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  • I'm sorry to say this, but you probably will not get anywhere with your issues. I have brought my case as far as arbitration and have gotten nothing. I have had major issues with my 05 Relay since I bought it. It was turned in from a previous owner within a few thousand miles for similar issues, but that was hidden from me when they sold it, they told me she said the car was too big.. I was able to contact her (found her name in the car and she told me the truth) She sent me all her files of complaints/service and I added my own case history and as long as they keep making repairs on it you will have no case. I have had the transmisison rebuilt once, and then a complete new transmission put in, the axel and bearings completely replaced, brakes system redone, and still to this day the ABS light comes on and they say they can't duplicate it when I take it in. Among the major issues, I have had minor things constantly happening as well. I have had the same armrest completely replaced two times, molding on the door replaced, molding inside the car replaced. They know me well at the dealership and they do not like to see me for sure. I have also had issues with getting a loaner car and my car was in the shop for over 30 days although they got around the lemon law because of weekends and a holiday. I wish you well but I have gotten nothing and spent lots of my time copying paperwork and sending it to their lawyer, my lawyer etc. My best advice is to get rid of the car and cut your losses. Sad to say there is no justice!
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