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Jeep Grand Cherokee: Help me decide!

kylitokylito Posts: 17
edited March 2014 in Jeep
I am looking at buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee between 2000 - 2002. I would like people to let me know whether I should stay away from these years or are they reliable.


  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    There were no major changes or problems that I am aware of. Should be a fairly rock solid Jeep.
  • They're pretty decent. I have 141k miles on my 2000 JGC. Problems are warping brake rotors, output shaft speed sensor and fuel pump.

    The rotor issue has been addressed in a TSB and class action suit. Cure the problem by replacing the calipers with Akebono brand calipers, new pads and rotors. Do this on all four wheels. It'll cost about $200 per corner. I did a 'fix' by deburring the slide pin holes and adding anit-seize compound. Do this only if you are mechanically inclined.

    The output shaft sensor failure causes the transmission to not shift or slow shift, especially from 1st to second. $20 for the part, $75 to diagnose and install.

    The fuel pump fails occasionally. Costs about $400 to replace. Mine failed because mice ate the wire leads!

    FWIW: go to and follow the links to used car reliability ratings. This is an excellent post of likely vehicle problems because it is based on actual service history.
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 43,528
    This may nudge you to go shopping:

    "To help allay concerns, dealers said Chrysler told them last week that the automaker will give them $200 for every 2007 model car or truck they take — if the dealers take the full number Chrysler has allotted them for November and December.

    Chrysler also will pay $400 for every 2006 model dealers take from the sales bank."

    Automaker offers dealers cash incentives in hopes they'll take on more 2007 models (Houston Chronicle)


    Minivan fan. Feel free to message or email me -

  • Does anybody see a problem with the gas tank placed at the rear vulnerable to rear end collision? Many other vehicles now place the tank forward of the rear axel for more protection.
  • s54s54 Posts: 29
    Am considering moving to a 2007 Grand Cherokee with a diesel in 2007, but am concerned with quality issues - perceived or real.

    Having had only Japanese cars(Honda/Acura/Infiniti), and no problems whatsoever, what should I expect? Looking at Consumer Reports, I guess I should expect very poor reliability, but I am intrigued by the CRD engine.

    Any thoughts?

  • jhuckjhuck Posts: 17
    I have a Honda Accord and a Jeep GC - as far as reliability - the Honda wins everytime. The Jeep gets used because of the additional space for big bulky purchases and when I am transporting several adults. The Honda just goes and goes with its great fuel economy and reliability.
    When I compair the two; I am very disappointed in the Jeep - it doesn't even hold the value like the Honda. But we don't buy cars for an investment.
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