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Mitsubishi Montero



  • ack! sorry to hear about your Monty troubles!..ouch!
  • I think that was the article I was referring to.

    It is interesting that despite the MDX being too loud, "feeling fragile" off road and looking like a mini van that Car and Driver rated it #1.

    Can we say, money for advertising talks?
  • I have a 4 months old Montero Limited with 4,300 miles and recently I drove it to Canada and back to Illinois for 1,400 miles which I am very impressed with the truck overall performance except for one thing. When I reach the speed range of 72-78 mph, I hear an intermittent humming noise coming from the engine. Outside that speed range the noise disappears and also when the gas pedal is release. I am going to call the dealership about this but I wanted to know if anyone out there had experienced the same situation.
  • Maybe your monte was humming because it didnt know the words? :) Mine used to whistle around 65-70 mph... now I here a tapping at idle...
    Musical Montes... what will these [non-permissible content removed] think of next!
  • When I was crawling around under my 2001XLS I noticed several drops of clear heavy oil on the skid plate close to the center of the support frame.
    I took it to the Monte dealer and he found that a differential switch on the front of the pumkin was leaking. Since the oil was so heavy, it took awhile for the drip to be noticed. It was replaced under warranty but it would have caused major problems if I hadn't found it.
    I might suggest that youse guys check yours once in awhile. I was told that it has been happening with other ones.

    Any body buy a bull bar for their Monte? Where? The brush guards are too expensive and I wanted to install some PIAA fogs. Also the brush bars may interfere with the Montero wind deflector.

    Any owner ever put on after market fogs?
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    >>Wife came home, pushed wrong button on garage door opener, garage door came down on Monte roof. Door reversed as it was supposed to, but . . ..

    Now have 1/2 inch deep dent and scratched roof.<<

    I've had some bad luck with that kind of damage several time in the last year. Kids used a toy to take out some frustration on wifes Saab.

    Check out some of the Paintless Repair guys in your area like Dent Doctors, etc. I have one that I've been using and he's done an EXCELLANT job. I have a big dent waiting to get repaired now. A good detailer can usually get the scratches buffed out as well. I've been amazed at what magic they can work.

    Good Luck
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Thanks for the post--I have the exact same problem, and was wondering what the heck it was--gonna get it in ASAP.

    How long was your Monte in the shop??
  • I have mine done at 26K miles. It is called the freewheel engage switch.

    CCT1, call the dealer first if they have it in stock. They had to order mine and it took 1 week for them to get it. Once they have it, it's less than an hour job to replace it. Also, once you have it replaced, make sure they wipe your skid plates dry, or else, you're gonna go crazy thinking that it is still leaking.
  • Dealer had mine in stock. Less than a hour as regala stated. Everything looked good last night.
    Saw 2002 Montie. Minor changes. Redesigned name plate. Some more money.
    There is a 2001 limited here that the dealer must have had 7 months(Red). Salesman said he turned down $30,00 for it. There are rebates now for Mitsu.

    Last winter here in upper Pa. we had over 10 feet of snow. Some 4x4's should sell since we are to have another "old fashioned winter".

    Saw new Ford Excursion with lifts and large tires. It was huge! The license plate said,"2 Big".

    Antbody have anything to offer about fogs and mounts?
  • vetmed3 and regala, what are the build dates of your trucks? Do you know whether the problem is limited to vehicles built within a certain time period? I just saw your posts and haven't checked my 2001 Ltd yet (12/00 build date) but will do so tonight when I get home. Thanks for the tips!
  • '98 Montero - FWIW. Since no one bothered to respond to my earlier 2 posts, thought I'd enlighten the group in case this problem happens to any of you. Remember, the noise was evident when on the gas, no acceleration (maintaining speed around 40). When off the gas, noise stopped. So obviously it was a question of applying torque to the driveline. Thought it was driveshaft, differential, or tranny. Took it in yesterday. Service mgr calls me up, tells me I was right and it's a good thing I took it in. Said the propeller shaft was cracked and could be dangerous. That we'd been lucky that it hadn't sheered all the way off yet. Won't have the part for 4 days and didn't recommend that we drive it like it is. Yes, this is covered by warranty. Part alone is $460. No clue on labor.

    Still love our 7-seat beast. Even more after back from Mark Mitsubishi. Nice dealership.
  • Mine is built 05/00. I do not know if these issues only exist on certain build dates. I know that there was a TSB for this.
  • My 2001 Montero is making whining noise when I accelerate (not even accelerating hard). I also have a rather loud AC compressor which makes an annoying clunking sound. Has anyone else experienced this in their 2001 Monty?

    Magilla - Are you in the Phoenix area? Which Mark Mitsubishi dealership did you go to and who was the service manager? I might want him to take a look at my truck.
  • Pinoy44: I too have noticed that noise, humming right at the range beginning at 72 through me the noise sounds like the droning you sometimes hear on a prop airplane.

    I have not discussed with dealer, so I would be very interested in your findings. I have had my 2001 Monte for about 4 months now and have apx. 5K miles logged.

    I thought this noise was attributable to tire noise, but who knows. Thanks.
  • Check with Steve at Mark Mitsu in Glendale. Haven't dealt with Scottsdale. Bought ours in Glendale. And btw, it's not noticeable so much during acceleration, but cruising at 40 and up. Accelerating will cause the "truck" to be noisy especially if the ac is on. Here's how ya tell: Turn off the ac, turn off the radio and drive at a constant 40. Then, let off the gas. If you notice the whining dissappearing when you get off of the gas, you might want to have it checked out.

    Otherwise, we've been nothing but pleased with this vehicle and Mark Mitsu-Phx.
  • For those of you who are having like a driveline or humming noise, what date are your Monty's built? Mine is like a low frequency noise vibration on speeds 50 & 60 mph. I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow to replace my driveshaft. There is a TSB for imbalance driveshaft but does not apply to all Montys. I have the copy of the TSB and what build date it applies.
  • regala can you post the TSB number and the build dates?...thanks...!
  • To further clarify the problem noise, it's not an engine noise. When driving, you'll notice the noise is underneath you and sounds like (if your ears are working) it's in the driveshaft or the rear differential. It is not an engine noise. The service manager was aware of a possible noise from the AC or the alternator. Don't know what those are about as that's not our problem, but just to mention that they are aware of it. BTW, our build date was 6/98.

    Our vehicle would've been back had all flights not been grounded earlier this week. Our part was stuck at the airport. Still in a rental vehicle provided by the dealership.
  • Additional info to my previous post(#1142).

    I went to the dealership this morning for them to confirm the intermittent humming noise and vibration when I'm cruising 72-78 mph speed. I drove the truck with the Service Dept. Manager on the passenger side at those speed range, with and without my foot on the gas pedal. He witnessed the noise and vibration and they will make more test early next week. This noise is not brought by AC since we have the air off.

    I'll post their findings sometime next week and hopefully it is not a major one.
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