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Mitsubishi Montero



  • i am also curious

    especially regarding the tapping (engine knock?)

    i have a ford explorer that has knock from a lifter/rocker arm DOES lose power/compression. .acceleration has suffered..but still driving for years like this

    i am about to buy a 1994 Montero SR 4x4,109k all options,leather.looks great.....but it has a very small but noticable ticking from engine. he says it comes and thinking he didnt change/add oil religiously,
    what would a valve job cost for this truck.or what does a full engine go for? i'm sure it will last years as is.since my EX has run for 4 years this way. but id like to get it fixed if its serious and will get worse!!
    the deal seems great,he took my offer of $3k. i drove it and feels great

    please email me at if you have advice !
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    please email me at ******* if you have advice !

    Please keep the discussion here so everyone benefits!

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    unless i'll get auto-notification through the boards software?
  • I have a 2001 Montero Limited, slightly over 30,000 miles - it's been lightly driven, I use it when I return home to the USA every couple of months from my job in SE Asia. Very few issues since I bought it, this message board has been very helpful since all problems I've encountered were covered here.

    Original tires still have plenty of remaining tread, but they're a bit old and I want to get new ones for peace of mind if the wife/daughter drive it while I am away.

    I have seen various posts as to replacement tires, including one fairly recently on the Bridgestone REVO A/T which was very positive. What I would like is a tire that doesn't have a lot of tread noise at high speeds as the wife drives from Houston to Austin at a speed slightly below Mach 1. Any recommendations are appreciated.

    Oh, will mention one other thing. Just a month ago I bought my wife a new Land Cruiser, she and my daughter are die-hard Toyota fans (the daughter has a RAV4). I have driven the LC about 500 miles, I must admit that I enjoy driving the Montero more than the LC. Tried to talk the wife into buying another Montero, she was scared off by all the recent concerns about Mitsubishi's continued presence in the USA. Needless to say this cost me a lot of money!! Mike
  • brillmtb2brillmtb2 Posts: 14
    They are quiter than stock tire on the Montero. My Father put them on his JGC and had a similar experience. I know the tread looks noisy but that computer design must be good for something

    Aslo, look on the tirerack site and you will see they are #1
  • May thanks brill. Will look for these tires when I get home. I'm almost ashamed to admit my ignorance on tires, guess I haven't bought a set in 15 years. Been buying vehicles every 2-3 years, I've hung onto the Montero longer as I really like it - and the trade - in value is so low I'd ather hang onto it than give it away...

    PS I hope your Dad has better luck with his JGC than I did - i had two of them (97 and 99 models) and they gave me quite a number of problems. In fact I traded in the 99 at 19,000 miles for the Montero.
  • gtroopgtroop Posts: 85
    I put Firestone Destination LE's on our 2001 Montero Ltd about 10,000 miles ago. Great tire, wearing well, quiet, stable. Save your money and go with the Destination LE's over the REVO's, same technology for less money.

    Our Monty also had the same problem with the tire cover but was out of warranty when it showed up. I started pricing a replacement when some kid rearended me and drove off while I waited to turn into my neighborhood. Problem solved as he got just into the cover. By the way I caught the kid two months later when I saw him at the gas station and followed him to school. I called the cops, he was arrested, fined $500, and I heard he lost his license for a while.

    The valve noise described on the older 3.0 liter Monteros is similar to the sound I have heard on my Diamante. The noise on mine started around 65k right before I had the timing belt replaced. The noise is gone now thanks to the timing belt that broke at 87k due to a faulty part in the Mitsubishi timing belt kit. Mitsubishi did come through though and did a head/valve job on the engine which took care of that problem. My opinion is that other than being a little annoying, if the Monty has the noise you knew about it when you bought it and due to the cost of a valve job (around $3,000) you will have to live with it. Despite Mitsubishi's toubles I am amazed that they covered this repair given that the shop who replaced the belt was just an independent shop.
  • brillmtb2brillmtb2 Posts: 14
    you know I have had a metallic sound that I have been told is related to the fan belt. They replaced the belt but I have it back again. I dont think it is a lifter. I suspect it is a pully.

    Have any of you had the same, I know that every Montero I have listened to around here has the same sound but I wonder if there is an identified fix or whether it is even important.

    Of course, the dealers know nothing
  • brillmtb2brillmtb2 Posts: 14
    My Dad had problems with his 99 and they eventually traded him for a 2000. No problems with that one. One of the issues is the front rotors are crap and once you add aftermarket rotors the brakes stop warping at 15K.

    I think overall the dodge, jeep products are improving in quality. I have an 03 Dodge Ram Diesel that is doing well and if anything can break a vehicle its that cummins motor in there. I dont think my auto tranny will hold up long term but I knew that going in and wanted to hold onto my wife and my coffee rather than the shifter.

    Good luck on your tire selection. If you can afford the Bridgestones you will not be disappointed. The other advantage I didnt mention is that you virtually cant get them to hydroplane, not that I recommend you try, once off the ground the car spins fast but the original tires and other AT tires I have driven dont do nearly as well.

    I just wish they made these in 17 inch high load rating for my truck.
  • Brill, I checked out the tirerack site you recommended, great site. Must have spent 2 hours browsing through it. The number of choices is amazing. I read the REVO review, it's exactly what I'm looking for.

    I must respectfully decline gtroop's Firestone recommendation due to personal prejudice - I lived (and suffered) through the Firestone debacles in the 70's and haven't had that brand since then.

    Dodge must certainly have their act together, everywhere I go in Texas I see tons of the Ram trucks. I've talked to a few owners, they seem very satisfied. So far I haven't seen many of the new JGC's, will look again when I am back in the USA in late may.

    No metallic sound on my Monty. Everything quiet under the hood.
  • rberardrberard Posts: 22
    Other posts suggested that the radio has to be taken out. Do you take out the radio and replace it, or take it out to get the code? My radio went out when we changed the battery. We've changed the battery before and this didn't happen. The antanae doesn't even go up.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Yup, I'm out of warranty and asked my service advisor about it. He said it was fairly common (I've seen at least 4 in my neighborhood alone with the same problem), but there has been no action taken by Mitsu to address it. He plans to talk to the regional service manager when he comes in (usually once a month) to see if he'll do anything about it. I'm not holding my breath, though. Poor, poor design and execution when so many spare tire covers are doing this.
  • I see that the new 2005 Montero's have a 1367# payload compared my 1167# payload on my 2001. I can definitely use the addtional payload since I tow a small camping trailer sometimes and the tongue weight puts me right at the limit if I have a few people onboard.

    Is this a modification or parts that can be installed on my 2001 to raise the payload rating (GVWR)?

    Regarding my idling problems a few months back. Don't know exactly what the cause was. I assume it was just bad gasoline. Had a tune up and a new battery put in as quickly as I could. Never had the problem again. Thanks for all the help.
  • mujmanmujman Posts: 29
    you take the radio out and find the code from the back/under. Then using the code you reset the radio again.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971

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  • After knowing that the Monterol will be dropped after 2006, should I still buy one? I want a new truck and I am thinking about the Montero. How come it is under sold? Is it because of the roll over issue that was mentioned back in 2001? I test drove one back in 2001 and I loved it. However, I didn't buy one due to budget issue. Now, I want the 2005 model. Should I get it or should I consider other SUV's? Any comment is welcomed.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Montero is a terrible gas hog and it's only 215HP. It has no side curtains (just side airbags) and there are hardly any dealers left to sell/service it... Plus it's a Mitsubishi - 99% of people think it's totally unreliable (we know it’s not true in this case.) The maintenance on this thing is very expensive. Did I mention the car itself is expensive? For $30K take a look at Honda Pilot EX-L and you'll see why Monteros or Endeavors are not selling. I used to consider a Montero but new ones, especially now, are not worth the trouble, I don’t think.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    Well, I think that Mitsubishis are great values if you get them used (particularly a year old with low mileage), due to their steep depreciation - and if you aren't worried about re sale value yourself (plan on keeping it a long time). I agree with cracovian that if I were looking to buy a NEW SUV in the $30K range, I would buy the Pilot instead of the Montero. Another thing to consider is whether or not you will be doing any serious off roading. From what I have read, the Montero is a more capable off roader than the car based SUVs such as the Pilot. Regarding the Endeaver - In my area, 1 year old Endeavers are selling for @$18,500 with under 20K miles on them - and this is the sticker price that dealers are putting across the windsheild. In my opinion (assuming Mitsu will be around to service the vehicle), you get a lot for your money in this scenario, and still have warranty to boot. But again, if I were to buy one of these, I would have to buy under the assumption that I was going to basically drive it until it dies, and not concern myself with re sale.
  • cracoviancracovian Posts: 337
    Let's make sure that we compare equivalent cars here... If it's a used LTD 4x4 Endeavor we're talking about for less than $20K then I'd definitely consider it but chances are it's an LS.

    Recent Monteros are always loaded and are now most heavily discounted new Mitsubishis. If I were to get one I'd go for a new 2005 (just shy of $30K before TTT - $7K off the MSRP). Used 2004s sell in high 20s, 2003s mid 20s, and 2002s low 20s. You'd really have to get something much cheaper than that to justify the loss of the extended powertrain warranty (only applicable to the original owner) and the risk of getting an abused truck.

    But again, $30K will get you a nice Pilot or a new Grand Cherokee V8 4.7l for superior offroading. Montero's price should decrease a few more Ks at the end of the year (that's when loyalty rebates kick in too), so I'd wait as long as possible if I just had to have it... Who knows, they might even go back to the free maintenance program which is worth a lot when you have to change so many different fluids ($$$) in this monster.
  • Thanks for the response. How many different kind of fluids do you have to change? I thought besides engine oil, transmission and differential, there is not much else, right?

    I don't plan on doing serious off roading...I just like the way it drives and the romminess. However, with only 15/19, I am really worry about the gas expenses. If I can get a brand new Montero for lower than $30K at the end of the year, I think I will consider it. Otherwise,I might consider other cars/trucks. It is for myself and my wife have a minivan already, so I am not using it to take my kids around. I just want something that is fun to drive. Would you consider a Pathfinder?
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