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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Speedometer

I was driving I-70 the other day, looked down and noticed that my speedometer showed well past 120MPH when I obviously was not going that fast. I pulled over, stopped the truck, and my 0 speed was shown as 90MPH. I turned off the key thinking that the system would reset, and when I turned it back on I seemed to gain back about 5MPH, so my 0 speed was now shown as 85MPH. Over the next few days it eventually got back to 0MPH through normal usage and it's been okay since. I recently when on a long trip that was about 90% cruise control and had no problems. Any ideas what the problem was and my chances of having this recur?


  • My wife was driving our '03 Trailblazer LT (52,200 miles)when the speedometer showed her doing 110 mph. Had to wait a week be finally took it to the dealer. :confuse: The dealer told us that it was the motor in the panel and the panel would have to be replaced. At the same time we where having problems with the AC/Heat fan control (wouldn't work on 5 occasionally) and was told there was a short in the Fan Control Module. Total repair bill for both, $649.02. GM Service told me that I have to pay for the repairs as I'm out of warranty. Thing is, I've had it in to 2 different dealers on 3 separate occasions for the fan and they couldn't find the problem. Now that I'm out of warranty they won't pay for the fix. Convenient, huh! :mad: Speedometer fails at near 50,000 miles and they don’t take responsibility let alone failures during warranty. Criminal. They know there's nothing the average Joe can do. My suggestion, save your self the aggravation and buy something other then a GM product.
  • I have been having the same problem but with my tach., It would read higher than the rpm's of the engine and never go back to "o" when the engine was shut off. I've tried disconnecting the positive on the battery to reset the computer,This worked one time and now the gauge stays up at around 7000 rpms. I've replaced the fuse and that did not solve the problem. I have a 2004 TB-EXT/72K and the only other problem was when the cruise control would not work while on a trip,but when I stopped for the night it was ok the next day. I think its in the multi function column but the garage is puzzled. :confuse:
  • manda2manda2 Posts: 1
    My 2004 is having similar problems except my speedometer and rpm both show 0 in the cold weather and won't start working until the weathers about 60 degrees. From what I've read it has to do with the cluster but I'm going to complain to chevy and see if I can get them to something about it. My husband works at a car place and says lots of chevys have problems like this and it would really help if I could get people to tell me if they have problems when I write to chevy. Thanks
  • jworkmanjworkman Posts: 27
    I work in a GM dealership, in the parts dept, and we replace abot 10 instrument clusters a week. They are expensive (300-500 dollars just for the cluster, depending on model), they are annoying, and they are JUNK. And there is really nothing to do but replace them when they go bad.

    And if you are out of warranty, throwing a fit in the service dept. won't get it fixed any cheaper, I promise you.
  • I've noticed when the weather is cold my 2004 TB's speedometer will either read 0 or it will shoot up to 90mph and will stay there but as the weather warms up, it will eventually reach back to 0mph. The first time I noticed this, my car was at 55K miles. The second time this happen my car was at 57K miles. Both times this happen it snowed in my area.

    Talked to a guy that used to work at the Chevy service department and he said that it was a common problem with 04 Chevy's. The speedometer cluster can cost between $300-500 to replace. The cheapest I've found online was between $175-280 (doesn't include labor).

    I've been searching online to see if it was a recalled product but haven't found any info yet.
  • dhamernikdhamernik Posts: 8
    Unfortunately, Chevy made a poor decision with their choice in their instrument panel. My mother, who drives an '03 Suburban, and myself (an '04 trailblazer) both lost our speedomters between 39k-41k (I am wondering if Chevy has done this on purpose, it seems to go out as soon as your warranty expires). :mad: I have since lost my RPM too. There is NO recall on this item, and yes, the cost is $300-500 depending on the dealership. I have driven many cars (and Chevys) and have never seen the issues I have seen with the newer model trucks and SUV that Chevy is producing. It is a tragic disappointment to our American Made motor company that is going to cost them dearly in the long run.... :lemon: :lemon:

    Not a fan of Ford here but at least they acknowledge and correct their errors....Unlike Chevy. :(
  • dhamernikdhamernik Posts: 8
    P.S. It truly has nothing to do with the weather, I am in Southern California and some days my speedometer appears to be close to accurate, other days it points STRAIGHT DOWN! Weather could be the same, it doesn't matter.
  • marty11marty11 Posts: 3
    Hi manda2, First it was the tach, Now it's the speedometer. Went crazy for about 2 weeks and now it works fine. Waiting for the next time for it to go out. Again the garage can not figure it out, They just want to replace it. The hole cluster. The way it looks now the rest of the gauges should start acting up. The temp. out side was in the 50's when it went out.
    So I'm still confused and waiting on a good reason to replace the hole cluster
    It has to be something stupid thats causing this to happen.
    Good Luck/Let me know
  • in response to speedometer cluster problems, it seems to be a big prob with chevy trucks & suvs. The prob is a stepper motor that is behind instrument panel, one for each needle.
    I fixed my own cluster with one i bought on-line for about ten bucks and a soldering iron. The guy will also rebuild it for you if you aren't confident to do it yourself. Look under "stepper motor for (your vehicle)speedometer cluster"
  • bob413bob413 Posts: 2
    How do I get in touch with this stepper motor guy?
  • morramorra Posts: 2
    I had my truck for 2 yrs. My TB speedometer is now dead, it lays in a dead area. At 1st it would have a delay in starting up when I was taking off then it will jump to were it needed to be at then it will about 100mph when I was going 50mph. I tried a couple of times I tried to reset the speedometer by taking the positive cable off the battery but you can only do that so many time. I had a mechanic check out thinking it was the sensor but to no avail it was the eletrical wiring that is the problem. I had taken the TB to a dealer but they are wanting atleast $6000.00 to repair. Oh my, I did not win the lottery. I just drive real careful & guess on the speed hopefully not to get a speeding ticket. Is there any resolution to repairing this? Can anyone help me. :confuse: :mad: :( ">link title
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    I think you need to visit a different dealer. $6000 to repair this type of problem is ridiculous, unless there's something else wrong that we not being told of.
  • I own a 2003 trailblazer and have been expierencing this problem since shortly after I bought it. The dealer had told me that they could not find the problem since it always seemed to work when I took it in. This year my gas gauge completely failed and no longer works. I was finally able to get the problem diagnosed but now I am passed my waranty so they will not fix it. GM has just sent out letters to 03-04 Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban and Avalanche owners extending a waranty on their clusters for this exact problem, I have been on the phone with them for two days and all they tell me is that they have not had enough complaints to add Trailblazer to the extension. We all need to call and voice our complaints even if you have since had it fixed.
  • I have the same problem with my 2004 Trailblazer. I first called the dealer to see what they would do, which was nothing since there is not even a safety alert for the Trailblazer. So I called Chevy corporate and the person I talked to recorded all my info and told me that not enough people complained about the issue in Trailblazers for there to be any kind of action taken. Knowing this, I agree that everyone that has a Trailblazer with this problem should call Chevy corporate and complain so the company will fix this mistake that they made. I would post the number, but I don't know if I am allowed to by Edmunds.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
    Phone numbers are a problem since they change frequently and someone may try your number in a few years and get something unexpected. And then the person called gets irritated and contacts our help desk.

    A link to corporate is preferred since hopefully Chevy will keep their contact info updated there.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • I just started experiencing the same problem. It's below freezing in my area for the first time this year and my speedometer is reading a lot faster than it should. As per the encouragement from previous messages, I called and filed a complaint. EVERYONE MUST CALL CHEVROLET AND FILE A COMPLAINT. As per the Chevrolet Customer Service Desk, they must receive a set number of complaints for the same problem before they will issue a recall. What exactly is that number he would not say, or how many complaints have been filed with the same speedometer problem that I reported. Bad news is that the repair will cost approximately 450 dollars. The only hopeful news is that IF Chevy issues a recall, I can be reimbursed the the repair. The number that my dealer gave me was (800) CHEVUSA. Through that number I got (800) 222-1020 which eventually got me in touch with a person. Please call and file a complaint. It will help us all!

  • :sick: With the news that GM is admitting there is a problem with their instrument panels in the 2003 and 2004 Tahoes, Suburbans, etc....I contacted GM Customer Service (800-630-2438) about my 2004 Trailblazer. They are having me take it in to the local Chevy dealership this week to get it diagnosed ($98 out of pocket no matter what) to see if they will cover it. I will update you once I find out how this turns out, but I would call them...Maybe if we all call, they will issue the same recall/refund policy on our Trailblazers as well. :cry:
  • P.S. Once the speedometer goes out, the rest of the instrument panel will start to go as well. I have los the speedometer, the tachometer, and now the gas gauge....
  • Same problem. It started once the temp hit below freezing in my area for the first time this year also. My speedometer was reading a lot faster than I was going, for example it said 120mph when I was going about 10mph. Everyday is different with the wacky speedometer, one day it will read 0mph, the next it will work and so on. I bought it used and it has 83,000 miles on it.

    As the previous message states:

    "As per the encouragement from previous messages, I called and filed a complaint. EVERYONE MUST CALL CHEVROLET AND FILE A COMPLAINT. As per the Chevrolet Customer Service Desk, they must receive a set number of complaints for the same problem before they will issue a recall."

    The number I called was (800) 222-1020 and filed a complaint.

    Chevy is aware of this problem, and I even talked to my friend who works at GMC dealership and he said they get 5-10 GMC/Chevy's from 2003-2004 in to replace the speedometer. Everyone just needs to call and file complaints.
  • I had the same issue. I found a post on another website that suggested that the problem may be the cruise control sensor. It suggested that you disconnect the battery for five minutes. Out of desperation I followed the instructions and it worked. Just don't use the cruise.
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