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Chevy Express/GMC Savana Owners: Meet the Members



  • New here. Own a Chevy 3500 with 6L disguised as a Roadtrek. Weight is 9650 lbs. so I am constantly testing the tires, suspension and then everything else in the mountains. Replaced the brakes at 52k miles because of the famous "shudder" problem down long mountainsides.
  • hello - i figured its about time to post my opinion of this van since buying it new in 05. as of this day i have 89,000 on odom. the van has the 6.0 vortec w/auto and tow/haul in color,hand crank windows,2 seats and nothing much else.
    1st id say the paint sucks..must have been industrial style and applied by a chimp tho when new it looked shiney as hell. roof paint is faded and looks the color of a broke in pair of jeans.
    2nd all the glass in the van absorbs all the crap mother nature can throw at it. if you let the glass go and dont clean regular it will take an act of gm god to get it clean again. im replacing windshield soon.
    3rd replaced the whole throttle body on engine at 38,000 miles because of built in sensor that couldnt be replaced by itself (gm paid for this one) but the 2nd time i replaced throttle body from same issue at 64,000 miles i had to pay half cost.
    4th brakes started squealing early on but performance aftermarket brake pads solved that with no issues even after turning rotors at 55,000 miles.
    5th o2 sensors and comp gave up the ghost at 72,145 miles but gm was fair and replaced all with my cost of $168.
    i bought 20 inch rims at 10,000 miles for the van and had no issues with drivetrain,shifting etc..i replaced the muffler and had true duals installed with magnaflow and had no issues. the motor has always been strong,sounds great thru duals and trans has worked great whether easy takeoff or stompin the go pedal. rearend has had no issues.
    id buy this van again in a heartbeat if my dad hadnt left me a 2002 chevy express conversion with the 5.3 and only 56,000 miles.
    let you folks know when either dies but i expect it will be a few yrs yet.
    later -
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