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Mitsubishi Montero



  • amers2amers2 Posts: 6
    I have a 2001 all black Monte Ltd. with a manik brush guard and tail light cages. I would rather have a Jaos brush guard, but it's too expensive. Jaos has some nice modifications for the new Monte. You can check them out at

    By the way, I drove the Montero through the snowstorm in Buffalo when we got 25 inches in a matter of hours, and it didnt get stuck once unlike all the other SUV's. This truck is sweet.
  • ken131ken131 Posts: 20
    No, the A/C compressor stays on indefinitely unless it is manually turned off. What is the reason for this? Is the compressor really on when I am just heating up the car? (the green light is on, so I assume that it is). Any more info on why this compressor turns on (and stays on) ALL the time when using climate control (even to heat the car) would be helpful.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 204
    Just because the green light is "on" doesn't mean the A/C compressor is engaged and running. The green light just indicates the clutch on the compressor will be engaged if the climate control system needs it to control the temperature setpoint, or if it needs it to reduce moisture in the cabin air. If you manually turn it off, you have just defeated one of the options the climate control has to "control climate" This is OK if your main purpose is to save on fuel, and not control temperature/hudmidty in the vehicle.
  • Thanks for all the posts on brush guards! The S.S. Jaos brush guards were the ones that I liked. The price is a little high (about$1,200.+ tax & shipping), which is surprising with the almost 2 to 1 exchange rate for Australia.
  • Thanks for all the posts on brush guards! The S.S. Jaos brush guards were the ones that I liked. Will check price at the WA. distributor; I have a bad feeling they are going to be real expensive.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    The Jaos SS were my first chioce as well. Why the high price?

    The Waag look OK but I dont see them in chrome/ss and with a beige montero I dont think black would look good.

    Check out those Jaos skid plates, would like those as well.
  • karno1karno1 Posts: 33
    now that I have finally bought my Monty, its time to go over the things I really dislike about this truck. I don't like the idea that they decided to go w/ a retractable antenna......there shouldn't even be an antenna. It should be embedded into the rear window like most other cars are doing these days. I don't like the small, toy like rear view mirror......I thought it'd at least have a automatic dimming feature on it. even the motnero sport has a better rear view mirror in it. no memory seats, and no powered passenger seat. sound system could use a bit more oomph! tachometer is on the wrong side. there isn't one piece of metal incorporated into the interior design of this truck!

    other than all of that, I have been loving every single minute of my truck, rides like a true dream....very nice and high up, huge sunroof, the biggest i've ever seen on a vehicle, enough power for its size, and awesome seats!
  • Karno1,
    You forgot to mention no remote control of the radio, even Durangos have that. I agree no powered passenger seat was also a cheap shot for cost saving. Just think, they will fix all those things and a V-8 in the next couple of years, but who wants to wait?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    If we are going to get picky....they should have made the rear windows electric like in this years LC. I would like to push a button up front to open them.

    I think there is a "diversity antenna" in the window. I dont know if the window technology is as good as a regular antenna. Why they have two in the Montero is something for the antenna experts.
  • ehollisehollis Posts: 14
    Here's what a diversity antenna does Basically, the antennas work by selecting
    the best-quality FM signal from the available antennas or by
    phasing and combining multiple signals. This gives improved fringe area FM reception.

    Amen on the power passenger seat. Just think, it's a leather seat, with a heating element and an air bag. Would it have killed them to put a motor in it? My wife "loves" this feature. Even the car we got rid of (1885 Nissan Maxima - R.I.P.) had a power passenger seat.

    Here's the other thing I hate. Where do you put the rear "shade" (the thing you use to cover up what you've got in the back) when you have the third seat up? (I don't have kids, but I haul a lot of them, and I'm always putting the third seat up and down.)
  • sd_montysd_monty Posts: 5
    I've been keeping mine in the garage. Even without using the third row seat, the shade thing is in the way. My kids like to recline the seats in the middle row sometimes and the shade won't allow it when it is in position. When it is not being used, it is too big and clumsy for the rear cargo area.

    Speaking of the rear cargo area, does anyone use a pet barrier to keep a dog in the back? Any recommendations?
  • ehollisehollis Posts: 14
    Dear Brillmtb,
    I noticed back on your post 494 that you mentioned the motor trend show. Did anyone happen to tape that show? I'm putting together a video tape of commercials, clips etc. on the Montero. (I know, it sounds weird, but that's the way I am.) If anyone has the tape, I'd like to make a copy. I'll send back your tape, and provide a copy of the one I'm putting together. Any other video of the 2001 montero also welcome.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 204
    Here is the address of a website that includes a bulletin board for Montero owners who are or would like to find out more about of-roading with their Montero.

    Actually this group doesn't have a lot of information on 2001 model yet, so any input you might have, experiences, etc. would be appreciated.

    Don't be intimidated by the depth of the topics discussed.

    These folk are real friendly, and eager for new information. A few are really hard core rock crawlers, but most are only easy-moderate trail off-roaders.

    For some reason, I can't post the complete address "You cannot post any words with more than 100 character". (?)

  • lj3dlj3d Posts: 6
    I am new to this message board, but have been reading all the messages posted here over the last three months. I must thank each one of you for sharing information on this message board for people like me who are considering buying a mid-size SUB such as the Montero.

    I am excited about purchasing a Montero in the next a few months. Judging from my own experience, I don't feel there is a significant quality issues with Mitsubishi cars. I have had the first generations of Gallant and Eclipse, and both of them had done well past 200,000 miles before I traded them in.

    I am looking to some of your advice in the next a couple of months while I am shopping for a Montero. Has anyone had any experience with any Mitsubishi dealers in the Washington DC Metro Area. I have just moved to DC from Florida where I had very good services from Mitsubishi in Miami/For Lauderdale area.

    I will be renting a Montero in Arizona next week, and can't wait the test the vehicle, and share my experience with all of you.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Welcome to Town Hall, lj3d.

    phonos, long urls in messages skews our margins, so that's why the 100 character limit is imposed. Apologies for the hassle. (Besides, trying to steer out members away from Town Hall isn't really encouraged around here, you know )

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  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    After a month with it, I have decided to make a small list of goods and bads about my Montero LTD. Hope this helps anyone who is considering one.

    Things I wish were better on the Montero: memory seats/power passenger seat, telescoping steering wheel (I seem to be too far from the wheel when I get it right for my legs), avg. mpg (not just miles remaining), nav. where the display screen is, 17" wheels, with the rear shade in place, rear passengers can't recline (silly), split rear door instead of one huge one, auto locking when the car is in motion, distorted driver's side mirror (replaced once already).

    Things I LOVE about it: PRICE for it's class, good looks (get tons of compliments), relative exclusivity (still not too many around), decent power for the size, 3rd row seating (and ease of use), cargo space, perfect size for me, excellent off-road capabilities from what I read and hear (haven't tested yet, but hope to soon), build quality, better gas mileage than I expected, and did I mention PRICE?

    After all that do you think I would buy it again? YOU BET! Despite some minor (very minor) criticism, I still think it's the best car for my needs (price, size, build quality/reliability). And who knows, maybe if Mits added some of the features I would like, it just may price it out of my range. --Jimmy
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Well put. Would agree with most of your comments on the good and bad.

    I too would by the Montero again. After seeing the best others have to offer including the MDX and Sequoia there is just no beating the Monte.

    ehollis: you could probably call the show and obtain a tape. I dont think it would be too much. I would be interested in seeing your final production!
  • photo3photo3 Posts: 26
    mp19fan: By the way, what do you get for your gas mileage?..and what is with that distorted driver's side mirror? I noticed that too when I took another test drive. It seemed to be worse with that particular car or my new glasses prescription. The dealer also said that he had heard complaints about it. He said it's because the mirror is made of plastic instead of glass...that doesn't sound too good.
    What does anyone else think?
    I haven't bought mine yet but plan to soon.
    By the way..does anyone know where to get information about the changes for 2002? I read somewhere that it is coming out in the summer.
  • mp19fanmp19fan Posts: 102
    So far I'm getting about 16-17 in mixed driving, which is better than with my JGC I-6. The service mgr. didn't mention to me that the mirrors are plastic, although I'm not sure that would be the cause. I wonder if they're any different than most other cars. I'm thinking it may be a design element (a poorly designed one, though) to give the driver a wider FOV.

    One drawback to the new Montero is the way the running boards screw in to the body. I was told by the svc. mgr. that prior models had bolts coming out of the body. Newer Monteros have the body threaded, with bolts going in to the body. Mine had to be tightened, but the svc. guys were unwilling to tighten too much for fear of stripping the threads. Question: what would be my options if they 1) cannot tighten it enough to get rid of the looseness in the boards, or 2) they stripped the threads going in to the body? Thanks. --Jimmy
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I would think they would have a service spec sheet indicating the torque to use on those bolts.
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