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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Speedometer



  • Hey's a little update to my never ending Chevy saga:

    So about a week ago I submitted my claims form along with my repair invoice and payment receipt to the address provided on the claims form...and I got a call today from a RUDE RUDE RUDE GM customer service rep saying Trailblazers are not covered under this lawsuit. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT??? On the attorney's website for this class action settlement, it EXPLICITLY states that Trailblazers are covered. The customer service rep argued with me and finally hung up on me after I told her I wasn't taking no for an answer. I just emailed the attorney involved in this lawsuit and can't wait to hear back. I will let you all know what they say. I do know one thing, however...CHEVY IS GOING DOWN!
  • I did the same thing. Clicked on the link, filled out the claim and submitted mine a week ago. I just received a call from GM stating that only FULL SIZE trucks and SUVs are included in this settlement and not Trailblazers, and yet they could and would not provide me a copy of the notice. I am not sure WHY they are the only vehicles covered, since those were recalled and our trailblazers were not!

    I am anxious to hear what the attorney says. GM is providing their information and reason for denial in writing to me so I will have it that they are refusing to reimburse me the cost of repair. :mad: :mad: :sick: :sick:
  • So, this just may be the last in my series of posts chronicling my attempt to get my Trailblazer's speedometer fixed for free. After getting rejected by GM for reimbursement after sending them the claims for from the lawsuit website, I emailed the attorneys involved in the suit and they told me they made a mistake. Trailblazers are in fact NOT covered by the lawsuit, and the sentence saying they are covered has since been removed from their website. WHAT THE HELL WAS THE LAWSUIT FOR THEN? There was already a recall for all th other models, so what's the need for the case? I am royally pissed off now...I am still going to talk to Chevy again and get them to at least pay for part of the repair like some others have done on this forum... :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • WELL that does it for me! I will NEVER by another GM product, am currently trying to trade my Trail Blazer for a FORD!!! I was talked in this piece of "junk" by a used to be friend who was a HUGE gm fan!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the go UNDER so bad, no bail out money, stop making this sh--!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • if you read that settlement it is not for Trailblazers, no wheres does it even mention Trailblazer.
  • ehoffbuhrehoffbuhr Posts: 8
    I know, that's because I contacted the attorneys and they told me they accidentally listed Trailblazers as part of the lawsuit and have since removed it from the website. Refer to the last post on page 9 of this thread.
  • ehoffbuhrehoffbuhr Posts: 8
    Oops, I mean page 5!
  • ivan10ivan10 Posts: 1
    Okay, I hope everyone reads this on how to fix the problem. Don't call GM they know but they don't want to have to fix all the bad sensors. The problem with the speedometer is not the speedometer but the speed sensor. Here is how to change it. the speed sensor is located on the driver side middle of the car sticking out of the transfer case. There should be a purple white wire coming out of it. Go to Autozone or any parts shop and buy a Vehicle Speed Sensor. Remove the negative terminal from the battery . Get under the car and CAREFULLY remove the plug. If it breaks like mine did just wrap it after your done in black electrical tape. It's a plastic plug. Take a 3/4 inch bucket and remove the old speedsensor. Remove the O Ring. Place the Oring on your new Speed sensor. Screw it in. Plug it back in. Connect your battery terminal back on. Problem solved. Speed Sensor should cost you no more than $28.00 and the job should take you no more than 20 min. and that is for somone who knows nothing about cars. Good Luck
  • My wifes trailblazer speedometet droped strait down then would move counterclockwist when the break was applied. I repaired this by, pulling the fuse to the consol. # 24 fuse. it a 10 volt one. I then started the blazer and let it run. the consol was totaly dead since I remover the fuse. I then replaced the fuse use the same fuse while it was still running and everything went back to normal.
    Like rebooting a computer.
    It worked.
  • leroi2leroi2 Posts: 1
    Any update on how GM is handling repairs at this time for the gauge cluster (if at all). I haven't really tried contacting them recently; but last check they wanted $400-$500 to fix. I might try pulling the fuse to the speedometer and replacing, just to see if that helps, re boots, whatever, or might try replacing the speed sensor; but it's not just my speedometer. It is everything (a total cluster you-know-what)! Otherwise, I like my Trailblazer and haven't had any other problems; but I am going to have the Dex Coolant flushed out and replace with regular, (another law suit I'm not sure is settled yet).
  • I was driving 65 MPH on I35 and got pulled over for speeding, the cop said I was going 75 MPH, later I realized that the speedometer has problem. A week later, I stop working, I called Chevy Customer Service at 1-800-222-1020 and spoke to John, after checking he scheduled for me to take the truck in local dealer to check on the problem, I'm not sure how much will I pay for it, they should have this recalled since a lots of people have problem. This is my very first Chevy and I will never touched it again. Night mare with electrical also.
  • nsl1nsl1 Posts: 1
    I want to say thank you for the information that I read two days ago. When I took my Trailblazer to the dealership to diagnose the problem, he told me that I was not eligible for any help. Yesterday, I contacted GM at 1800-222-1020 with my vin number and mileage. They contacted my dealer and within 30 minutes they called me said that they will cover the cost of replacing my complex. What a blessing!
  • nls1..... May I ask how many miles you have on your vehicle and who you spoke to at GM?
  • I've fixed my speedometer last night, it cost me only less than 10 bucks for stepper motor, Chevy dealer charges 500 bucks to replace the cluster. Never buy Chevy again. Good luck!;sa=view;article=60
  • My 2005 Trailblazer with less than 46,000 miles on it began showing speeds in excess of 120 mph at 2200 rpm. When I got home, the speedometer was stuck at about 65 with the ignition off. I would start the engine and the speedometer would drop about 10 mph. Did that until speedometer was back to zero. Seems to be okay now but is this just a temporary fix? On other sites it is said that I can repair this for around $10 by replacing the "stepper motor" on the back of the cluster and I even have the part number (who's part number I am no sure) and am wondering where I can buy one of those "step motors"? Anyone got a source? This is a 2 wheel drive straight six cylinder Trailblazer.
  • My wifes TB speedo went about 3 years ago with about 70000 miles on it. Of course outside the warranty. I to can hear the servo motor in the back of the gauge malfunctioning. :mad: . Since then i have also lost the fuel gauge, oil pressure, and tach. Only two more to go! Oh yea and the ABS module failed with no warning lights. The brakes just started to fade one day. I did a test run with the module still in operation and the brakes faded to the floor upon applying them. I popped out the 60amp fuse, did another test run , and the brakes operated perfectly. Except fot the actual antilock device not operating. Im not about to blow 1000 dollars for the same device to fail again, not knowing when it will. Now my wife drives it like it is for now till i buy something foreign! Same amount of money holds true for the gauge cluster also. Truck only has 140000 on it. With todays technology you can't tell me that chevy can't make a car with no problems! And what pisses me off more, they want all this bailout money to keep them afloat while all along making an inferior product :mad: :mad: . Other than that it has been dependable, but these problems should not be happening! :lemon:
  • I have an 03 Trailblazer that has been having the same issues. My husband and I went out of town the weekend before Christmas. He woke up and asked why I was driving so slow speed limit was 65). Speedometer said I was doing 65. I set the cruise, he checked the mile markers and found I was only doing about 55. When we stopped the speedometer was stuck at 10. We turned the car on and off a couple times and slowly it went back to 0. Not much trouble again til X-mas weekend this time it stayed around 60 so when we were going 60 the speedometer said 120. Most of the time the cruise was set. Luckily my husband has a garmin, which we used over X-mas to see how fast we were going.
    I called GM customer service 800-630-2438 to complain or customer service complaints 800-222-1020. No recalls as of yet. :mad: WE ALL NEED TO CALL!!!
  • Thanks for your message. I have a '04 Trailblazer and speedometer has gone haywire. I called Chevy customer service. Basically they said there was no special coverage bulletin and that I needed to go to the dealership and see if it is a defect. I've already called the dealership and they want about $500 to fix. I don't think they will determine it to be a defect. So I think I'm stuck. So I'm wondering how well the garmin was for you in using it as a speedometer? Should I just spend $100-200 for a GPS unit and use it for navigation and as a speedometer vs. $500 to fix the speedometer? Is this practical? Thanks for your advice.
  • How did this come out? Did your dealership pay for the speedometer repair? I have a similar issue and just called customer service. They said my model/VIN was not covered by a special coverage bulletin. Thanks.
  • Why don't you guys just fix your clusters yourselves???? I have fixed over a dozen trailblazer clusters already. Not very hard at all and very cheap if you do it yourself.
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