggestions?
  • phonosphonos Posts: 204
    Unless someone has a better idea, I'd say you're going to have to go to an H/T tire. I don't know of any A/T that isn't going to cause some vibration and be somewhat noisy.

    See if a dealer will let you try out a set of BFG AT KO's for a couple of days. You may like the Geolanders a whole lot better then.

    Have you tried increasing the tire pressure to something close to the maximum stamped on the tire? Sometimes that will help on the highway. Then, if it rides too hard, keep reducing pressures by, say, 5 psig in increments until it gets too noisy or vibrates too much for you.
  • I have been using the Bridgestone AT Revos and if you looked way way back when I posted on this you will find that I just love them.

    Quiter than the stock Geolanders and way better. My dad just put them on his Jeep GC and he loves them. I went with the 6 ply which are a tad larger than stock so the speedometer is off a couple of miles per hour and my Dad went with the standard 4 ply.

    Just so you know the OEM tires always are crappy. Even the OEM geolanders and aftermarker geolanders are very different eventhough they seem to be the same tire.

    A guy at the tire rack said they cut both tires and the OEM flopped down while the aftermarket stood up on its own. It seems the OEM are cheeper made and have very soft sidewalls.

    With the Montero being on the heavy side I thought a 6 ply would be nice and it has been but I would not hesitate to run a 4 ply.
  • I was going to suggest tire cutting but I think brillmtb2 already brought it up. I have never had my tires cut but it reportedly makes for a much smoother and quieter ride. It is also supposed to give you more miles per tire (the guy I talked to said a minimum of 10% more). Can anybody support these claims? If so I might try on my next tires.
  • Does anyone have any details or the actual TSB re wheel bearing noise. I think I might have a little and would like to know what the issue and recommendations are.
  • Does anyone have any opinion on the 2004 Montero. I don't see a lot of people talking about them. I recently went to a dealer. They want to sell it to me for $34K. The numbers didn't look right, so I walked. Anyway, after reading this board, I am not so sure about getting one now. What are your opinions on the 2004 Montero? The body style has noticable changed up close from the 2003s. It looks more refine now rather then rugged.
  • It's a high quality Japanese-made SUV. It's no offroad goat anymore but still very capable in all-weather conditions on the road. It's a bit underpowered and thirsty. The interior is great!

    With the $3000 rebate you should be able to dip right under $30,000. I suspect that they'll increase it to $5000 on October 1, maybe even add the loyalty rebate. It's a low-volume vehicle but every Mitsu is right now... Anyway, I'm glad you walked out. - - 0&SearchType=0&CityMarket=9&CityMarketLabel=Kenosha%2- - - c+WI&Location=7807&LocationLabel=Kenosha&HasCookie=tr- - - ue&PageType=1&Make=MI&MakeLabel=Mitsubishi&Model=- - - MONT&ModelLabel=Montero&Price=5&PriceLabel=Any+Price

    2003s and 2004s are not that different on the outside but 2001-2002s are.
  • Thank you for this valuable information. Is there a way I can find out if they will offer another rebate after November? I realized that the sales manager told the salesman to tell me that the rebate ends this month. In other words, they flat out lied to me. They will not receive my business.

    Word of advice, stay away from Serra Mitsubushi in Birmingham, AL.
  • I just bought my 2004 Montero 2 weeks back. It has been shipped straight from the Port of Chicago to my dealer ( south Park Mitsubishi). ( only had 6 miles on it when it arrived). Paid $33 K and took the 1.9% for 60 months financig. They have another brand new one ( came with mine)in the lot if you are looking for. It's an excellent SUV and I cpmared it with 4runner and so forth. So if anyone looking look at South Park Mitsubishi.
  • bldrbldr Posts: 11
    I bought an 03 in Jan for 24 K Yes thats right 24K! -- 7000 in rebates and sold at dealer cost.. Wait till the first of the year for the best deal. The current rebate id 5k and owner loyaty rebate will kick in as they get desperate.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Got in the car and heard something funny, like a groaning noise coming from the power antenna. It appears that it's laboring to move it up and down. Actually without my help it doesn't do much but groan, and continues to do so well after it's in the proper position. Is the motor fried, and if so, does anyone know how to fix it? Or is this something best left to a dealer/service shop? What should I expect to pay? Thanks.
  • Try putting white grease on the Antenna. It happened in my Nissan Altima and the problem got resolved.
  • brad85brad85 Posts: 1
    I almost bought a 2004 Montero Ltd yesterday but stumbled across the June 2001 CR rollover testing results, so decided to research further and have been glued to this board ever since. Has Mitsu made any modifications to the Monte to improve this situation? The 2004 model is not rated by NHSA but the Sport is and doesn't do too favorably. Love this vehicle, its hard to find a true and affordable SUV out there these days.
  • mujmanmujman Posts: 29
    The rollover rate of any SUV is very high if you take it to the edge. Remember, this is not a car. That said, 2004 Monty is no more vulnerable than any other SUV in the market. 2003/2004 model has introduced THESE safety features which I think 2001 model lacked ( Owners correct me if I am wrong about 2001) :
    Active Skid and Traction Control
    Stabilizer Bars
    Tire Pressure Monitor
    Dual Front side Air Bags
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