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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Speedometer



  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    It's the stepper motors on the back of the cluster, a known problem that has been discussed here many times. You have three basic choices:
    Have the cluster replaced - expensive
    Remove it yourself, send it out to be repaired (google "trailblazer instrument cluster repair) - less expensive, but you need to get it out and back in yourself
    Remove it and replace the stepper motors yourself (you need to have soldering skills) - least expensive
  • I called Gm after reading this forum and you are right. They won't fix it.
    I was told it was normal wear and tear. My Spedometer??? 5 years old has expired? I told the GM person, "I 've gotten more use out of my curling iron everyday for over five years and it cost$25.00 with a one year warrantee."They won't do anything. It's not safe driving and not knowning your speed. I've had the gas guage thing too. Emmissions light and faulty gas cap. Thanks
  • I know this feeling we bought our 2007 trail blaser in 2008 and the gas gauge never worked then about a year ago they had been recalled but they said that they would only pay half to get it fix. Seems to me if it is a recal and they screwed up they should fix it
  • galanegalane Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Replying to this GREAT answer from 2009 (see IVAN10)on the issue of Chevy Trailblazer speedometer wigging out. My 2005 Trailblazer EXT started acting up about a year ago after taking a long trip. Thought it was the cruise control but it effected the speedometer incorrectly registering what speed we were going. Then my check engine light started to come on. BOTH ISSUES were intermittent. Finally called my niece's husband in VT (Chevy auto mechanic) and he suggested what IVAN10 has stated. Get that speed sensor replaced. Its a heck of alot easier to replace (and cheaper) then the IC cluster everybody keeps talking about. The dealership will most definitely go with that option first since it is FAR more expensive. Thank GOD for these blogs since we have to fend for ourselves....GM isn't go to help us! But PLEASE CONTINUE TO BUY AMERICAN!! We've got to save ourselves...and our country, too.
  • tshot12tshot12 Posts: 1
    Speedometer issue just happened to me last night in TN/KY hills. Watched the speedo cruise past 120! With engine off stays at 65. Having just read all previous posts I've come to 2 conclusions...1) I'm THANKFUL for my 1998 Honda Accord with over 197,000 miles (and NO MAJOR PROBLEMS) and 2) Looks like I'm gonna have even more FUN THINGS to look forward to with my Trailblazer! Since it is only my speedometer that's wacked, is it the stepper motor more than likely?
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,521
    From past experience, yes, the stepper motor is the most likely thing.
  • tawnietawnie Posts: 1
    We have a 2006 Trailblazer, same problem. At start up all gauges not working, seat belt light, battery light, ABS light all lit.

    Is there a recall for this issue? Seem the instrument cluster issue is pretty wide spread!

    Local GM dealships don't seam to know anything about problem either.
    does special coverage#10054 or 10056 cover 50% of the repair?

    -Tom :sick:
  • dll66dll66 Posts: 5
    GM has turned their heads with this problem. They are counting to make more money in the repairs. First, it will cost $50 for them to tell you that it is broke (yeah, we didn't know it was broke) and around $500 to have it repaired. This company could care less.
  • Wow, I wish I would have found this place BEFORE I just went through all the aggravation with my TB. lol I had a "new" cluster put in. Turns out "new" is actually refurbished. Anyway, the mechanic told me he had to take the car to the dealer to get it programmed (my word I forget the term he actually used) Well now instead of having 141,000 miles on my car I suddenly have 164,000. Since the gas gauge hasn't worked in forever, lol, I was using the trip odometer as a guide to fill up. Mechanic said well maybe the odometer wasn't working either. But I said listen, every time I fill the tank I put the trip back to "0". When I gave you the car this morning it had 181. Now that has 9595. I said you didn't drive my car almost 10,000 miles in 4 hours did you? dealer said it should work and charged $135 to do their thing. Now THEY say well can't tell you anything else unless you have a diagnostic done! What a mess
  • dochaleydochaley Posts: 11
    I have been through this site a year ago with all the same problems that other TB owners have had. Chevrolet is a bucket of owl piss in terms of the product they put out. They have a supplier of a component they know is bad and still don't stand behind it.
    No more Chevy's for me, my family or any of my friends if I have any input into the matter.
    I fixed my own with the help of DrSpeedometer. Can't say enough for this guy.
    He explained how to take the dash apart (I'm no mechanic) and how to put it back together. Anyone can do it if they can tell the difference between a phillips head and straight slot screwdriver.
    He fixed it, got it back to me with a 1 day turn around and I put it in in less than 30 minutes. Everything is excellent.
    I'll be keeping an eye on it, since it's only been @ a month, but have total faith in his work. He was not the cheapest on the internet but I saw not one complaint on his work, period.
    Chevrolet used to stand for the American family. Something you could stand next to and be proud.
    Now it's just a piece of junk under an old name sake that has ran it's course.
    I wish they would have let it fail and be broken up into several smaller companies. Maybe they would have learned?
  • I have a 2004 Trailblazer with 95,000 miles. On a 2 hour trip about halfway through and with the cruise control on, my speedometer locked on 60 miles per hour. I pulled off the highway and tried turning it off and on and banged on the dash a couple of times. Nothing worked. After I reached my destination I read some of these posts. I unhooked the negative battery cable and it did reset the speedometer and it began to work again. It worked most of the way back on the 2 hour trip but then locked up again. I have again unhooked the negative battery cable and it is working again. It appears to work fine on short trips. After reading all of these posts on this site and many others, GM should have recalled this part. I also have a Saturn Relay van that I have poured money into. We will have paid for that twice by the time we are done. I have decided that if GM won't stand behind this part, I will be buying Hyundai or Kia next time. If nothing else, we will get the warranty. Nobody will bail you out a second time.
  • pwhite17pwhite17 Posts: 1

    I have the same issue with my 2005 Trailblazer. In fact, ever since I've had it (new), there's been one electrical problem after another. Thank God most of the really bad stuff happened almost immediately, and GM had to fix them under warranty. But entire dash is out, speedometer, oil, temp, and now the fuel gauge. I have had several GM cars over the years, and not once have I ever had the dash malfunction. If there are this many of us out there with the same problem, GM knows it's really their fault for not making it right in the first place, or when contacted, fixing it. This is definitely a recall-type matter if there ever was one. I just find it odd that with all the recalls GM has put out, miraculously, the Trailblazer is never included -- every other GM, but not the TB.

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