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Mitsubishi Montero



  • sirpkpsirpkp Posts: 7
    Thanks everyone for the useful info on this subject. Great idea about videotaping, will do that since everytime I decide to take the rig to the dealer it behaves!!
    My A/C turns ON as soon as you turn it to Auto(climate control). I understand it is designed this way, but I can turn it off then.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I'm not so sure there is a coverup here yet. Give them a chance to get feedback, remember these are 2001 models.

    I have had steering pumps whine on me in past vehicles but my Montero is as quite as it gets. I dont know if there is a part number on the pump but I sure would like to know if perhaps some later Montes ended up with a different pump or just a few pumps are whining.

    Thanks for the info.
  • sirpkpsirpkp Posts: 7
    Just for info, my whinning monte was bought in January 2001.
  • counselor2counselor2 Posts: 47
    Motor Trend's on-line edition reports 7400 problem-free miles after a year of test driving the 2001 Monte. They report average fuel consumption of 14.8 (apparently a lot of those 7400 miles were off-road). The only costs they incurred were for an oil change and a "few drops" of coolant. No mention, by the way, of excessive road noise or whining noises from the power steering.

    I just had my 2001 Limited on its first road trip (500 miles). I was surprised at how comfortable it is on the highway. Sure, there was more road noise than on my Volvo wagon, but hey, it's a truck. Tons of room for the family (3 kids), and the third-row seat was the perfect place to park two of the kids for a few hours. I remain very impressed with this vehicle.

    So far, after 2600 miles and three months, I have only a few complaints: (1) gas mileage continues to be low -- 12.5 mpg in city driving, 17.5 on the highway; (2) there is a short in the switch that automatically turns the rear light on and off when the rear gate is open and shut, and the screw that holds the switch on the body was fried; and (3) one of the four mounts that holds the front grille on is broken, so a corner of the grille sticks out a little. When I first drove the truck, I thought that it really needed more power. However, now that I have lived with it a while, I find that 200 horses are plenty around town and are adequate on the highway. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has found the V-6 to be a problem, particularly while towing or in high altitudes.
  • rs_rogersrs_rogers Posts: 16
    I am getting ready to purchase a 2001 Limited and was curious about what things I might or should be looking for - like the power steering fluid reservoir.

    Can I tell when I look at the p/s reservoir under the hood if it is the model that causes the whining noise? rgreenb1 has indicated what the proper replacement part # is. Sound I look for a manufacture date since January? Was this warranty or was there a charge for this replacement?

    Also would be interested to know what people wind up paying for their 2001 Limited with Rear A/C.

    Any help or guidance anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 204
    Review of 3-door Montero (Pajero) badged as "Shogun" in the world where available at:

    To bad Mitsubishi hasn't seen need to import this model to U. S. of A.

  • counselor2counselor2 Posts: 47
    rs rogers - In February, I paid $35,100 at a Chicago-area dealership for my black-and-tan Limited with rear air, side steps, trailer hitch with wiring harness, and wheel locks. My Monte was built in December 2000 and, so far, I have had no trouble with the power steering pump.

    phonos - Too bad indeed that Mitsu hasn't brought the three-door to our shores. Quite a bit of torque in that engine, and 29 mpg to boot! Just from its looks, it would seem to blow away the RAVs, CRVs, and other mini-utes out there.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Where is the build date?
  • claybusterclaybuster Posts: 90
    I bought a 2001 Monte Ltd. with rear air for $34,000. + Tax & Lic. in Feb 2001, with 4.9% financing and included a factory hitch and front wind deflector. installed. Dealer in NE WA. If you look back through the past messages you will find all the past deals and negotiating methods. You can get a good deal on any extras you want with the high markup on these items.

    On the towing issue, I had a U-haul trailer loaded with about total of 3500 lbs and the Monte handled that fine, but no big hills.

    Still loving my truck.
  • sgbassinsgbassin Posts: 22
    Did your dealer install your hitch or u-haul.
    I've been having electrical problems with mine
    since dealer installation from day 1.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 204
    On an sticker with a lot of other information in the driver's side body door jamb, below the latch, I think.

    PHOnos; White/Silver Limited w/Rear A/C; July 2000 build date; $34,500 + TTL in August, 2000 (no extras included); zero down, 4.8% for 48 months; Orange County, CA.; 18,000 miles, slight squeak from rear brakes when dry/hot, probably glaze on rotors/disks.
  • rs_rogersrs_rogers Posts: 16
    Thanks for the advice. I'll aim for around $34k. It would be nice to have them throw in a trailer hitch.

    I took a look at the 3 door "Shogun" for sale in the UK. GREAT looking product. They would sell that thing like crazy around here. Also noticed that most of the models in UK burn diesel. That would be nice here too. And, the MPG for UK models is 16/26 MPG. What's up with that? Different emission controls?
  • phonosphonos Posts: 204
    In AUTO CC the A/C light will be on because the system may need to engage the compressor clutch to control temperature.

    Just because the light is "on" doesn't mean the A/C compressor is running. It just means it can be used by the system. If the outside ambient air temperature is below that of the climate control setpoint and it's after dark, the A/C compressor won't run at all.

    But, according to the manual, the computer controlling the temperature looks at both the inside air temperature and the amount of sunlight falling on a sensor located somewhere, so it may cycle "on" under daylight conditions even in winter on a bright day.

    This is something like the old "by-level" setting from 20 years ago -- warm air at floor, cooler air where it is sunny.

    You can turn off the A/C by pushing the button, but if you reset the temperature it will turn on again. In other words, "AUTO" really means, "Set temperature you want, then leave me alone to do my thing". If you turn it off, one option the system has to control cabin temperature is eliminated.

    By the way, it will also decide whether or not to recycle the inside air, use outside air, or a combination of the two.

    In AUTO, I think the compressor will engage also if the temperature is below some level to aid in the "defrosting" function by serving as a dehumidifier the cabin air.

    PHOnos; White/Silver Limited w/Rear A/C; July 2000 build date; $34,500 + TTL in August, 2000 (no extras included); zero down, 4.8% for 48 months; Orange County, CA.; 18,000 miles, slight squeak from rear brakes when dry/hot, probably glaze on rotors/disks.
  • hi5543i1hi5543i1 Posts: 6
    In reply to message 552...yes there IS a known tranny problem... when cold tranny is KNOWN by Mitsubishi to slip... brought this to my service managers attention, he ackknowleged that there is a problem and the repair is to REPLACE transmission control computer. The slipping is very evident on shifts between 2 & 3rd when cold. I am waiting for next service to have this fixed... anyone else have this problem?
  • viet2viet2 Posts: 66
    I did on occasionally found the trans slipping at 2 gear, but I could not duplicates the problem. I think the trans failed to engage in the next gear, the engine rmp goes up and finally it shifted, resulting in a jolt. I also have a ticking sound of the exhaust (not the engine) but the dealer says it is normal. Go figure!
  • hi5543i1hi5543i1 Posts: 6
    The problem will happen on a cold start...1st series of shifts, between 2nd and 3rd...nothing normal about a slipping transmission...
  • claybusterclaybuster Posts: 90
    My hitch is a factory hitch with factory harness installed by the dealer. No problems to date, but I have only hauled a trailer once and did not notice any problems; but all hauling was during the daylight hours, so may not have noticed a problem.
  • claybusterclaybuster Posts: 90
    My idle speed with a cold start (60 deg. ambient) is 1450 rpm until the engine starts to warm. That seems about 400 rpm too high. I don't like shifting into gear with that high of rpm, especially backing out of a tight garage. Dealer says it is normal cold idle rpm. Does anybody got a different cold idle speed?

    Thanks for any help!
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Monte purchasing: 34,000 is reasonable, and I'll bet you'll get them to throw in a hitch (ask for the cargo liner too while you're at it).

    No problems with the tranny slipping in cold weather (and I live in Wisconsin, and it was a VERY cold winter). No problems with fuel pump noise either, but I tend to play my stereo loud too.

    The Monte's are set up to idle at relatively high rpm's. I used to know the reason why, but I think I infarcted that memory cell or something. It concerns me too--I worry a little about long term engine wear.

    The motor trend report is certainly encouraging.

    My wife is thinking about replacing the van with a seq. in a couple of years--which is good for me, cause that way I can get another Monte when the time comes. If we get a Seq. down the road, I would be interested in the Pajero, since I wouldn't need the extra room--is there any plans to market it in the U.S. down the road?? If so, can you get the Pajero with the same goodies as on the Monte ltd?
  • rs_rogersrs_rogers Posts: 16
    Does anyone know if the 2001 Monty's engine has a timing belt or chain? I noticed it has a rather large air filter box. Does it require a unique or uncommon filter? Anybody put a K&N filter in it yet? Also, are there repair manuals (Haynes, Chilton, etc..) out for this vehicle yet?

    Will be headed to the dealership tomorrow (Saturday) to look it over very closely and have wife drive it.

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