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Mitsubishi Montero



  • Well, I took the plunge and bought a Montero Limited yesterday. I was wondering if anyone knows of an aftermarket air deflector for the sunroof. When I took my first test drive, I had the sunroof open and it is incredibly noisy. I don't like the one offered by Mitsubishi because it blocks too much of the sunroof over the driver's head. I'm looking for one that is smaller. Anyone know of any aftermarket deflectors?
  • wilkichwilkich Posts: 52
    OK, this may seem like a dumb question and I think after the minivan controversy, auto makers would be on guard for this. Here goes. The third seat on the Explorer and the MDX third seat fold down and are integrated into the floor. The Montero, on the other hand, has a seat that can be taken out altogether. Any thoughts or resources on the relative safety of each design? In other words, in a severe rear end collision, does the removable third seat present a risk?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    If I were to rephase your question I think it would be answered in itself.

    Would anyone feel safe sitting in the rear seat of any of the vehicles mentioned during a "severe rear end collision"?

    I dont think the type of seat or for that matter if you had no seat at all, would significantly alter the end result.

    The rear seats in many of these SUV are only suited for small children. I think if you are going to regularly carry passengers back there then get a Suburban and live the good life. Add the DVD player for the rear passengers as well.
  • I'm looking to attach trailer light wires to my 01 Monte. I haven't found an extra set of taped off wires to connect to. If I remember correctly my '96 had an extra set of wires under the rear carpeting which made the connection easier. I'd hate to have to cut into the wires behind the light If I don't have to. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
    I apologize in advance if this was covered earlier on this board, I looked quickly and didn't find anything.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    If I did mine correctly you need to connect to the rear lights. I hooked up a 7 pin, with a constant power wire for the trailer battery. This includes a keyed relay type switch so that when the key is off the power to that wire does not continue to flow. I forgot to hook up the reverse lights to the plug so that my trailer reverse lights come on and will need to go back in there.
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    Some vehicles have an existing connector that makes wiring a trailer a simple "plug-and-go" connection. It looks like the Montero doesn't. Here is a link to Hoppy manufacturing that makes various connectors, they recommend a universal kit that requires hard wiring to the rear light wiring.


  • wilkichwilkich Posts: 52
    Thanks for the information above re the Montero pricing and the rollover issue. We went to a dealer in Northern California and test drove a silver '01. (Has anyone noticed that sales people are young and don't know a lot about the cars they're selling. She could not get the 3rd seat out and had no real answer to the rollover issue ("We aren't aware of any rollovers")) Anyway, came close to deal but they would not come tremendously below MSRP (maybe $1k) with the new 0% financing deal. However, they came close to invoice without the financing. The manager (they did the "let me go to my manager" game) said the company wouldn't let him sell it for lower. We walked out because it did not feel like it was a great deal for a left over vehicle.

    Anyway, anyone know the inside scoop on how far dealers can go while offering the 0% deal. I know the ads say they can't combine rebates with financing deals but is that true?
  • Sometime ago, back in November, we had a discussion that I started on vibrations in the steering of the '01 Montero LTD at speeds above 73 mph. My problem still exists. However, it is not consistent. I originally discovered the problem with less than 1k miles on the truck. I now have approx. 5k miles. In fact, I am taking in in for the 5k service. My dealer tells me that they are not going to be able to verify/test my vibration concern due to safety reasons (i.e. They cannot test drive the vehicle at those speeds). So, there isn't much they can do about it.

    I wanted to know what Pinoy44 finally did about his vibration problem. Did you have any success???
  • pinoy44pinoy44 Posts: 14
    For some unexplainable reason the vibration and intermittent humming noise in my 2001 Montero disappeared when I'm cruising at speeds of 72-78 mph. I don't know if it's brought by the cold weather here in the Midwest. I have 7K miles now and so far I don't get that problem anymore. The only thing that I changed that I know of is the type of oil I use. I am now using synthetic oil. The dealership did wheel balancing before and it didn't fix the problem.

    I'll wait until the warm weather again to see if it still exist. I already told the dealership about this disappearance and they don't know the reason.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I think that vibration at the steering wheel related to speed almost certainly would be due to the tires.

    Many manufactures seem to have this problem. You dont have to go far on this site to find these kinds of issues. For the most part they seem limited to a few vehicles and are generally solved with a rebalence and if that does not work then replacement of the tires.

    It is my understanding that you can have tire defects such as a slipped belt that wont balence out and can lead to vibration.

    Vibration that you feel with acceleration and that resolves with taking your foot off the accelerator very well could be the drive shaft.

    Other than these two items there isnt much else that would explain the problems I would think.
  • mkayemkaye Posts: 184
    One concern with the larger tires as found on SUV's, besides all the lugs throwing the balance off, is the actual lead balance weights. I haven't looked on a Montero, but many rims no longer have the area to put weight on the outside of the rim(for "good looks"). That leaves just the inside rim lip for weights. That does not perfectly balance the tire and can cause vibration at certain speeds. When vibration occurs at a certain speed, the concern should be #1, tires out of balance or out of round, and #2 balance in the drive-shaft. If it is the drive-shaft, likely it would be more constant than just at certain speeds.
    If your rims are only balanced on the inside, you may ask for additional tape weights on the flat outer portion of the rim for greater balance. Usually works for wider rims on cars.

  • patrikkpatrikk Posts: 13
    Has anyone done this job? Just wondering of the mast is accessed from the top of the fender or below, inside the wheel well.

    I hit a bird one day and bent the mast. The motor's still good but the mast won't move. The mast is only $45, so I am thinking of doing this myself.

    Any help out there?
  • Well it has been awhile since I have written anything. But has anyone changed the tires yet to see if this changes the looking to maybe go to a low profile tire do not want to but if it helps. Also has anyone done the shock change yet I know some have talked about it or know someone that knows someone that has done it. But what kind did they did they go to and did it help? I have 25,000 miles on mine now and it feels to be time to get new brakes already anyont changed them and how much was it. That's all for now.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I did replace my Bridgestones at about 45K. I replaced with B'stone H/L's. I think the previous tire was an H/T. I like these a lot better. The tire dealer claimed I would like the ride and wet traction better and he was correct.

    I did have a shock go out but I was unable to find an after market shock available for the 2001 Model. There has been some controversy here on that issue. Apparantly someone somewhere has a shock for the 2001 but I never found one. I'm not sure anyone here can say they've actually purchased and replaced theirs either. :)

    Good Luck
  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    The brakes on Montero are easy to replace as they are both (front/rear) disc brakes. I purchased the original Mitsu pads and installed it myself at 34000mi. The pads cost about $120.00 for both.
    Has anyone gotten a flat and tried to use the spare tire yet?! Well, my wife got a flat last night a 1/4 mile from home and was able to limp it into the driveway. This morning I changed it.
    Thank god I was in the driveway and not on the road somewhere. Whoever assembled the spare tire carrier should be fired! The fiberglass cover is supposed to be a snug fit at NORMAL tire pressure.
    Well it seems as if the cover was put on first, then the tire was inflated. To 45 LBS.!! Max is 35lbs.! I could not get the cover off. The spare also presents a dangerous condition once mounted and driven on at 45lbs. Well, for anyone with this problem (I suggest everyone should check this out BEFORE they get a flat), here's the
    Undo the 2 plastic twist-locks at the bottom of the cover first. The idea is to pull the bottom out first then lift it up and off the flange/clip
    at the top of the cover. Being over-inflated, it was too tight to pull the bottom out. It wedged.
    What needs to be done is to spray silicone or some type of lubricant between the tire and the cover at the bottom from the back of the cover, then work the bottom of the cover back and forth until it slips off. Without lubricating it, I would have never gotten it off without breaking it. Funny thing, there is nothing in the owners manual about taking the cover off but they do tell you how to tighten the lug nuts!
    I'm not all thumbs mechanically. I've restored an old Corvette, 2 old farm tractors, and have done a fair share of 4x4 truck modifications.
    Trust me on this one.
    Let me know if anyone else had this problem.
    Good luck!
  • phonosphonos Posts: 204
    When I first brought it home, as always, I checked everything I could and found I couldn't get the cover off. My son finally figured it out as you did, after about 15 minutes.

    I agree, in nasty weather on the road it would be a real pain in the a**.

    By the way, just to make sure it will come off when you need it, have whoever rotates your tires include the spare in the rotation. The Mitsubishi dealer may not include it unless you specifically tell them. As in my case, they may think the fifth wheel is not matching until you tell them.
  • Since I was only marginally happy with the performance of the stock Yoko(ono!) tires in heavy snow and ice, on my '01 Ltd., I purchased a set of Nokian snow tires from an independent tire dealer that I've done business over the years. (Prior to purchasing the tires, I had a discussion with the Mitsu service manager about this.) After the tire swap, I went to the Mitsu dealer for an oil/lube. The service manager informed me that all four tires were inflated above 40 psi. I was a bit steamed when I heard the news, since I specifically told the tire dealer what tire pressure I wanted, front and rear. I blame myself for not double-checking the tire pressure when picking up the car. Although I don't live in fear of a Consumer Reports-type rollover, I am naturally conscious of the Monte's high center of gravity, and feel it's best to follow the factory's recommendations.
  • I took my '01 LTD to another local dealer for my 5K service and they corrected my vibration problem by just balancing the tires. Brillmtb and Mkaye, I guess you all were right with the problem being the tires. However, I'm still not sure how much of a role the tire rotation played in this solution. If the problem doesn't occur again after my next tire rotation, then I can definitely say that it was all in the balancing.

    I don't know why the first balancing attempt at the first dealership did not correct the problem. I did notice this time that there were much more lead weights(distributed) on wheels than before. Maybe the balancing machine was not calibrated properly the first time.

    Anyway, I am a happy camper now! This dealer even detected that my brake booster recall was not done. This made me upset with my sales person, because I specifically requested that all of the three (3) known recalls be performed prior to my taking delivery. Needless to say, I will be taking my vehicle to this new service team from now on.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    glad to hear that worked.
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