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Mitsubishi Montero



  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    I noticed while I was changing oil today that my tires had an uneven treadwear. It seems like that the tread wears more in the inside on all 4 wheels. Tires have been rotated religously every 5,000. I am at 28,000 now. Anybody have a clue what could have caused it?
  • oac3oac3 Posts: 373
    Now I see what you meant. I plead guilty for misreading your post...Right on with all of your points, I am often accused by my wife of being a leadfoot, I drive fast irrespective of whether it is a truck or a sedan. I should know better. And thanks for the heads-up....
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    The Monte did number one in its class in the crash test, which is not necessarily the highest possible rating. So if you want to compare it to ALL vehicles, then yes, you can do better...But I think it is more relevant to compare it to its class.
  • I recently went on, and found out that the monte is the best in its class. there are are no injuries, nothing, it has good structure case, and everithing.

    Me, i'm a proud Mitsubishi Montero owner.
    I have a 2001 montero and i heard that they wanted to attack my baby, so i'm cool, it's okay but when i'm inside of my baby, i'm driving it, there are no rollover problems, it's quiet, nice, luxury, and it's NIPPON.

    Even if people don't like mitsu in the US, me i love it because i know how to drive SUV's and i never had problems with them.

    What if you guys had a mercedes benz class G would it be great? you guys don't see how this car is offroad? how this car ROLLOVER?
    Exactly! it's offroad, so, it rollover.

    How about Isuzu Trooper? Benz ML320?

    Tell me something!!???


    a proud MITSUBISHI owner.

  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    In the link I saw, all the vehicles received the same rating, but the Monte did the best of the group receiving that rating. Admittedly, as the members of that group received the same rating, there is probably not a huge difference among the group all receiving the same rating from top to bottom, but the Monte was the best of the group....I will try to find the link again--I should have saved it.
  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    This board has been inflamed for the past 3 weeks with a lot of criticism from Montero owners and Non-Montero owners and I think enough has been heard already. Some have already traded theirs, and some have kept them because they beleive that it is a nice vehicle with a minor design flaw. Knowing that the light is not at the end of the tunnel yet from Mitsubishi, anybody here already given a thought on how to correct this mechanical problem. Can you all use your wits on the brighter side instead of commenting on something that we already know. What needs to be changed? Are there available aftermarket parts or OEM parts for replacement? If you already traded yours because of this bad publicity... good, i'm happy for you, but not every people in the world who loved their Montero have the luxury of doing that. Just my .02 cents..
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,944
    This article discusses some of the changes Isuzu made after Consumers Union singled out the 1995-96 Troopers.

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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I see that there seems to be some confusion about this. Perhaps you are referring to the latest round of SUV tests that the IIHS conducted? You should know that the IIHS basically tests them when they can get a hold of the vehicles, as they are bought off dealers lots. They're not necessarily meant to reflect a specific group within a group. That's what the different sections of the IIHS website is divided into, by vehice class (ex. small car, luxury car, small SUV, midsize SUV, etc.) and also by weight. The latest vehicle results are added to their specific sections.

    The Montero was tested with the BMW X5, the Isuzu Trooper, and the Nissan Xterra. Out of the tested vehicles in this round, the BMW X5 was the only one that received a good rating. You can read the Dateline MSNBC/IIHS transcript of the tests + watch the video footage of the test via the following link. The relevant text on the Montero is right after the X5.

    Hope this helps!

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  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    No, thats not it. It the link was e-mailed to me a couple of months ago by a family member, and I deleted the email already...I will ask her if she remembers the link. The SUV's were grouped differently (BMW, Lexus, ML were in a seperate group; Montero was in a group with pathfinder, 4runner, Explorer).
  • 99trooper99trooper Posts: 87
    Hey all...just went to Ebay and saw about 12 2001 Montero XLS's being auctioned, and you could buy them outright for $22900. Also over at there are about 8 or 9 or the same things being sold by a dealer...seems like the rental car companies may be dumping a bunch of Monty's on the market? If only I could get my hands on a Ltd for about $25...:)
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    >>This board has been inflamed for the past 3 weeks with a lot of criticism from Montero owners and Non-Montero owners and I think enough has been heard already. Some have already traded theirs, and some have kept them because they beleive that it is a nice vehicle with a minor design flaw.<<

    Tony... You left out a 3rd and more reasonable group of us:

    Those of us who Know it's a nice vehicle WITHOUT a Design Flaw. Those of us who beleive the CU report is flawed. Those of us who know we are going to get screwed because of CU when we go to sell our Montero's.

    Has anyone received Mitsu's letter to Montero owners yet? I found it very well written and informative. Unfortunately, although it makes us feel better and confident it won't help resale.

    I'm telling you, this is my 3rd SUV and after 33K it is not any less stable than the Jeep or the Durango. Haven't owned any others.

    Drew/ not the host :)
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Agree with dski


    I'm not so sure we should take one bad report over the many that compliment the Montero's handling and assume the truth has been found. I am looking forward to some confirmation.

    As far as a "fix". If the roll center is too high there might be a problem. If it is just the stiffness of the swaybar that will be very easy. Also, changing shocks or spings would be easy and not to costly either (not sure if the company would pay though unless Montero proven to be unsafe).
  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    I agree with both of you. I am also one of the happy and satisfied owner of a 2001 Montero with 28K miles on it but I was a little bit disappointed because there will never be a confirmation to this bad publicity. Let's get over with it and continue to admire the nice truck that we bought. I am not in for the resale market either and will ride it too 'till it falls apart.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Took my Monte though Northern Ca to Tahoe for the Markleeville Death Ride (fantastic bike ride for anyone who is interested).

    While up there spoke to a friend who works for the Fire department and told him about the question about rollovers.

    He stated that there have been no fatalities that he is aware of in rollovers but the T-bone and headons have been very concerning (many deaths).

    Apparently the rollovers disapate enough kinetic energy to reduce mobidity and mortality.

    He has not heard or seen any Monte rollovers either, whether this years or previous models.

    On a funny note he mentioned that a friend in a body shop did report that a guy got mad at his wife and drove their 2001 Montero through the Rubicon Trail, only body damage.

    For those that dont know this trail it is something that only Jeeps and highly modified SUV should even attempt. Fantastic that the stock Montero could make it (although there seems to have been body damage on the exterior).
  • benn1bobbenn1bob Posts: 5
    Anyone out there having problems with the compass display on 2001 LTD? We just bought one and it always points a little West of North. The service folks said it was an ongoing issue w/Mitsu. I thought I'd check in with those who might be in the know.


  • jmt0214jmt0214 Posts: 2
    How does the A/I work, is the rear A/I option needed? I believe it is only available on the limited. Does anyone know for sure? XLS owners, anyone live in a hot state such as Arizona, with a family? Does the A/I work well, or would the rear air help in back? Just would like to know to narrow my choices.
  • jmt0214jmt0214 Posts: 2
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Rear A/C is bundled with autoclimate, I believe, in the preferred package on the ltd. I don't think you can get it on the XLS; you may want to check and see if this will change for the next model year, but I seriously doubt it will.

    With the limited, you will also get a more "adjustable" drivers seat, as well as heated front seats and mirrors (which you probably don't need in Arizona), and a better 4wd system (which you may or may not need.

    If you go with the limited, the rear A/C/ autoclimate in the preferred package is well worth it--if you go back about one million posts, you will see several posts by people who bought limiteds, didn't get the option, and wish they had...just my two cents worth.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I have it but will be the first to admit I would not miss it too much. I would get it again however.

    I used it for the rear passengers on a very hot day.

    Whats nice is that you dont have ice cold air coming out on the front passengers in order to cool the rear. You can have comfortable temps all the way back.

    Whats also nice is the rear passengers can make the air hotter or colder than the front.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Dont know if this was stated back a ways but here it is. The power steering can be updated in Monteros with a build date before 1/01. The whine that some were hearing was fixed by using a larger inlet or something like that to improve flow and reduce air intake.

    I am considering having mine done but it doesnt whine so Im not sure that I should. Dont know if there is any risk to the steering if I dont.

    Anyone have any ideas.
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