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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Speedometer



  • I would be happy to fix myself if I knew how. After looking at the internet yesterday, I was considering sending the instrument cluster to someone to replace the stepper motor ($100-$170). Do you have some advice on how to do it myself? Thanks.
  • Hi. I'm having the same problem with my speedo and tach. Can anyone share info on how/where to get the parts needed to do this repair at home. Is there a written explanation for this repair?
  • lottcmlottcm Posts: 2
    My tachometer was acting up first now my speedometer has gone out. It also reads 120. The service guy at the chevrolet dealership said the cluster needed to be replaced and because I had 87000 miles on mine, they would not cover it. The cost of the repair is supposed to be around 500.00. Parts and labor would be covered up to 70000 miles and part was covered until 80000 miles. They would pay nothing because I had too many miles. I called the Cheverolet number that a previous poster noted and she called the dealership. For some reason, my information was not put in the computer so I have to take it back for an official diagnostic check. Once this is done, the cheverolet customer service is supposed to call me back to let me know if they can help cover part of the cost since I explained this is a known issue. I will let you know what I find.
  • All,

    I hope this shortcut works below. If not, just google "2004 trailblazer instrument panel removal" and look for how to replace a stepper motor. 6&ei=gBNNS_zJBo6XlAfKg5mODQ&sa=X&oi=forum_cluster&resnum=1&ct=result&cd=2&ved=0C- BIQrAIoATAA&usg=AFQjCNGPvWKaJAP7G7kdnvQRPHDUzakUCA

    I followed these directions exactly and they worked perfect. Like many in these posts, I have a 2004 trailblazer where the speedometer and tachometer stopped working. I replaced the two stepper motors and save moocho money. Hope this helps.
  • tye2tye2 Posts: 2
    We (the wife) have been trying to decide on Tahoe or a Trail Blazer and since it is just us and the dog we went with a used '05 TB with just over 78,000 miles. Well lets just say I didnt do my research :blush: I would have known that there was a cluster instrument problem. Now mind you the speedomoter worked when we were test driving it. Used vehicles will have one problem or another and with sites like this and trading info. like we do can we can overcome the BIG companies that wont step up to help the the true back bone of America.

    I have read alot of useful info. on this topic and I am gonna start on the trouble shooting as soon as the sun comes up since it doesnt sound like GM is helping TB owners. All I can tell you is that it broke my heart to see the wife cry when she went to bed. She used her Monte Carlo as the trade in and she loved it. She fills that she made a bad decision by doing this... I assured her that she didnt do this all by herself since I gave my approval.
  • tye2tye2 Posts: 2
    Well as I said I would, I went out and started with suggested hints...I started and restarted the TB several times and the speedo went to zero as well as the oil pressure gauge, took it out and drove it and it seems to be working fine ( for now) I'll keep an eye on it. I know its not a fix but what the hey!!! I will have to wait and probally start gitting the cluster equipment together and go ahead and do them all at once since ther seems to be various ones crapping out and go down thru the list. I do want to call the 800 number and see if ours made the list before I go to far.

    I dont want to run out into the dark with a shotgun just cause I heard a bump in the night....
  • armstarmst Posts: 1
    My 04 Trailblazer has the same speedometer problem that has been documented. Here is a short term fix.
    Start the engine over and over. each time the car is shut off, the speedometer drops back a few mph. After about 10 trys, the speedometer went back to zero. You have to be cautious though.
    It may malfunction again. When it is working, calibrate the tach. 55 = 1500 in high cruise. 1800 = about 60 mph.
    The other choice is to set your cruise based on a GPS. We got a Garmin Nuvi for $185 and it reads MPH. Then we set the cruise based on the readout.
    I am still hoping GM will recognize their deficiency. I have had different vehicles for the last 48 years, and never had a problem like this. GM should recall the vehicles based on this problem
  • Had to replace fuel guage in 05 Trailblazer. Also, had to put in new compressor. Now speedometer has gone nuts. Going to cost $400to500. Said car wasn't on any recall list and too high mileage--88,000. Will they replace the whole thing so individual components won't go out or is the whole panel a lot more expensive. My mechanic said these cars are nightmares.
  • Repair it your self or take it do a place that can repair it. I just replaced two stepper motors (1st time doing it) and it's not too hard (< $15 w/ s/h). Got step-motors from ebay. Check on for used or repair places. Some places provide same day repair service. Most repair places require you to remove the inst-cluster yourself. My suggestion is if you remove the cluster, you just did the hardest part of the repair. Soldering skill very helpful.
    GM is (excuse my french) screwing Trail Blazer owners, both by not fixing the faulty unit and making them pay for an evaluation that is not needed. This is my 1st GM product, that I actually like, but because of the way I've been treated by Detroit and my local dealership, I will stay away from GM products and advise others to do the same.
    P.S. The orig tires (continental) that came with the TB gave me problems (belt sep.) and caused me head-aches too. Just replaced the last two this past weekend.
  • Last year, my speedometer stopped working as well as the temp gauge in the mirror (driving in a blizzard it said it was 110 outside). Then it all started working again. Christmas eve, the speedometer quit working again. Last weekend I filled up with gas got in the car and it showed empty. After the car sat for a few hours the gas gauge worked again. Yesterday the speedometer started working again. I really don't want to take it to a dealer when I it keeps going in and out. Im definitely not a mechanic, but can figure out some things when I need to. Not sure if I should try to fix something myself or just wait til it screws up again and find somebody to take it to. BTW, had to change the same headlight bulb twice in 3 months. 2005 TB EXT has 83000 miles.">
  • Less than 2 weeks ago, we had the same failure occur with our speedometer cluster. Both my usual mechanic and the local Chevy dealership assured me that GM would not be able to help us with this, since there has been no official recall on this part. Having done lots of research online in the next few days, I found this site and started with the phone numbers I found on here. After several calls, they scheduled to have our 2003 Trailblazer checked out by the dealer. He determined the instrument cluster was bad (duh!) Anyway, a few more days passed, and I was polite all along, since this vehicle is now officially over the 7-year limit put on similar models with the same problem. Sure enough, persistance payed off, and the dealership called yesterday, and GM verified today that they will cover the cost of the part (>$350) if we would pay the labor (estimated at $84). I am a happy man. :)
    Thanks Michelle and GM!
  • I was driving on I-77 today when I noticed my speedometer was showing 90 MPH and I know I was not driving that fast. I checked out the Edmunds website to see if anyone else was having this problem and read the other messages. I tried the starting and restarting; after about 5 restarts the indicator finally went to 0. I plan on calling Chevy loaded with the information I have read in this forum to see if they will help.

    I am also having a problem with the "Service Engine Soon" light. My dealer said a cylinder head needs replacing due to #2 valve dropping/sticking and they quoted a price of $2939.80. This was after the Service Engine Soon Light came on the first time and I paid $636.96 because I was told it was to repair my cruise control. I have taken my Trailblazer to two other Chevrolet dealers for diagnostic and they cannot find anything wrong as suggested by my dealer. At this point, I feel very unsafe driving this vehicle and I do a lot of long distance driving. Any thoughts??
  • Hello,

    I just read your post, and was hoping you would have the phone number for GM handy. My speedometer and temp gauge stopped working a while ago, and I just didn't know where to begin with getting them fixed. Sounds like you had good luck, so I thought I would call the same number you did.

  • I got this number from a previous post on the forum. 866-790-5700. Good luck, and don't give in lightly. Remind them that there are over 140 posts on this site alone relating to this problem, and that the instrument cluster on most of the other LT/SUVs manufactured in this time frame are covered, the TB is not! Badger your local dealer... after all, he's gonna get paid no matter what on this issue. He's just trying to protect his local GM rep, but so what... who's protecting you? General Motors, let's hope. They helped me, so no bad mouth here... I'm a satisfied customer! :)
  • I have not called yet, but the telephone number I have is 1-800-222-1020. You will need to provide your VIN # and mileage. I will be interested in how responsive they will be to your problem. I am hoping GM will be able to help with the cost of repairs especially after reading all the posts concering the same problem others have had with their TBs.
  • Did you call the toll free number first? or did you take it to a dealer first?
  • I called the toll free number at GM and while I was on the phone, they contacted my local dealer, who then made an appointment with me to have the problem diagnosed. That was at no charge to me, since GM initiated the call! The dealer determined that the instrument cluster was indeed bad, and after about a week of calls back and forth from GM to me, the dealer, the local GM rep, etc., they called and offered to purchase the part if we were willing to pay the labor. Good luck to all you "squeaky wheels"! :)
  • I called the toll free number first (and the GM Customer Call center is located in Manila, Philipines)....I was told to take my TB to the dealer to do diagnostic testing and they would contact the dealer. I also was given a case number. My issues with my TB are actually two fold. One is the speedometer which happened recently and the other which has happened twice is, according to my dealer, a cylinder head needs replacing due to #2 valve dropping/sticking. This conclusion was reached after a misdiagnosis the first time to which unnecessary repairs were made. The dealer is now sure this is the actual problem. So, now I have both issues in the hands of GM to see if they will help with either or both.
  • Man i got this sweet 2005 chevy trailblazer. Just recently my speedometer started acting remedial. So i go to the shop and they want to charge me like $800 for me to get it fix. I'm like dang what else you going to do to it. So i check this site out and get the Chevy number and hit them up they talking about "I have to qualify for the problems other people been having." My car only got like 50,000 miles on it. That piece still new. Now i got to get my car inspected and what not. What they want me to do!!!! I should have Honda. If you want to get a kick out of you day call this number and listen to the bull snish they tell you 1-800-222-1020.
  • Update on my issue with the speedometer on my 2004 TB. I called GM 1-800-222-1020) and was advised to take my vehicle to the dealership for a diagnostic to make sure the cluster motor was the problem; and it was. No charge for the diagnostic; I will pay labor which is 108.17 and dealership will pay for the parts $238.55. Thanks to everyone for your help!
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