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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Speedometer



  • I just brought miy 2005 trailblazer with 59000 miles into the dealer for the speedometer today as well. A week or so ago and out of the blue, the speedometer just fell straight down above the odometer reading. It still moves when the truck does, just upside down. It has been super cold here so maybe that has something to do with it.

    The service guy told me he sees it often and the whole panel usually needs to be replaced. That costs about $600. I already called GM customer service and told them about the problem. Of course, they said they see it more in Silverados and Tahoes but if enough people complain about it, they may do something about it.

    Please complain if you have this problem so perhaps we can get some help on this very expensive problem. One more thing...has anyone had problems with the Oxygen Sensor going out? I have spoken to more than one person that said around 50000 miles this went out for them. Seems a bit too coincidental that I know more than one person with a Chevy that had this problem.
  • My 2003 Trailblazer just rolled-over the 75,000 miles mark at which the extended warranty ended. Shortly thereafter my Oxygen Sensor went out. $200 to replace. 1 week later my tachometer started to malfunction along with the speedometer. It did start to work correctly for a few days but now it is malfunctioning again. The mechanic says it needs the cluster replaced. I don't know what that will cost but it sounds expensive. I will call Chevy and complain today so they have it on record. It now has 78,000 miles. Inspection is due in July and it won't pass if the tach and speedometer don't work so I will be forced to repair it. Any suggestions?
  • Call the 800 number I have posted in a previous blog. GM is covering the part and I have to pay the labor. The cost is $150 (much cheaper than the $600 I was quoted prior to talking to GM customer care). I am saving the receipt and will hope that they eventually include the T-blazer in the recall (or I can go to small claims court since by covering the part, they seem to admit there is a problem). My car will be ready to today. Make sure that you call GM and get a claim number. Take it to your closest dealership and give them the claim information. It will take at least ONE FULL DAY for them to fix the problem, so make sure you have other arrangements for transportation. It is taking TWO days to fix mine. They have to replace the entire cluster just for one part of the instrument panel, and they have to log all the hours, odometer reading, etc, etc (per law) so it does take a while. By replacing the entire instrument panel, it should fix everything. BUT CALL THE NUMBER, IT SAVED ME $$$$$$$....
  • Same problem here. I called GM and explained the problem and that it would cost me $550 or so. I also mentioned I've seen a lot of people complaining and they should be sending out a recall. I told them GM should make this right for all owners. The agreed to pay for the part and I had to pick up the labor. It cost me $115. I dropped my car off at 4:45 and it was done by 7:15.

  • I just moved from Texas to Tennessee a few months ago and my speedometer started acting crazy when it got cold. Saw this forum so I called the 800 222-1020 number yesterday, but didn't have my VIN # handy so they just called back. They politely told me there was no recall on the Trailblazer and when I told them I just wanted to report the problem so maybe if enough people do so they will recall. The guy just laughed and asked if I had any other questions. And they wonder why they just reported the worst quarter in their history. NO CUSTOMER LOYALTY. I want to buy American as much as the next guy. Maybe I'll jump on the Ford bandwagon. At least they show some loyalty. Shame on GM.
  • I got it fixed for FREE!!!! I called the number and spoke to GM rep Victoria. She was very nice. I did just what all you said. I told them there was alot on the internet about this problem and they should have a recall. GM needed to make this right. I have been a loyal Chevy customer (or rather my husband has) for years. I told her Strickland Chevrolet in Pearland, TX was the dealer we patronized. She put me on hold, called them, came back on the line and said they would pay for half the cost (total was $450). I agreed. I took the car in. They did a sweep test and determined it was the instrument cluster. They had to order the part, 4 - 5 days. I took it in yesterday and 30 minutes later it was fixed. I went to the cashier and she said "no charge", "Goodwill Warranty". I was blown away! Thanks everyone for your help in this matter.
  • I own a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer, which I love. I love the way it looks, the way it drives, and the overall features it has. HOWEVER, it is a piece of crap. Last Friday, the speedometer malfunctioned like everyone elses, and then today I rolled my window down at the ATM and it wouldn't roll back up. Of course it was raining. If that isn't enough, of course my warranty just expired. The dealership says it is a well known issue, but GM isn't doing anything about it, and it would be a little over 1000 to get fixed. If GM knows this is a problem they need to step up to the plate. I want to buy American made, but if we can't stand behind the products we make then I am crossing over.
  • Thanks for the info and the number. Called got my case number and took it in. Cluster is bad just as described by many others on this website. Contacted my call back person at GM and they indicated there was nothing they could do, no warranty, not in their special case consideration. Only option is to file a compliant with NTSB and pay out of my pocket. 2003 Trailblazer just turned over 50k in mileage. Can't wait to sell and get out of GM products. Go Toyota.
  • No such luck on my end. Looks like a cool $400 to fix it and GM says so sorry but not on our radar. No goodwill warranty here.
  • Hey, I have been fixing these gm cluster problems for a while now. There are problems with many gm vehicles - all trucks, trailblazers, impalas, montana vans, sunfire, cavaliers, etc.

    If you send me your cluster I can fix your gauge issues for $100 for one faulty guage and then an additional $15 for every faulty guage after that.


  • I have a 2004 TB and last Friday my speedometer went crazy. This happened once in December, but after a day it corrected itself. IT has not this time. I have been to my dealer and have called the GM Chevy number. I understand that there is a "Special Policy" that covers all GM SUVs except the TB. I thought the dealer said it was from GM, but the GM Customer Service Rep said she had not heard of it. Same routine as all other folks. Mine goes to the shop on Monday. My dealership said retail costs was $450 and that the Dealership would pick up more than half my part will be $202.39. The CSR volunteered the address of the complaint Dept for me. She also said she was closing the case but putting Customer Dissatisfied. The mechanic I use once the vehicles are out of warranty suggest that after it is fixed write a letter to the complaint dept. I will be doing this.

    To me now it is a matter of 'doing the right thing'. There is an issue, GM knows about it - so why not fix it!!! It would go a long way for Customer Service. They do not have to do a RECALL per se they could send letters out to people whom have bought TBs like they have with the Tahoes and Avalanches.

    I too have been on the internet researching. I saw where an article said there are pending Class action suits in WA OR and CA.

    What is the advantage of logging a complaint with the NHTSB? There are several out there for this issue. Do they go to GM and try to initiate a RECALL?

  • mooker3mooker3 Posts: 2
    I also had speedometer issues, it first started out with it showing slower than what I was going, now it doesn't work at all. I called the 800 # prev. posted and spent a 1/2 hour on the phone explaining everything. I had prev. gone to dealer and was given a quote of $354. They then put me on hold and called dealer, came back and said they had to put me on hold while they took the problem to someone to get solved. The whole 1/2 hour or so I was on phone it was very positive, assurring, they were going to help etc. etc. etc. Then he comes back on phone and says, "sorry there is nothing we can do for you, we don't recognize those web sites etc. etc.". I only mentioned that I saw on the website that there were a bunch of people having the same problem. I then told him that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. In the process of them transferring me, we got disconnected. I called back and they told me, someone would call me back within 24 hours. We'll see how they do.

    Extremely disappointed.
  • mooker3mooker3 Posts: 2
    I never received a call back. I had to call back again, go through everything again only to be told that they don't recognize automotive forums as valid areas of comlaint. I asked to speak to the manager of the managers :) and they told me that if I wanted to take the complaint further, then I needed to write a letter.
  • rpleb35rpleb35 Posts: 5
    I had the same problem with my 04 TB. I called and got nowhere with GM. So I had the problem fixed and I was out 451 dollars. I then ran into a lawyer friend of mine and this topic came up and he told me to write a letter to GM. That letters are taken more seriously than calling. Well, I did just that and mailed it. In three days, I received a call back from GM. I provided more information to them and was told I would get a call back in 24 hours. To my surprise...I got that call back and that gentleman wanted more information that I had to mail to him. I mailed out a copy of my title and registration, proof of paying for the repair and the original repair receipt. I got all that mailed out the following day and three days later I received a call from the same person telling me that I will be getting 50% of my total cost back. The check went out yesterday.
    WRITE THE LETTER!!! 225 dollars is now bonus money to me since the 451 is long gone.
  • I am having the same problem, didnt get fixed yet,
    Do you mind telling me where you sent the letter
  • rpleb35rpleb35 Posts: 5
    I dont remember the exact address. I just used the main Detroit address that I found on the internet. I then wrote on the bottom of the envelope..."Attn Warrenty"
    Good luck!!!
  • getgtpdgetgtpd Posts: 3
    I called GM from the number listed on this post and spoke to a girl at GM. She was awesome. They said they couldn't help me with the total repair, but she said talk to the dealer I bought it from. I did this and they took care of the entire repair NO Charge!!!! They said that they could get GM to pay them back for some or all of the repair. The representative from GM said she would call me back for a follow up and make sure the care got repaired. She followed up at the exact time she said, actually she called me 5 times over 2 weeks to check on the repair and how it was doing!!!! I have been looking at a new cross over to purchase and I was going to buy either a NIssan or Hyundai. After this great service I went and bought a new SAturn Outlook on friday. I love the outlook already!!
    Call the number!!!
  • longbonelongbone Posts: 1
    My wife has an 02 TrailBlazer. The gauge cluster went bad about a year ago. The tach stopped working and it made a weird scratching noise kinda like plastic gears slipping. It WAS still in warrenty so the dealership replaced it.
    Now it's gone out again right after the warrenty. Same with the OD but the tach started getting stuck then would start from it's stuck position until until it's now stuck pointing straight down.
    Just to make life more fun, now the A/C controller won't work at setting 5. 1-4 work fine but 5 is the same as off. Another dead piece of plastic.
    Makes me glad I drive a Honda.
  • drgudgurldrgudgurl Posts: 1
    My speedometer started going crazy about 2 weeks ago. I thought it was just my car, but today my brain kept telling me to check the web and I did!! I was so excited to know that it was not just my problem, however, I was highly disappointed with the response I recieved from Chevrolet. I contacted them today and basically all I got was "This is not currently being recalled, sorry". This is highly unacceptable and should be addressed because obviously this is a problem with Trailblazers all over. Mine is a 2004. I'm soooooooo angry right now. I say let anyone and everyone know to call in and complain. Where is the customer satisfaction???
  • I am (was) the proud owner of a 2004 Trailblazer LT. Speedometer went out on my way to Tiajuana and now chevy is making me pay 100 pesos to just get a "diagnosis".

    After reading some of these other comments, i think it has somthing to do with using cruise control b/c thats when my speedomter flipped out on me too.

    If you are experiencing this problem too, file a complaint, ya never know, maybe that smelly bamboozler, Mrs. GM, will do something to take care of her customers.

    I feel like Chuck Norris b/c my car says im going 120mph ALL THE TIME.
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