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Mitsubishi Montero



  • I have a 2004 Montero. Where is the oil filter located. Do I need to remove protective cover in order to reach the oil filter?
  • Yes - you have to remove ( unbolt ) the protective cover to reach the filter from the bottom.
  • I have a 2004 Montero LTD. While going up the hill, the engine is knocking a little ( the A/C is off) . Is it a problem ? I use regular unleaded gas right now. Could it be for low octane gasoline? Thanks for any advice.
  • bldrbldr Posts: 11
    It requires Premium! Look inside your gas filler door.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
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  • OK…. We have a ’03 Sport with a few problems.
    (1) The brake light on the dash was coming on then going off, but now it’s on continuously.
    (2) The cruise control light stay on after you use it. When you turn off the cruise control then turn off the truck, then turn the truck back on, the cruise control is on. After normal driving for a few days, it goes and stays off.
    (3) The A/C sounds like it’s still cycling even though the A/C button is off.
    Are these problems all related? Since they’ve all happened/started around the same time, I thought that is might be an electronic/computer SNAFU. Anyhow help would be great.
  • 1) The brake light on might indicate a low brake fluid level due to normal wear of the brake pads. Check the level and add as necessary (make sure you add the same type of fluid) but you may also want to check the status of the brake pads.
    2) and 3) might be related to a computer problem (that might include 1) if the description above does not fix your problem)
  • lspivalspiva Posts: 49
    I have 03 Montero Limited with 20K miles.
    Since December last year (2004) until now, I am noticing that about twice a week brakes make scratching sound when they are cold and car needs to stop completely. After few times of pressing the brake pedal, scratching sound disappears.
    I took it to a dealer but he said that brakes are fine expect for the metal dust that was collected on the rotor and advised me to regularly (twice a month) wash brake rotors with a warm soapy water. Other independent repair store also didn't find anything wrong with a brake.
    The brake performance otherwise are excellent, brake pedal feels firm and no vibration.
    Does dealer's explanation of scratching sound make logical explanation? Is there any solution that I can apply to prevent this sound from happening.
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    Sometimes when a car sits overnight, or for a few days, moisture in the air will cause a little bit of oxidation to form on the rotors. After you have made a couple of stops with the brakes, the oxidation gets worn off (and yes, it does make a scratching sound during those initial couple of stops). By the way, this happens to my cars too sometimes, and they are garaged.
  • lspivalspiva Posts: 49
    Well..grinding sound was started to bother the heck out of me so I decided to take Montero to another repair store. That store was highly recommended.

    I was very surprised to find out that at 20.5K miles my Montero's brake are goners. Service manager suggested to replace all 4 brake's pads with ceramic and to resurface the rotors. He showed me brake pads and when I touched them, they had kind of spiky metal things on them. The brake rotors also had a weird lines on them. After 4 hours of work the bill came out at $450.

    Well at least now, brake performance are awesome as before and NONE of that horrible grinding noise any more.

    Honestly, I owned several cars before (Nissan, Honda, Audi, Toyota, Subaru) but this is my first car that I had to replace brake pads and especially resurface the rotor before 40K miles. Did anyone of you had to do a brake job on your Montero so early?
  • zzyzzxzzyzzx Posts: 1
    Hey everyone,

    I just bought a used '98 Montero Sport, we'll see how long it hangs in there. Any issues I should be aware of or anything I should get checked out? Can I download the owner's manual somewhere? I really don't know much about this car, I just got it at an auction. Anyone know the code to reset the stereo? Oh yeah, what type of fuel does the engine (3.0L V6) like? Thanks for any help,

  • I have owned two monteros, never got more than 20000 miles on the front discs, a big heavy car
  • I have a 2003 with approximately 18k on it. It does feel tippy, not so much in corners, but at highway curves etc. Will changing the shocks help with this ? Are coil over shocks going to be better for this ? Anyone with recomendations? Thanks for any insight. Otherwise still enjoying the ride!
  • I have an '01 Montero and have recently had problems with my computer display. As of a couple of weeks ago, the computer will no longer display the outside temperature. In it's place it displays "---". Also, the AC display no longer works. In the past when I had adjusted the temperature the computer would switch to the AC display showing the temperature I had selected. Now, when I change the temperature the computer no longer switches to that display.

    Has anyone had similar problems?
  • Had same problem about 4 months ago, then two months later check eng light came on, my husband pulled over, loud noise then it died. Oil changed 4k miles ago....added 1k miles ago....anyway 45,000 miles and I need a new engine. The place that changes my oil only keeps records for 1 year, and since I do not have all of my receipts, (after talking to them) It does not appear that Mitsubishi will basically I am up S&*^** creek! Still owe quite a bit on it and do not have 8K for a new engine. I will N E V E R buy another mitsubishi. I usually keep cars for well over 100K miles, I have a ford truck with 202K miles, my son has a jeep with over 100k miles, it just makes me sick that the first time I exceeded $30K on a vehicle and I could not even get 50K miles out of it. And then to be getting the run-a-round with them for 2+ months. :sick: Well I certainly hope your desplay problem is nothing more. Best wishes
  • I have a 04 montero with tire pressure sensors. Where are the sensors located? Anything I need to pay attention to when the tires are replaced?
  • Add my 2001 Montero to the list of those that have the clear coat separating on the spare tire cover. Monty is garaged at night but outside at work. Very few of the "older" Monty's i see on the road are NOT separating.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Bet you it's the car battery. I had the exact same problem, figure it was time to replace the battery anyway, and miraculously the outside temp and AC display reappeared.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Is the local dealer the best place? The one that's local seem to have pretty high prices. I need whatever that plastic gear thingy is that goes inside the power antenna. I can hear it working, but it only lowers with my help. It raises fine, just doesn't want to lower without some help.

    Also, one of the tire lights is out on the dash. The ones that tell you whether you're in 2W or 4W. Is it a fuse or something more involved?

    Thirdly, my mileage gauge on the center console is buggy. After a fill-up it says I have 41 miles left. Every time. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    Also, what should I expect to pay for a spare tire cover? Terrible quality... :mad:
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